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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Guerrero: Sicarios celebrate alongside the corpses of their rivals

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from Letraroja

Mexico. In a video broadcast on social networks, a group of gunmen appear who celebrate after having killed their opponents in, Guerrero.

In the recording you can see several armed men who shout that "with the family you do not mess with” while recording the bodies of at least three men shot.

Although it is unknown what group the hit men are, they could be related to la Familia Michoacana

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  1. I hate to say it but mexico looks pretty much hopeless. Sad.

  2. Really b a d. Mr amlo what r u going to do about it?????? Probably nothing just get ur bribe

    1. Hey Mr. 522, can't you see I am busy with Spain. I am also requesting to see who wanted Colisio murdered. I also want to have friendship with Maduro. I am also working, on finding what happened to Pancho Villa, and yes I love bribes.

  3. Worst cell phone camera of all time

  4. That's just so inhumane. These individuals with no sense of purpose other than feeding their fat prick of a boss.

  5. El Brolly Banderas on the floor.

  6. La familia michoacana still has many plazas eventhough Calderon tried to dismantle them. La familia is ruthless and that's why they are still relevant.
    Is the familia against cjng? I know the nueva familia is against cjng but I think la nueva is different from original familia. If la familia is with cjng it will make a huge difference in the take over of Guerrero and michoacan..

  7. Is the video chopped and screwed dey must be from Houston

  8. Is anyone surprise by this? It's the norm. I thought it was going to be videos of them dancing with the corpses etc, now we're talking horrific

  9. Pretty soon there will be other sicarios dancing and laughing next to there dead bodies.

  10. Man the slowed down audio makes it so creepy. Especially that little laugh before he kicks the corpse. So much hate for fellow countrymen. Crazy

  11. Nasty. Videos like this should be used to prosecute criminals .

  12. 7:12 the enemy are no countrymen, they are between me and my maruchan, and the payment for the gun is this Friday, or it will be my ass.


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