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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Update: Commando Kills at least 13 at a Family Party in Veracruz

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio
The assailants arrived at the scene asking for one person, but when the attendees did not want to deliver him they fired at the party goers; Among the victims there was a baby.

Authorities now say the motive behind the attack is part of the ongoing war between Los Zetas and CJNG.

By: Isabel Zamudio
At least thirteen people died after an armed attack against those who were in a palapa party hall in Minatitlan, Veracruz last night.

The party was held in the La Potra Palapa , on Primero de Mayo street, in the Obrera neighborhood, in  the municipality of Minatitlán, where armed individuals arrived.

When the armed commando who arrived at the scene asked for a person known as "El Beky" , they opened fire on the people present which caused the death of seven men, five women and one baby.

In a statement, the Public Security Secretariat reported that "El Beky" is designated as the owner of a bar located in the municipality of Minatitlán . 

According to the Veracruz Public Security Secretary , federal and state forces have deployed a search and capture operation for those responsible.  Update next page:
"La Beky", was a transgender person for whom the armed commando came for in the massacre in  Minatitlán. La Beky was a manager of a gay club.
                                 Rebekita Ryn aka "La Beky" waas the target of the massacre

The armed commando that attacked during the family party in Minatitlán , Veracruz, which left 14 dead, went by " El Beky " or " La Beky" , administrator of the gay club " La esquina del Chakl ".

On Facebook, a profile appears that matches the characteristics of the person sought by the attackers.

In the social network, " La Beky ", who died in the massacre , appears to be  Rebekita Ryn , who described herself as "a trans worker girl".

An hour before at least six subjects broke into the party where she was and murdered her, she wrote: "K asko (sic)", with an image of hearts in the background.

Sunday UPDATE:
Two alleged hit men have been identified as those responsible for the massacre in Minatitlán.
On Saturday three minivans were found where the murderers of Minatitlán were allegedly traveling;

According to witnesses, at least six men are related to the massacre in a party hall in Minatitlán ; where 13 people were killed; of them, two were already fully identified, reported Hugo Gutiérrez Maldonado , secretary of Security in Veracruz .

"There are already objectives in sight. Some people have been identified, two of whom we already manage as objectives. The investigation is very advanced, " revealed the medium La Silla Rota.

In addition, he noted that "all (those involved in the mass crime) are linked to a group of organized crime," without clarifying which one.

Regarding the versions that indicate that the attack was the result of a confrontation between supposed members of Los Zetas and the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), he said that these details correspond to the State Attorney General's Office.

"We are responsible for the search and location of the alleged perpetrators. Regardless of the mobile, nothing justifies the animal act that these people did. "

They find calcined vans of alleged attackers:

The early morning of this Saturday they appeared burned in the environs of Coatzacoalcos Bridge 2, the supposed trucks where they traveled the presumed murderers the 13 people in a party in Minatitlán.

In social networks were published a series of photographs where three trucks are observed engulfed in flames, half an hour away from where the massacre occurred, informed the portal Proceso.

On Friday "El Beky" had posted this on her FB page:
                               SOL, perhaps you could lend me a hand with THIS translation !

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- Sol Prendido
Thank you Sol Prendido !!

In the last hours, some of his friends and acquaintances have expressed in their profile their condolences to the family of Julio César González Reyna, "La Beky", as identified by the authorities.

"God bless you my friend. You will always be remembered. " "God bless you, sister", "My great friend, God bless me and cover me with his sacred mantle," they tell him.


"Federal and State Forces have deployed a strong search and capture operation for those responsible for the events that occurred in Minatitlán, and we requested the collaboration of the Attorney General of Veracruz in order to carry out the corresponding investigation process."

Hugo Gutiérrez Maldonado@HGutierrez_M

For his part, the governor of Veracruz reported that he had an emergency meeting "to address the regrettable and condemnable events in the south."


After the massacre, relatives of the victims came to the place demanding to see their loved ones and claiming that insecurity that exists in the state.
Herbert Reyes Martínez , one of the fatalities, made a live transmission on Facebook about the celebration that took place in the palapa, hours before the attack in which seven men, five women and a baby died . 

In the video appears Herbert and behind him is a singer, who performs tropical songs such as Perfume Gardenias and Lights of New York , while in a previous publication detailed that the party was in honor of his sister-in-law and shared photos of three women dressed with typical costumes .

      Traditional Isthmus of Teuhantepec Costumes used especially at Semana Santa Celebrations 

List of deceased: According to the government of Veracruz, the people who died are the following: 

List of deceased: According to the government of Veracruz, the people who died are the following: 1.- Alfredo Meugniot 2. Felicitas Cabrera Gil 3. Juan René López Velázquez 4. Hebert Reyes Martínez 5. Ana María Santos Hernández 6. Raúl Palacios Vasconcelos 7. Leobardo Salinas Jiménez 8. Julio César Vázquez López  9. Santiago (1 year) 10. César Hernández Barrera  11. Julio César González Reyna 12. Patricia Cabrera Ramos  13. Irma Barrera Álvarez 

The survivors dressed several of them with typical costumes of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec , said that everything happened very quickly.


  1. If there is hell or satan, one of the place he stays is MEXICO.

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    2. 7:35-not doubting that a bit. The US can't police a narco state. Thats up to the corrupt politicians of mexico. But we can build a wall. Think of it as a prison wall. Keeping the criminals on the side they belong.

    3. The wall is desperately needed,
      The low intensity conflict in Mexico is fast approaching the boiling point, and when the shit hits the fan there will be millions and millions of LatinAmerican refugees invading the US "sanitaries", I mean Mexican refugees.
      There is People ready to put the low intensity on high...

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  8. Jorge Winckler Ortiz, fiscal general del estado de veracruz was almost removed, he is from another party, grandfathered to Cuitlahuac Garcia, and is doing all he can to prolong any and all investigations until hell freezes over, he has been accused of torture and forced disappearances, of course, he is trying to wear down the institutions until the people themselves decide to bring back El PRI and La Marrana Duarte, as a capo with position and fuero wearing down the government from inside, much like EPN, "La Marrana' Duarte de Ochoa's divine monarch...


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