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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Veracruz: CJNG clashes leave five people dead

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat--Video from Sol FOROtv.
 On Friday, in Veracruz, there was a situation of risk in the municipality of Cuitláhuac.

A series of blockades and burning of cargo trucks by alleged members of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG).
Four arrests of CJNG members at a safe house by authorities.

This occurred specifically in the town of  La Tinaja.

Through various means, the inhabitants themselves warn people to take their precautions and avoid the conflict zone.


  1. Si te niegas a matrimoniar conmigo,
    te quito el rancho propieda de tu apa, les tumbo el puesto y hasta les quemo la casa porque por eso soy aqui la autorida...
    Chivis, vale mas que me hagas caso.
    --Tantas pantominas despues de que se habian rendido los facinerosos

  2. Looks like Veracruz will remain under control of zetas like it always has

  3. Police Zetas trying to get Veracruz back from cjng, I wonder if mayo is funding any cartel in that region to go against cjng. Mayo is a big cjng hater lol he's mad mencho made him look like a chump in la paz when cjng took half his crew and more than half his plaza

    1. 2:48 it wasnt mayos crew mensito but damasos left over...damaso had that plaza but was getting hit hard by chapos crew reason why they hopped sides begging for help,i thought id let u know cause looks like u know crap

    2. Why do people say that lol
      La Paz and Cabo were controlled by Los Tegoripenos. El javi who was a member of the Damasos.
      But they left them once El Lic killed Javi,
      And they joined The Chapos

    3. Polizetas is the name, they earned it, through about 20+ years of crime, drug trafficking and murder in cahoots with real ZETAS and golfas, let's remember that the GAFES started during the last years of the reign of Salinas de gortari, murdered like KAIBILES under zedillo, and were golfas and zetas under fox and FECAL.

    4. Los cabos,la paz were damasos(FED)plazas,chapo put him in charge but when he got caught fed vs chapitos war broke out thats when lot of people started switching sides i say that to say this: cjng didnt take nor fight for la paz or los cabos it was damasos people changing names...

    5. Chapós wanted to get tal paz back cuz Dámasos was getting fuck by CJNG/CTNG took out Dámasos and chapós

  4. Replies
    1. 4:54 hey menso those dead people were ur cjng jokers haha

  5. Who owned the tractors?? Any major corporations??

  6. CJNG are cockroaches nobody likes them. They kill extort innocent people.

  7. mencho losing more men

  8. CJNG taking out the trash


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