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Friday, April 26, 2019

Chilpancingo Gro: Searching Mothers Find Human Remains Hidden in Deep Cave

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: UnoTV
The Collective of Mothers Igualtecas , who look for their disappeared relatives in Guerrero , obtained the finding of human remains in the interior of a cave of Coapango , an area of ​​the mountain range of Chilpancingo. 

Through their social networks, the group of activists gave an account of the fact without detailing the number, or if it is bones or bodies in a state of putrefaction. 

The photos show that the experts of the Attorney General's Office ( FGR ) were required rappel teams to descend to the area and recover the evidence .

At the end of their report, the Igualtecas mothers thanked the Humanitarian Brigade of Peace Marabunta for their support who lent the security team and offered to descend and rappel down into the deep with the representatives of the FGR . 

On their Facebook account , Marabunta shared photos and videos of the event and stated that when they went down into the cave at least a hundred skeletal remains were recovered . 


  1. It does not take a genius to understand the "official" account of the number of deceased because of criminal activity" in Mexico is nothing but a pipe dream. Unknown fosas with an unknown number of defunctos leave a person wondering if the actual account may be above one million. A number that may be smaller than but just as infamous as the Killing Fields of Cambodia. It's the psychology of this on young people that has me worried. Is Mexico raising a generation of Sicarios whose destiny is self fulfilling? Become a killer and robber then flee to EUA where they are caught and labelled 'Mexican Child Killers'? Raise unprecedented racism to levels seen by the top evil group in the world...radical religious terrorists? To gain access to this level is easy. Inundate the child at an early age that a person need not any education to become successful -- guns, money, cars, luxury,and women can be had through advancement through a cartel. But when things grow hot, too much killing the threat of death unacceptably too high flee to EUA then find an uneducated young man has no future except to continue life as a violent criminal. Prey on innocent Mexicanos. Gain hatred inside latino communities and suddenly 'justified' racism outside latino communities -- this scares me and I have no answers to stop growing crops of future terroristas.

  2. Some mexican generals aid there is a big hole in the ground nearby nobody has got to the bottom of it, and the 43 disappeared Ayotzinapos could be there, is this the hole?
    There are two more holes from where cell phones belonging to the Ayotzinapos were being used, CISEN and SEDENA's Campo Militar #1, there was a soldier among the disappeared embedded with the students. The melitary say "he was retired from the army".

    1. That soldier was too young to retire. He was actually active and on unofficial duty gathering whatever intel he could on rogue elements operating with impunity in the region. It does no one any good to think they’re gonna just show up and play the neutral spy on the ground. If anyone is wanting life expectancy you better be ready to perform as they do. Otherwise many more will continue to die in vain. - Sol Prendido

    2. The Mexican army said it was not true there was one military element there, then they said he had deserted, then he was awol, and they denied that his cellphone had pinged from SEDENA or military camp #1. The Mexican military is corrupt to the core and no wonder, the biggest of the big brass have all been trained at US Schools of the Assassins, even Salvador Cienpedos.

  3. I have been wondering the same.

  4. There was wholesale murdering before, in the 60s and 70s it was Vietnam and SE Asia,
    After the murder of Che Guevara on late 60s in Bolivia, cocaine was queen according to Mike Levine, (DEA). FIDEL SOLD OUT EL CHE.
    --70s and 80s Latin America received Operation Condor and false wars pretending to fight communism to carry on with drug trafficking,
    In the period leading to the War on Drugs in Mexico, many people warned of the murdering it would bring to the country in spite of all the money it was going to cost, the American chicken war hawks did not give a fack, they won, Mexico lost, the war in drugs has not had any success on any other front after 36 billion dollars exacted from the Americans credit card...
    There are boatloads of reports, Google some like Bill Conroy.


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