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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

An alleged letter is revealed in which El Chapo’s daughter asked AMLO for support on legal project

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After her detention in the United States seven years ago, Alejandrina Giselle Guzmán Salazar, daughter of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, ex-leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, news on social media circulated of a letter asking President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for support on a legal project.

Alejandrina Guzmán, 37, tried to return to the United States with false documents when she was seven months pregnant, so she was detained for 60 days and deported a few months later.

At the hearing, held in the Federal Court of the Southern District of California, Judge Cathy Ann Bencivengo determined that the daughter of the Mexican capo had concluded her sentence, while Guadalupe Valencia, one of the lawyers in the case, explained that Alejandrina “Pleaded guilty to using a false document and the sentence was time served.

As we informed you in February, Alejandrina Guzmán, besides being a mom and a doctor, is an entrepreneur and designer, for which she is dedicated to exploiting the official brand El Chapo, which has been known that some products are manufactured in prisons and that part of the profits are donated to associations that fight drugs.

According to La Silla Rota, an alleged Alejandrina letter was revealed on Instagram, in which she defends her father and accepts that he was engaged in drug trafficking, for which he regrets the lives that were “cut short in the business process” of the industry.

“The vast majority are people who decided to be there, in the same way my father decided."

The daughter of El Chapo Guzmán explained that her decision to 'go on the market' was to show that she is a 'hardworking and totally legal person', and said that she believes 'firmly in the words' of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who, precisely said:

He has repeatedly mentioned the support for legal projects of people who have been singled out or stigmatized

A month ago, Alejandrina thanked AMLO for her support for the humanitarian visas required by 'Nana Consuelo', the mother of Joaquín Guzmán Loera


  1. Se ve que la naturaleza fue ingrata con ella. Pobre chava. Pero para los que se encuentran en crisis. Pos como dicen por hay... lo que caiga chingado. - Sol Prendido

  2. Replies
    1. 8;37 She is a Doctor, what is your degree?
      I don't see anything wrong with supporting prisoners, society would have many less animals getting out when they are released.
      I know one guy who got out of prison and worked two shifts every day for a long time as a welder, he learned in prison.

    2. She's a doctor and an entrepreneur, I've read the letter and she's very articulate. I don't know what you do but judging by what you wrote, your comment is a reflection of you.

    3. When your daddy has billions of dollars I think you can become anything you want with ease. Puros pinches white knights hoping to get laid one day lol.

    4. Doctors do some good, they have to actually study.
      Entrepreneurs like zeta chorrienta or El Chapo do not really count
      Lucky she does not show her ass or the bling

    5. No, but we’re talking about real doctors. Not her stripper name.

    6. Yeah just like trump becoming president because of his fathers ill gotten hay diferencia!

  3. Thats why Emma will always be the side piece. Chapo never divorced his 1st and only wife. Emma can only go try n lay at Menchos feet. Twins call mencho daddy now. While chapos main daughter rakes in royalty money!!

  4. I bet she used or got rewarded (money) from Chapo's drug empire.

  5. Dumb? On the contrary. She is utilizing her daddy's influence.

    1. That's not smart.

    2. How many job positions are given to those because of influential reasons?
      Political powers have always displayed this erroneous rule of law. Nepotism is real.
      It pays to play!

  6. Dear daughter the court of law, was served weeks ago, de Chapo did a lot of bad things and is now paying the price. Not to worry, he has a roof under his head, fed 3 meals a day, one hour gym room.

  7. So Chapos mom is in America now? Good for her she was just a civilian.

  8. The daughter of a billionaire drug trafficker . Living a plush life bring a "humanitarian . Probably bought that doctors license the way she bought the fake ID . When was it she feloniously tried to sneak into the US ? Has she turned over a new leaf since ? Just another low life criminal that is getting glorified . It never ceases to amaze me what seems to be accepted as normal behavior .


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