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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Tijuana: Police threatened in banner

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from Zeta Tijuana

The first minutes of this Wednesday, March 13, it was reported that on a pedestrian bridge located in the El Pipila neighborhood in Tijuana, a threatening message was hanged against municipal police.

It was around 00:00 hours when the emergency center was informed about the warning written in black and red letters and without signature, on the bridge of the Boulevard Blanca and Blake Mora.

The message immediately picked up by the authorities said.

"Sanchez Martinez Miguel Angel 015 and his bodyguard Jimenez Covarrubias Carlos who train the unit P2890.
Because of filthy people like you who don’t know how to work the entire corporation is blamed as bad elements.  Stop threatening and scattering people. Or your world will go to shit.  Don’t think you’re untouchable, fucking pigs.
So far the municipal authority has not issued information about it


  1. From one government official to another?

    1. 9:10 from some apparently more honest sector to a corrupt one,
      Naming names that should be investigated, openly,
      Because "Internal Affairs" officers end up dead or disappeared

    2. Sure seems that way. Government officials and municipal officials working with criminal organizations. Each vying for control.
      Mexico has been demonstrating this unsavory practice for decades.

    3. 8:46 blame it all on Mando Unico, they are the ones sowing divisions and buying support, they come in to ste all the muicipal and state treasury to weaken the MUNIS and the PEPOS, while the Federal Government just keeps exporting the Creme de la Creme of the most Corrupt Federal Police have to offer since the times of El Negro Durazo, they are called "La Hermamdad". Or La Hermamdad Policiaca, no wonder they get kidnapped and executed sometimes...

    4. 8:46 Munis and Pepos do work with criminals, but it takes Federales to come and divide to conquer, allied with the worst criminals they can find they also give impunity to, those Federales are Mando Unico, they intend to extort a princess ransom from the cities they "protect" and to supplement their wages with drug trafficking and kidnappings for ransom.
      Carlos Slim Helu at The Wheel of his Slim Platform, among his men Willy Robledo, Genarco Garcia Luna, Manelich Castilla Craviotto controlling the police at lower ranks, there are many private security companies in Mexico, but they only care for rich customers that pay big bucks

    5. Yeah that’s sxactly what I thought. Some other “law enforcement” officials.

    6. @8:46 this actually the way it is all over the world. Organized crime can only exist with support from within (some part of) the government. It is like this everywhere.

      In Mex organized crime has a lot of backing and that is why there is a lot of organized crime in Mex.

      In case you did not think about it: government officials enjoy being paid huge bribes for supporting/protecting/ignoring organized crime.

    7. @8:46
      Interesting comment. Not familiar with political characters other Salinas and Slim. Added with past state officials plundering the coffers of their communities.

      Also you are correct as to the way things work globally. Nice input though. An intellectual conversation is always welcome.

  2. I am in the mantas business, 2 mantas for $100.00, red bloody color 25 extra.

    1. buy 4 get one free with extra blood, real blood

    2. 8:56 hazme una!
      Sorry I couldn't help it.

  3. Police are getting put on blast in TJ recently.

    -Comandante Expired Milk Carton 2%

  4. "Sanchez Martinez Miguel Angel 015 and his bodyguard Jimenez Covarrubias Carlos who drive police vehicle # P2890.
    Because of dirty people like you, who don’t work honestly the entire corporation is blamed as bad elements. Stop threatening and entrapping people or you gonna get killed. Don’t go around thinking you are untouchable, you fucking pigs.

  5. Everyone wants a piece of the cake

  6. maybe some good cops for a change and so are being threatened. and training other good cops, and assigning bad cops to other far away locations. Or the cops work for another cartel. Or maybe someone is green and forgot to pay the higher rates this year. Or, write a book its complicated, esse's cousin is a rodriguez, and Jaiver is drunk again, you know...

  7. Welcome to Mexico, where you might not make it home.


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