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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Civil Force Rescue Minors Deprived of Their Freedom in Boca Del Río

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat

Elements of the Civil Force rescued two minors deprived of their liberty by presumed members of the Cartel of Jalisco New Generation (CJNG), in an address of the Las Vegas 2 subdivision, in this municipality.

In a statement, the group reported that the troops received a report that on San José de Calasanz Avenue, between streets Río Papaloapan and Ejército Mexicano, descended from a Nissan Pathfinder truck, white, with XZR912A plates, seven armed men, with two women that they had kidnapped.

At the site, the two victims were found, whom were taken for medical attention. In addition, the truck was secured with two handguns and one long, three chargers, cartridges of different calibers, tactical equipment and tarpaulins with the acronym CJNG.

He pointed out that the articles found were sent to the Regional Prosecutor's Office, in charge of the corresponding inquiries to find those responsible.

This action is part of the program "United for the Construction of Peace", in which the Secretariats of the National Defense (Sedena), Navy-Navy of Mexico (Semar) and Public Security (SSP), together with the Federal Police, participate


  1. Whadafack,
    no arrests were made again?
    Puras pinches Mexican army/Police pantominas for show and tell...
    "Y la troca se las regalo"
    Amado Carrillo Fuenfes, to the migra that arrested him on El Paso.

  2. The hoodlum cartel claims to be cleaning the town's, on this matter, seems there abducting women. Government forces, will not do nothing to the cartel.

  3. Que cds groupies in the comments

  4. I really thought CJNG doesnt kidnap people? I thought they are the good cartel that works for the hard working people.

  5. Thx for this small light in the dark.

  6. We don’t kidnap civilians-CJNG

    1. ....and we dont traffic drugs. - CJNG

    2. 11:26 coward like to catch u n show u how useless u are, u tuff only with a gun in ur hand

    3. La troca era de la polesia, just trying to show work.
      That is why no arrests were made.

  7. Montage for show and tell, even the truck looks staged,
    but no arrests is what tells the hole tale of nothin' tu bi seen.

  8. Spoken by the true CJNG human resources department representative!

    Thank u for this clarification.

  9. Theres nothing good about anyone in that life . Bottomline.


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