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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Chetumal, QRoo - He was threatened in the morning and murdered at night

Stevecpta for Borderland Beat  from Palabra

Chetumal.-Eder EH, was threatened Friday morning, in a narcomanta placed in Chetumal; Shortly before midnight, when traveling on José Sulub street, between Ramón F. Iturbide and Francisco J. Mújica of the colony "Santa María", he was riddled with firearms by subjects aboard a vehicle.

The victim was driving his BMW  when another car pulled up along side of his car, from where the perpetrators shot him at least 17 shots. The victim was known as "El Lobo" and allegedly engaged in the sale of narcotics.
Sol Prendido manta translation
This happened to you because you stole kilos from me. You, Zuri and Lobo, we already know that at Coyote you sell that drug. Your world will go to shit for you and your family. Death.
Paramedics from the Red Cross went to the scene, but was pronounced dead, having died instantly. Also, elements of the state and municipal police, as well as those of the State Attorney General's Office, arrived to carry out the corresponding investigations.


  1. Figured it was drug related when having read this article. Usually is.
    Guess bodyguards were an alternative to the BMW. Idiot no sympathy here.

  2. Mexico I loveu Why do u want to kill me??????

  3. Red Cross said he is Swiss cheese, nothing hey can do.

  4. Here is a more idea for idea translation of the banner "This happened to you for stealing a few kilos from me. You, Zuri, and Lobo. We know that you sell the drug in El Coyote. You and your family are fucked. Death."

  5. Por rata, andele guey.


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