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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

This is how the attempt to rescue "Señor Cortes" [Cárdenas] when arrested

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from VXT

First the CDG lieutenants attempted to reason with the agents, then they attacked

This Saturday, the leader of the Matamoros Gulf Cartel Jose Alfredo Cárdenas Martínez "El Señor Cortes" "Scorpio 1" who is also the nephew [or cousin]of the legendary Gulf leader Osiel Cárdenas Guillen, was arrested in San Luis Potosí.

During his capture when he was traveling aboard a luxury Tahoe pickup accompanied by a girl who appeared to be his daughter and also accompanied by his personal guard. At the time that the Federal agents approached him, his lieutenants complained the arrest was unfair, as they assured them that they paid all the police for allowing the nephew of Osiel Cárdenas "El Mata Amigos" to live quietly in San Luis Potosí.

After the failed attempt to persuade the agents of the Federal Ministerial Police and the agents of the Attorney General of the Republic FGR to charges of the operation that led to his capture and on the way to the facilities of the Delegation of the Attorney General of the Republic, they were attacked by an armed group of hitmen in the service of the capo,  who opened fire on the vehicles in which they were transporting Cardenas, seemingly  without noticing that one of the vehicles was carrying a girl, apparently the daughter of José Alfredo, who was allegedly wounded.

The attackers and federal agents then staged a confrontation and chase in the streets of National Anthem and Mariano Jimenez.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, at the time of his arrest, his lieutenants said they were "in position" with the Police and the Prosecutor's Office of San Luis Potosí to allow him to live in peace.

The now detainee traveled constantly to Monterrey and Mexico City where he coordinated with other CDG commanders, but in the capital of SLP and some municipalities had safe houses.

Cardenas directs the Scorpions and Cyclones Group of the Gulf Cartel of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, and they have maintained an open dispute with the CDG of Reynosa Los Metros, with whom they have staged several clashes over control of the Tamaulipas border.


  1. Sorry followers I just accidentally deleted 150+ comments..if you want to re submit go for it. BUT I have so little time it may be delayed

    1. como decimos en Tamaulipas
      "no pasa nada"
      besos chivis

  2. Nephew or cousin? you be the judge, it depends which publication you are reading...does it matter?

  3. So who is winning between the scorpions/cyclones vs metros?

    1. Matamoros faction will always win

    2. 5:51 Tejas born governor francisco javier garcia cabeza de cagadas de vacas is the one winning all of all, he has come a looong way since Osiel "el osito" Cardenas Guillen financed his race for mayor of Reynosa and even longer since he was arrested for being a juvenile Tejas gangbanger, now that he wants to be made president he needs to have no witnesses left behind.
      In San Luis Potosi, cradle of the zetas like former polesia federal director and former SLP SSPE diretor Enrique Francisco Galindo ceballos "El Carnicero de Tanhuato" is the one that bosses the state, he takes kickbacks and sells the pendejo carcasses cheap to the Federales.

  4. Why does the press block these in-human criminals faces? You can easily google other sites which displays their faces.

    1. They got too x thier faces or that press place, will be set on 🔥 fire.

  5. 5:51. Did you not read the article? Boss got caught. Looks like time to reevaluate the situation. Especially since Osiel is getting out in a few. Major blow.

    1. boss payed local
      not super federal

      thats why they use
      federales,locals all under cartel umbrella

      so bloody normal

      until officer of the authority, branch of the enforcement department of attorney general

      higher payed

      trained at the justice institute
      grade 12 or.some college to apply
      2/10,will pass and become
      serve and protect
      oath of the country

      corruption begone
      not worth payolas

      average subway enforcement officer
      makes 90,000
      plus triple over time
      rookie cop 70 000

      why should local cops
      be payed almost poverty level
      for danger ride

    2. 9:59 te bebites el refino Remigio!
      Ora pa qui aprendas a ser gueno
      voy a romperte el hocico...

  6. Luxury Tahoe,ever heard of keeping your head down

  7. Is this Comandante Cortez of los Ceros or the Cardenas nephew? Looks way too young to be C1.

  8. What’s the update on chapo

  9. CDG kamikaze sicarios at it again!!!

  10. for the follower who asked source is VXT or valor for tamaulipas...

  11. His weakness as well as osiel weakness is their family. That one time he got caught in 2018 he was with his wife watching TV. Back in the day you could run shit and still keep your family around you. Nowadays the government is hunting them down like rats they have to make sacrifices either retrieve to the Sierra and be "free" or move around the city with your family nearby knowing that the authorities are gonna track them so they can get to you.


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