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Monday, March 11, 2019

CAF/CDS: "El Marquitos" Arraigned in San Diego

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Zeta Tijuana

Israel Vergara, a member of organized crime in Tijuana, achieved impunity in Mexico. In 2018 he was exonerated on charges of kidnapping and organized crime, and nine weeks later he was captured by US authorities, who had issued an arrest warrant against him since September 2013 for drug trafficking.

On January 16, 2015, when prosecutor Laura Duffy - on behalf of 16 US investigative agencies - announced at a press conference that they were unsealing the indictment of 14 charges against 117 members of the Sinaloa Cartel, Israel Vergara Galindo aka "Marquitos" or" Frank "-whose name was included in the list- was imprisoned in Mexico.

He had been arrested two years and three months earlier (October 2013) during an operation in the Federal District, as a result of an arrest warrant for the aggravated kidnapping of a 42-year-old seafood merchant from Tijuana and organized crime. The folder had begun with the preliminary inquiry 74/10/201, in which he was accused of being head of a cell of kidnappers with twelve members

Just over a week before his capture in Mexico, the United States Government had issued an arrest warrant against "El Marquitos." It is a sealed document dated September 30, 2013.

The charges at that time were for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, and the warrant warned that it was subject to confiscation of property.

Five years and two months after his arrest in Mexico, despite the fact that his criminal career with the Arellano Félix (CAF) and De Sinaloa (CDS) cartels is public, the lax arm of the law released him on December 20. same year. Free of charges, according to the judge, the Public Ministry did not present sufficient elements to establish responsibility, and even less after some of its criminal employees gave up their confessions. He was released while some of his criminal partners who accused him were sentenced to dozens of years of prison for the same crime.
THE FILE 13-CR-3574 -DMS

The office that requested the arrest of "El Marquitos" is that of Clerk in the Southern District of California. In the file, Vergara shares charges with Óscar Peña Flores "Changa" and / or "Uvas". They accuse them of knowingly and intentionally conspiring with others, known and unknown by the Grand Jury, to distribute 500 grams and other mixtures and substances containing methamphetamine, as well as five kilograms or more of cocaine.

The co-defendant Peña Flores remains a fugitive since September 2013, in Tijuana he uses the names of Óscar Alberto and Ócar Carlos, with the aforementioned names. It has an accredited residence in the El Rubí subdivision, and in the public registers it has a Volkswagen Jetta car , whose last license plates were revalidated in 2012. To date it has 36 years of age.

In 2015, the intelligence areas of the State Security Council learned that he had contacts with Víctor Hugo Meza López "El  Griego ", leader of hitmen of the CDS in the wing of the brothers René and Alfonso Arzate García.

Among the antecedents, the file against Vergara indicates: “At the end of 2011, the Drug Control Administration (DEA) began the 'Narco Polo' investigation focused on the activities of a cell dedicated to the distribution of narcotics based in National City and Chula Vista. The agents realized that the group imported cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana from Tijuana, Baja California and that distributed in southern California and several places on the East Coast of the United States. The investigation resulted in the indictment in November 2012 against the head of this cell José Luis Iglesias, alias José Bautista Sámano who remains a fugitive while several of his criminal partners have been sentenced . They were 90 and 188 months in prison.

The investigation that began on a criminal cell of National City, California, became a long-term transnational investigation that continues against the Sinaloa Cartel.

The operation "Narco Polo" had as its main objective the capture of Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada García and the dismantling of his criminal organization in the United States.

It began eight years ago as a local investigation to dismember a trafficker's cell that distributed drugs in the areas of Chula Vista, Oceanside and National City in the United States. The group was headed by José Luis Iglesias and his drug suppliers arrived from Tijuana.
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Between 2011 and 2015, the preparation of the allegations required the work of more than one hundred elements from 16 investigative agencies, including DEA, FBI, Interpol, ICE, Border Patrol, and the San Bernardino Police Department, National City, Chula Vista, San Diego, Kentucky, South Carolina, Chicago and Illinois. In addition to the collaboration of countries such as Mexico, China, the Philippines, Great Britain and Colombia.

