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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Baja California: shot by Marina, fisherman is leader of poachers

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat from Reforma

Semar Marina blames poachers for violent acts in BC, fisherman who was shot attempted to disarm a sailor

The Secretary of the Navy assured that the subjects that participated in a fight against naval elements in San Felipe, Baja California, and the civilian who was wounded by a firearm, were poachers.

"The people who were involved in these acts do not belong to the Cooperativas Ribereñas Federation or the Cooperativa Pescadores Libres del Mar of San Felipe, they are poachers," he said.

The documentation, provided by the Social Communication Office of the Presidency of the Republic, indicates that the fisherman who was injured attempted to disarm one of the sailors.
Sources of the Presidency revealed that the subject was an inspector of the Profepa who was separated from his position by accusations of extortion to fishermen.

After their separation, he became the leader of the poachers.

The Navy indicated that, after the incident with the firearm, dozens of people gathered and committed aggression in the facilities of the Naval Sector of San Felipe, where they threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at the personnel.

They also attacked the Naval Search and Rescue Station and Profepa facilities, where they attacked vessels at the naval dock.

In addition, they extracted materials that are  linked to investigations derived from fishing infractions and the environment.

The Navy reported at least five other incidents with poachers on different dates.

The assaulted man is identified as Enrique García Sandez, 37 years old.

"García Sandez was injured on Gulf of California Avenue in the Port of San Felipe." the PGJE informed.

"Sánchez has a skull wound, left forearm and right  femur, he was transferred to the IMSS clinic, in a private vehicle".

Images have surfaced depicting Sanchez with weapons and drugs.


  1. Replies
    1. Orale Yaqui, welcome back to the termoil going on in Mexico.

  2. Arrest the main leaders of the Union for a year or two,
    When the facking marinas could do something for a change they get raped.
    Don't blame the fishermen but their leaders need to know they are not the law, y arriba las vaquitas!

  3. Then this clearly justifies the murder.
    Poachers need to be held accountable for this endangered species by all means necessary.

    No sympathy here

  4. Check out this excellent nearly 30 minute video ( en espanol ) to see the chaos.

    1. that video was on the 28th....yesterday the watch group posted a video of how it began. they are the ones that called the navy on the poachers, as the poachers saw the in the sea and surrounded them, threatening the watch group. the marina came and the poachers began the violence.

      these were NOT innocent fishermen, they are poachers and drug dealers

    2. Innocent commercial fishing needs to be banned,
      criminals control it with their pinchis "unions" anyway.
      Like the "Unione Siciliana" created to extort friend and foe.

  5. Violent Union leaders must get their way or else, expelled leaders and their Sturm Troops gotta have their way, this time their way ends in prison until they pay for the damages...
    But how, they don't have enough to eat, and in prison they will only "work their butt" enough for one cigarette a week.
    Close the unions and commercial fishing, sink the boats.

    1. "sailors attacked one of them"
      The Marinos showed restraint with these poachers and gun toting fools

  6. Can Anyone tell me what’s so special about this fish? Does it even taste good?

    1. It's an ancient Chinese secret.

    2. A kilo of the bladder sells for a 100 k in Asian markets, that's what's so special

    3. the chinos think that the totoaba bladders give all kinds of magical powers .

    4. 4:16 I swear plastic totoaba bladders would make more better legal business, just like the Chinese plastic made Virgins of Guadalupe franchised to them by cardinal nolberto rivera, everybody worships them, and they do make Miracles! And the Santo Ninos Milagrosos compete very well for the first place.


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