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Monday, March 4, 2019

New Cartel, del Siglo, presents itself in Xalapa with two decapitated and announces 23 executions

Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat from Cronica

New criminal organization allegedly appears in capital announcing a bloodbath against rivals and common criminals

The corpses of two men who were beheaded appeared in the trunk of a car that was abandoned near Pacho Viejo

The police received the report about the presence of a Chevy car from which blood flowed and that was parked on the Xalapa-Coatepec highway, near the Pacho Viejo gas station.

When they went to the site and opened the unit, the bodies of the two men were located. One corresponds to Enrique Suárez Landa, 42, who had been announced as missing hours before the unit was discovered.

Inside the trunk, near the severed heads, a message appeared on a cardboard [cartulina]where an organization called the Century Cartel was awarded the double homicide.
The Century Cartel are already here. We’ve come for all the thieves and grasshopper kidnappers.
Sincerely, The Century Century. We are coming for you:

Tuercas, Moro, Kiwi, Perro, Oliver, Abacu, Los Gordos, El Perro, Perro El Caballo, El Reyes, El Tania, El Memin, El Lupitas, El Orejas, El May, El Cafis, El Tucán, El Juanote, El Carlos, El Abuelo, El Nec.., El Jarocho, El Ioami, El Largo, El Camorras
The cartel says that "we come for all thieves and chapulines hijackers Sincerely:Cartel of the century"

Finally they present a list of 23 names and nicknames of people who threaten to kill them.

The remains of the two men were transferred to the Forensic in Xalapa, where one of them was claimed and identified as Enrique Suárez Landa, 42, who apparently was kidnapped in a violent manner when driving his car Chevy gray plates MCH9847 two doors.

It should be mentioned that in groups of social networks of Xalapa a video has circulated profusely in which the two men who appeared in the trunk, are interrogated and tortured by their captors.

If true, the arrival of a new criminal organization in Veracruz would be adding to the state concert where the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación, Los Zetas, Zetas old school, Zetas Sangre Nueva, Grupo Sombra, 35Z and Cartel del Golfo already operate.


  1. Very sad. I studied in Xalapa at the Universidad Veracruzana during the late 1970s and am still in touch with friends I made there. :'(

    -Loyal BB reader from SF

    1. Studied at a mexican university = education at an american public elementary school in chicago

  2. Xalapa has 35Z, ZVE, Grupo Sombra, CJNG cells, and now this? Veracruz is getting as bad as Guerrero.

    1. 35z, zve? Are these criminal groups or car models?

  3. Them names they starting to sound like grupero bands.

  4. Oh great. Just what Mexico needed, another cartel.

  5. Next will be cartel de dogcatcher!geez louise theres too many of them roaches now!😁

  6. Whats next los rudos los rudos? These nacos need to get a book and start reading.

  7. I’m Living in xalapa right now 🤭

  8. Kind of losing count of these cartels...


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