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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Veracruz: Oil Executive kidnapped and killed

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Veracruz, Ver.- Ministerial authorities confirmed the murder of Luciano Mezquida Arrambide, Maintenance Director of the oil company Grupo Industrial Pitsa.

The official report indicates that the Executive was kidnapped on February 21, in the municipality of Tihuatlán, north of Veracruz. The 67-year-old man was located on Monday night in the trunk of a car in the municipality of Poza Rica, near the area where he was held by armed men.

Due to confidentiality, there are still no indications to know if they asked for a ransom for him, if there was payment, or the motive of the murder. What is known is that Mezquida died due to a blow he suffered in the head, and was then hid in the trunk of a car.

The finding came when a group of people passing by the car realized that there was blood on the vehicle, they then called the authorities.

The agents determined is that the victim died within minutes of being kidnapped because he had an advanced state of decomposition.

According to the Prosecutor General of the State of Veracruz, so far, a total 39 people have been abducted in February, which places first place in national cases.


  1. Was this guy in any way connected to a criminal group? If not, it is sad that you cannot live a good life and prosper in Mexico. I can understand criminals going against each other but damn, leave the Civilians out of it.

    1. 5:46 PEMEX is run by a bunch of criminals, with a lot of corrupt workers, even worse union leaders and this suppossed director must have made his bones there a long time ago, and now denying the huachicoleros their due, that ain't right.

  2. the smart oil buisness men left mexico and settle in texas.

    1. 5:50 living off their ill gotten gains trafficked to the US, the original huachicoleros were never smart, they are all just dumb criminals, living exposed to confiscation and deportation because somebody targeted their money like Ugenio hernandez and Tommy yarrington, or la chaky, still hoping to get her US homes back

  3. Looking like the blow to the head killed him than knocking him out.

    No ransom to collect

  4. He did not give money to pay he local cartel, gets killed.


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