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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Sicarios kill four men in a border town in Chiapas

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Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chis. - Armed sicarios were riding a motorcycle shot and executed, four people supposedly of Guatemalan origin, in the downtown area of ​​the border municipality of Suchiate.

The events occurred shortly after 6:00 pm, when four men went to the local cocktail and seafood restaurant located on the 2nd North between Central Street and First West, in the heart of downtown and commercial area of ​​City Hidalgo, the municipal seat of Suchiate.

A few minutes after the four men arrived, a couple of men arrived on a motorcycle and, while one stayed in the vehicle, the other one went down and with a machine gun fired against the four guests

Immediately three of them were killed, and one more was taken badly wounded to the hospital, but later lost his life.

After the execution, the hitmen fled towards the Suchiate River, in the pass known as El Palenque, where they left the motorcycle abandoned, without license plates, and returned aboard rafts to the Guatemalan side, the town of Tecún Umán.

Although the villagers and witnesses of the multiple crime claimed that the four men are from Guatemala, from a community called El Laurel or Los Laureles, until tonight, the State Attorney General's Office has not confirmed the identity of the victims.

Members of the Army, the Federal Police and the state police were mobilized after the quadruple execution, in a region where


  1. Either mara salvatrucha or barrio 18 did the hit . My co workers are from there and they said its Barrio 18 that control that zona . Like i said not everything is cartel related. .

    1. Thank you hermano for helping out

  2. El Guano is not active there and everywhere else in Guatemala


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