The outstanding captures that strengthened the case were those of the children and primary partners of "El Mayo" Zambada: Alfonso Limón Sánchez, Rafael Félix Núñez, Ismael "Mayito Gordo" Zambada Imperial, Ismael "Mayito Flaco" Zambada Sicairos, José "El Chino Anthrax "Aréchiga Gamboa, Serafín Zambada Ortiz and Vicente Zambada Niebla (who is still in process).

Indictment below click on hyperlink to enlarge


  1. All this time and money, and he'll likely get five or ten years after sentence gets cut for snitching. Then he'll bring his whole family over because their lives are in danger and the US gov't will pay for it.
    I wonder at the ignorance of USA citizens for allowing this.

  2. Marquitos is who helped Mayo get his nieces released when Sillas had them picked up in TJ in September 2010, he went to Aquiles and they went to Mayo, someone told the Army who raided the safehouse and rescued the victims.

    Was he arrested crossing into SD? Tj is too hot for him.

  3. The USA sends money to Mexico to fight against drug trafficking. The same people we send that money to, is actually helping the drug traffickers. The government and people in charge are high ranking wealthy cartel members disguised as politicians. Why can’t we go into Mexico and arrest them? We always find out they were stealing money and caught helping the drug cartels every year nothing changes and the USA allows it. We just keep wasting our money it’s pathetic

    1. 10:15 the US taxpayers' money the US government "sends to Mexico" is all spoken for, some of it gets reappropriatedytethen the dudes doing the real job have to live off the land by extorting, kidnapping, exploiting, murdering or shaking down the criminals and the People they should be Serving and Protecting...
      Of course, that brings on bad results for all.

    2. It's easier said to stop financial aid / assistance to a country that supports drug trafficking.
      Despite the conflicting evidence of government officials involved in organized crime. Geopolitical reasons are at stake. Certain sacrifices are necessary to keep one at arms length.

  4. No pos ora si,
    Nos van a coger a todas Chole...

  5. Can someone link the the articles about the EOD explosives soldier, and the green berete rifando perico porfavor

  6. Wow. How stupid can this guy be. His U.S. indictment was unsealed in 2015, and a quick Google search will show you this guy's name was in U.S. government files around that time. He either didn't bother to Google himself or wanted to turn himself in.

  7. I remember JL and his dumbass crew they had a stash house in Eastlake across from Valentino’s we took them down for 20 bricks of coke and 300k cash I’m still spending that money.. jajaja

    1. Are u buying menchos product? Mocoso alucin

    2. Cada vez estos "sicarios" tienen la cara de pendejos uno mas que otro.

    3. Jl from Linea?

    4. @3:48 Sicairos NO somos bajadores wei y si Andaz Chambiando a ti t vamos a tumbar la puerta y dejarte con cara D Pendejo ..inutil

    5. 4:11 or Beltran

    6. Damn, that’s a nice lick right there.

    7. He's referencing Jose Luis Iglesia, who was a San Diego based distributor who received product from a Tijuana based Aquilles cell, with several layers between them, including members of Los Antrax, and Marquitos. They also sent work to South Carolina, to James Lawerence Snowden, the defendant who received 188 months. The 90 months was a San Diego based local distributor. Not sure if Iglesia actually worked in San Diego, or stayed in TJ.

  8. We can see clearly if the cartel feeds, the government officials of Mexico with money, he will be set free, even if USA has a warrant for arrest. Mexico will continue to have homicides, even with the new president.

  9. Ora si pinchi Marquitos, le van a dear caer toda la mazacuata, que chingados hace en Los US?

  10. He looks like one of those muppets on muppet babies

  11. Seems like anyone that joins cds turns snitch

  12. Is this guy called el cara de pendejo cuz he sure looks like one


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