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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Coahuila: The operational director of the Piedras Negras Police, target of gun attack

Throw Away for Borderland Beat from Excelsior

The municipality of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, confirmed by press release that on Thursday morning the chief operating officer of the Preventive Police of said border town, Jaime Alejandro Macías Caldera, was the target of an armed attack.

The agent was traveling in patrol 2549 at 12:30 AM when he was attacked, he reported the incident to the Control Center and Command C-4, where he reported that strangers aboard two taxis were firing at him.

The municipal authorities said that false reports were made to the C-4 trying to create confusion, which generated an unusual activity in the 911 emergency system during the aggression.

 The security authorities clarified that there was only that incident.

No injured persons are reported only material damage to the official unit, as it received several bullet impacts destroying the glass rear of the unit.

After the report of shots, officers of the different security divisions came to the site and mounted an operation to find those responsible for the new violent act.

In the press release issued by the municipality of Piedras Negras it was reported that two taxi units will be investigated.


  1. How about driving unmarked cars and working from secret police dark sites? Chiefs should be kept in the military base until their job is done with, unless the Hombre de Acero is driving them around to eat all the bullets before they hit their Death Squad Cars.
    the new governor is a Moreiro Puppet, right?

  2. Lol as of today they are still looking for them.


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