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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Man decapitated by CJNG-message to Viagras

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Last Tuesday in the town hall Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico City, the decapitated body of a man was found, confirming the supposed threats of the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación (CJNG) about making a cleansing in that place

The body was found on the asphalt tangled between a flag of Mexico and accompanied by a message that read the following:

Warning: This happened to him for kidnapping children.

It is worth mentioning that on 11 February, a recording was leaked on social networks where a group of about five hooded and armed men, where they revealed that they were part of the CJNG and that they would be hunting kidnappers and thieves of motorcycles and telephones.

After the warning, a week later an executed man was found, who was identified as Jesus Olvera and who allegedly has accusations of theft, injuries, threats and family violence.

Warning:  graphic  decapitation  images on following page--
The corpse was transported to the morgue, where they took photographs that already circulate on the web.

Days later another decapitated man appeared in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, the human head was also located with a message that stated the following:

This is going to happen to all the dumb ass Viagras. Come out to battle bitches: CJNG   


  1. Probably an innocent they picked off the street. That's what putas do.

  2. Why did Los Viagras turn on CJNG in the first place? Like, what did they think was gonna happen. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you...

  3. Definitely gruesome statements are being displayed.
    This war will continue to rage. I see no end in site.

  4. The cartels are out of control... there passing a law in the US right now designating several cartels in mexico as terrorists orginizations. Should have been done years ago.

    1. Just like all these other cartel cheerleaders , you seriously support an invasion of Mexico, just to see even more blood shed , sometimes I think none of you think before you comment, god bless your puny simple minds.

    2. mexico must do they all here have any idea
      what the world thinks
      dont give one peso
      cartel gone.mexico flourish
      do mexican realize
      birth rate and stagnation dont work
      within 14 years
      super rich will separate with higher security APPARATUS
      population overgrowth
      without productivity
      leads to kaos is coming volkes

      look back
      why did i do
      why did i stand still
      why did i support hidden economics

    3. It's that Russian riddler again, oh gee wow ! Uffff!

  5. This has got to be a shitty way to live. The sad part is, there will never be a truce between the Cartels now. Everyone wants to be number 1 and be called El Patron.

  6. Chivis,
    Did you see the news about the 3,200lbs of Cocaine busted in NY/NJ port. I would love to know who actually owns that load. Like, what person is out there right now losing his f$cking mind. That’s gotta be stressful af.

  7. I hope rosalinda and menchito are proud of papa....

  8. El Señor de los Gallos is eliminating all the criminals. These are CJNG Elite group the cleansing gas began .

  9. Let's see did I read it right, CJNG is cleansing the hood, of kidnapper's, theives. But CJNG are themselves doing all that plus killings. They have the Maduro mentality, of not thinking right from wrong. Que pendejos.

  10. No mames sol apagado... Aviso por robar!!! No sabes leer oh estas pendejo!!! Dumb ass guy that posted this its says on the sign warning because he robbed/stole...

  11. CJNG sigue avanzando

    1. Directo pa la morgue. Being getting their asses handed to them every where u look

  12. "He was innocent".. cds groupies will fill the comment section with that lol

    1. 5:59 cjng nut-suckers like u will say "cjng dont kill innocents,no extortion,no kidnapping" list goes on...

    2. 5:59 he was "more innocent" than his victimizers, but thanks for the due process.
      --I am nobody's groupie of course, much less in the justifying section of the Myope Can't See Empire

    3. 7:17 No Collusion, No Collusion!

  13. CJNG making up stories and killing innocent people again. Death to CJNG

  14. Cjng dropping like flies

  15. Culiacan is one of the most dangerous cities in the world .. the meth addicts from CDS are destroying themselves


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