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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Double attack leaves 4 dead in Tabasco

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from VXT 

The corpses of two men and a woman were face down, had traces of torture and bullet wounds.

Last night they located three lifeless bodies, of a woman and two men, on the side of the Cárdenas-Coatzacoalcos highway, and they left a cardboard message that credits the reason of the crime.

Around 22:00 hours, the municipal police of Huimanguillo received a report on the discovery of three bodies lying on the ground, two men and the female were face down, at the crest of the "Chapel of Death", before arriving to communal land Ogarrio.

The soldiers mobilized to the indicated place and corroborated the information, the victims presented bullet wounds in the body, and traces of torture.

Warning: Graphic images on following page 
The police cordoned off the area, at the same time they informed the State Attorney General so that they could carry out the investigations and order the removal process.

On top of one of the subjects, the killers left a white cardboard with the following message: "This happened to me because I did not respect the territory."

The violence occurred at around 11:30 pm on Monday, at the crest of the Gilberto Aguilar Alamilla primary school, Miguel Hidalgo ranchería, which belongs to the municipality of Cárdenas.

The youngsters were intercepted by another truck, and from inside they fired weapons at them.

The burst of the firearms woke the residents, who once they stopped the detonations and heard the grinding of the tires of the hitmen vehicle ran to see what it was.

Inside the white vehicle were the bodies of  boys with bullet wounds, while by telephone they reported the incident to the municipal police.

Meanwhile, relatives of the victims who live in that area transferred the wounded to the regional hospital of Cárdenas, but one of them identified as Luis Fernando Córdoba Vázquez, originally from the same municipality, died on the way.

The police agents mobilized to the place, to cordon off the scene of the crime, at the same time as they gave notice to the State Attorney General's Office.


  1. 4 defenseless souls with no weapons, are shot up like target practice. All just for walking in the city. This is why ask citizens to carry, and fire back, when your life is in danger from criminals. Most cartels know they don't carry, therefore easy killings for them. Got to kill them, before they kill more of your loved family members.

    Luna Apagtha

    1. Carry all the weapons you want, when you get marked for murder nothing will help you, the ICEMAN on the US was a police officer at some time, doing work for the police and the Mafiosos, he got away with murder, imagine the 4 500 trainees graduated every year from police academies to fight "el narco" and the graduates from the "ecole de paris" sent there by EPN, whose devil's mark you see in the head shots received by their victims, the first commander of the Polesia Nacional trained in France Manelich Castillo Craviotto who never did anything with them then may know something about these lost souls... Like where they at and what they up to.
      --After losing the French empire's colonies in Asia, (Indochina Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia), Africa and America, (specially Argel) , the French melitary and their legion etrangere vowed revenge, and formed their own brand of counterinsurgency Operatives, that led to the School of the Americas better known as the School of the Assassins, now WHINSEC, from which all this misery emanates, it does not come from "the cartels".

    2. did you read the article? I am still trying to find out who this 4th victim is....I thought there were only 3

    3. 9:22 you don't know we go by the fotos?
      Reading got to old, not even the president reads these days.
      you are lucky we write, indiorante.

    4. Two in one foto, one with green t shirt, and the young woman,
      The guy under the cartulina is in the foto with two guys.
      4 dead, putamadre, if you need eye Drops, come get some.

  2. This brutal attack makes me wonder if these 4 victims were somehow involved with narco business. Were they just killed for simply walking in the city? It seems that the unjustifiable violence is usually narcos on narcos. Any thoughts from other readers?

    1. That a meaningful life is worth far more than quick riches.

    2. The cartulinas left message cartel, "por no respetar terrenos"
      In China they had the American Quarter, the German quarter, the British quarter, they could carve Mexico the same way and stop the murdering chingadamadre, otherwise they are killing all of mexico which does not belong to any cartel.

    3. where do you see 4 victims? am I missing something here?

    4. Made up charges, these are probably innocents being used to e+st up the plasa for AMLO. pura pinche propaganda comunista.
      In Mexico the killers accuse them of being narcos
      On the US they blame the narcos for getting murdered, of course.
      Back in the day the US would pay a dollar per Indian scalp while accusing the indians of being scalpers, white men did most of the scalping, as on Meadow Mountain Massacre, Brigham Young's son got hanged for it, but his daddy sent him to do the dirty deed to rob the pilgrims.

  3. Cjng killing innocents like always to make them feel stronger, they’re getting killed or captured in every plaza they claim to have presence in.

    1. Yea but will they cry wolf, when family members of the cartel start getting killed. I am sure, Sinaloa Cartel is going to exact revenge, for the salvages they are.

    2. Don't see CJNG anywhere in the post Sinaloa fan boy.

  4. These sicarios from this area of Tabasco are some low life scumbag cowards and far worst than words can describe just the worst, they shot up a family and killed a baby now this. They get away doing this because its a peaceful area. I wish i was a millionaire to hire mercenaries to hunt these shit heads down.

  5. 3:07 without a doubt this was the motive, but whether they verified each individual is always the question. This is why it's dangerous for anyone at anytime, in Mexico. Go to church and pray every night, is all you can do. The big man will take care of everything.

  6. I hope that the current administration is truly giving full support to CDS. America should go back to this strategy as well. Help them to take over totally and follow through all the way this time. Wipe out all competition so that these Zetas and CJNG scum wont be able to rape and pillage to this degree Sinaloa are devils but better the devil you know They aint saints but their competition makes them look like it.

    1. In sinaloa theres no extortion or kidnapping, only drug business and the civilians are left alone, its not good to glorify them but atleast they have principles, they should control all of mexico honestly


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