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Monday, April 8, 2019

50 Ks of Meth Found in Cement - 19 Ks of Ecstasy Found in Honey

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Tribuna
50 kilos of methamphetamine were secured inside a parcel company in Hermosillo, Sonora

Hermosillo, Sonora:  50 kilos of methamphetamine were located inside white cement ( Thin-set type cement product ) to glue tiles in a parcel and transport company in Hermosillo.

Agents of the Intelligence and Federal Forces divisions of the Federal Police seized the cargo that came from Culiacán, Sinaloa , and went to an address in the capital of Sonora .

The elements made an inspection in the area of ​​disembarkation of the company when they identified a point of interest in a pallet loaded with 40 pieces of cement, so a second verification was carried out with a trained dog  that modified its behavior when it approached the packages .
When verifying the content it was possible to verify that in several of them there was a total of 11 packages made of transparent plastic, which contained a granulated substance and when performing an instantaneous test, it was positive for methamphetamine.

The insured substance was available to the Agent of the Federal Public Ministry in Hermosillo, Sonora.

19 Kilos of Ecstasy was found inside a bucket of "honey" by non other than the Canine Unit:

                                                             Canine Unit in Charge
Merida, Yucatan:  Elements of the Federal Police discovered a bucket that contained about 19 kilograms of thick liquid with the characteristics of ecstasy in a courier and packaging company in Mérida, Yucatán.  

The person in charge of making the discovery had a Canine Unit dog that sniffed a bucket with a commercial legend that contained honey, but when they opened it they found the mysterious contents.

According to the package's guide number, it was heading to Guadalajara Jalisco, from Campeche.

The substance was secured by elements of the Public Ministry of the Common Jurisdiction in Yucatan, so that the investigations can continue.

NOTE: Can anyone even imagine how much ecstasy that is? Seriously, I am asking !


  1. And awaiting transportation to the US I will assume.

    Americans and their drugs.

  2. Now only imagine the real numbers of illegal drugs that actually cross legal points of entry?
    So much cargo and vehicle crossingc to inspect all.

  3. Depends on the pill size (amount of ecstasy, double stack, triple stack etc) 50 mg-300 mg each x 19 kg = 350,000 - 47,500 pills

  4. What’s the price of a k or lb in Sonora?

  5. We know who this belonged too

  6. Hahahha.. more tweekers in CHINALOA... funny they always seem to hate on Michoacános, calling them tweekers... I’ve always said, the chancludos are the biggest tweekers and movers of meth... they’re a bunch of rats. And show offs. .. now they’re killing millions w fake ass heroin, selling fentanyl.. Chapo needs to come back, cuz this new generation of chancludos, are a bunch of metrosexual plasticones (gucci narcos) who LOVE flossing , and making the other 98% of their community feel inferior , thats why they all wanna grow up and be narcos. Nomas andan por ahi apantallando. You’d think they’d want their kids to get an education and leave the dreadful world of Murder, drugs , and crime.

  7. 19 kilos of a liquid in a 5 gallon pail is about Close to 50 pounds, but liquid extasy?
    Then traveling fro Culiacan Sinaloa to the north Hermosillo Sonora on its way to Guadalajara to the south of Culiacan is kind of smellier than Chihuahuas' Cheese, same thing with the load caught in Manzanillo on its way to chiapas via Tijuana.

    1. It could be more than 50 pounds depending on the density and consistency of the liquid. You can’t say based on the 19 kg but you can based on the volume of liquid. If the 5 gallon container is full and say contains 19,000 mL that would produce roughly 25 pounds of MDMA hydrochloride Depending on the lab and the competency of the chemist.

    2. 5 gallons of Steel could weight more by volume,
      19 kilos of fenfen would need to be one real compact brick.

    3. 1 gallon of water weighs 8 pounds meth oil or ecstasy oil would weigh much more than that as it’s much more Dense. If the 5 gallon container is full it weighs at least 50 pounds

  8. If it is in pills I would say 38000

  9. I’m guessing they got the liquid X mailed into Mexico by either a Netherlands/Germany source or by one of the Israeli organized crime rings (those guys run the global ecstasy trade).

    1. A narco many bb peoples here knows of has owned 100% the mdma plaza in the discos de CDMX since early 2000s and today the workers of his hijo (el JJ o negro) manage distribution to discos in CDMX, Cancun, Phoenix and Houston.

  10. 10:19 Western Hemisphere Guardians (WHISCOM?) would not tolerate any of those shenanigans, would they? They have hundreds of shits and airoplanos. I mean ships... If only those sailors would start keeping their hands off each other's buns, things would improve a bit.


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