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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Alleged members of CJNG extort money from Edomex officials

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from Excelsior

In the telephone threats, a subject who identifies himself as Commander M1 asks for 'economic cooperation'


Alleged criminal gangs, mainly from the Cartel Jalisco New Generation, have begun to extort and threaten officials from Ecatepec and Valle de Chalco in the State of Mexico.

Four of our municipal councilors have been threatened. It's the same, I've talked to them directly, it's the same modus operandi, "said Merced Guillermo Fragoso, Security Commissioner of Ecatepec.

The threats and extortion are by telephone.

I had a call in which they pass themselves off as the secretary of Social Development of the federal government, they call my assistant and my assistant hands me the call. A very relaxed person answers me, he tells me that he was calling to greet me and to see how my day was going, I told him I was working and he answers me: work, there’s nothing else, he says nothing more to say to you with a northern pitch that is Commander M1 of the Cartel Jalisco New Generation, commented regional director Ether Martin Hernández.
In calls they ask for money.

They tell me that Isidro Lara from the Cartel Jalisco New Generation, Commander M1, was talking to me, telling me that there had to be an economic collaboration with them so that this 2019-2021 administration could work in peace. In addition, he mentioned that he was part of this coordination table in terms of security and that obviously for that reason he had to be collaborating with them, "added the Ecatepec councilor.

So far none of the councilors has requested Protection and have only filed their complaint.

Like all the Ccatepequenses, we live the same, this is a sample of what it’s really like to live in Ecatepec. Unfortunately, and I say this because it is a scourge that the municipality has had for many years and we have to face the fear is always going to be the anxiety that something can happen we can not stop we have to move forward, "the official added.

The threats have also been suffered in Valle de Chalco, where both the mayor and some municipal officials have been victims.

When acting with responsibility, with respect to society, as we are doing, there are always conflicts and there are interests. There is a threat for a provision that was made yesterday, "added the mayor of Valle de Chalco, Francisco Tenorio on February 15.

In both municipalities the authorities say they have not detected organized crime gangs, however the threats continue.


  1. You do the drop and track the money. Once you arrest any connected member you do your own old guard investigation and flip them once you flip one you move on. Once you have taken all you need from the first you do a pozole and since you have access to water treatment plant it is way more efficient. Little by little Mexico needs to end this crap. Mexico is loosing way to much.


  2. It's an excuse to take cjng, cds wants their plaza back. Cds has government backing now

  3. M1 was the code of el Señor Manuel Torres Felix El Ondeado. It is a reserved code . To all the cartels out there stop stealing CDS radio codes . Only the most decorated and highly trained sicarios can use these codes.

  4. More proof how cjng has to extort because mencho can’t pay his guys but with meth. The tweeker cartel is a bunch of dirtbags who have to extort, kidnap and steal to survive like all the other non international criminal entities in mexico.

  5. no se gana nada siendo esas mamadas a la comunidad espacial si son inocentes

  6. No economic sector nor public official position is off limits to these criminals.
    This blame falls upon past / present behavior practices of Mexico's government. This shameful conduct and misrepresentation has only eroded its democratic reputation.
    Moreover, leaving its citizens without any hope of a better governance.

    1. 7:12 Mexican government decay started accelerating when Mexico had to pay the price for the MEXICO 68 OLYMPIAD by showing some anti-communist work and murdered students and others in Tlatelolco, but behind the courtains the government had been infiltrated by some of the worst people ever:
      "Our Man in Mexico: Winston Scott and the Hidden Story of the CIA"
      Namely the Litempos that became presidentes...

  7. Thumbs up sol.
    Your contribution to BB is impressive and informative.


    1. Saludos playboy. Hope you been doing good bro. How’s life up on that mountain top? - Sol Prendido

  8. The cartel has hired a call center in Peru, to threaten the people. I thought this cartel was cleaning the place of hoodlums, yet they themselves act like hoodlums. Dumb azz hipocites.

    1. They are resorting to many criminal acts.

  9. I hope the administration did not take money for their electoral campaign, but they would still be extorted because they won.
    Of course security rings are unheard of in police operations, you go out on the street armed with prayers and some BS for lube, but if parking assistants call for police when someone refuses to pay La Cuota, there come 4 or 5 municipal squad cars and a Federal de Caminos to assist the companeros...

  10. A couple days ago they found 20 bodies floating on a river in Jalisco now they identified 1 of them who is from Sinaloa with a criminal history I’m guessing it’s the same guys who where going to aligned the cartels

    1. There will be thousands of them, it's funny how cjng hasn't put up a manta.. doubt mencho will just sit around with his hands crossed though..
      those Sinaloa guys will learn the hard way

    2. Vinieron a limpiar, pero los limpiaron.

  11. The only Commandante M1 es el Señor Manuel Torres Felix El Ondeado .This is a reserved radio code only for use by CDS members.To all cartels please refrain from using CDS codes especially of fallen comrades .
    Arriba el Cartel De Sinaloa

  12. Again, No arrests!


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