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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Jalisco: Dismembered body and narco message left in Tlaquepaque

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat from Milenio thank you greywold

In the Las Liebres colony of the municipality of Tlaquepaque, [suburb of Guadalajara] they located human remains inside two black bags containing a dismembered corpse.

The bags were left on Rayón between Avenida Alvarez Esparza and Vicente Guerrero.

According to the first reports, the remains were that of a male.

It was a 911 call received that alerted officers who arrived accompanied by elements of the Mexican Army that were stationed in the vicinity of the discovery.

In addition, judicial agents detected that there are three video surveillance cameras that are being checked to see if they caught the moment when people left the bags.

The message left with the bags warned that this would happen to all grasshoppers [traitors] and rats.
 It seems that the message is aimed at the gangs in dispute over the sale of narcotics in the area


  1. Mexico has definitely become a dumping ground of bodies. A show and tell competitiveness to the audience with no end in sight.

    Such disregard for humanity.

  2. Gente Nueva Special Forces/Antrax Special Reconnaissance Unit (ASRU) has a mini base near Jalisco. This is where we practice HALO jumps. A C130 is always on standby for rescue operations. We often work with members of SAS,CAG and Polish GROM.

    SICARIO. 666

    1. A C130?That is a Hercules large military cargo plane.Not exactly incognito or discreet.What are you 666 a narco or a military guy or both?

    2. 12:59 666 es un diablito, de bicicleta.

  3. Guadalajara starting to become tweeker free zone ūüĎć

  4. The OXXO coolers are out of stock...

    1. Soon maruchans will disappear and these trash people will die of hunger. Please donate to Save The Tweakers .Org. And ensure your favorite sicarii a hot cup of them succulent noodles. You will receive a picture every month till his lame ass get chopped up and put in an oxxo cooler or black trash bag taped with that cinnamon tape.

    2. Oxxo coolers, black bags and cinnamon tape are too expensive,
      Kill'em en el cerro and leave them there for the coyotes,
      But recover the tangas used to tie them up.

  5. Thier manta forgot to include, they are good guys and come to clean house.


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