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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Topolobampo: 630 kilos cocaine seized from a boat

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Riodoce


Six hundred and thirty kilograms of cocaine were seized by Navy elements from a boat in the port of Topolobampo.
The Secretariat of Navy-Armada of Mexico reported that in addition to the seizure of the drug on Sinaloa's coast February 18, they also detained 15 crew members from the small speedboat type vessel with four high-powered engines.
"This action was carried out after an air and maritime surveillance patrol operation, in which a Mexican Navy plane sighted a suspicious vessel sailing at high speed, which led to the establishment of a joint operation between aeronautical units, personnel of the Marine Corps and surface units (ships) under the concept of trinomial, in order to intercept the vessel and inhibit the alleged criminal action," he details.
"In order to stop the boat, a helicopter action was established in which naval elements of the Marine Corps made a vertical insertion from a Black Hawk helicopter to the allegedly infringing vessel, which was trying to evade Marina's helicopter. It should be mentioned that this type of action represent a high risk for naval personnel. Once Marine Corps personnel took control of the suspected vessel, the final seizure was achieved through an interceptor patrol of the Mexican Navy."
Of the detainees, he states that eight were Ecuadorian nationals, four Colombians and three Mexicans.
"The people arrested, the vessel and the alleged illicit cargo seized were put at the disposal of the competent authorities for the determination of the ministerial weight, to carry out the corresponding tests, as well as the integration of the investigation folder."


  1. Right in Chapo Isidro’s backyard

  2. Lots of big drug busts hitting Sinaloa lately

  3. Lots of big drug busts hitting Sinaloa lately

    1. Yes you must have the hiccups.

    2. 12:39 yes, to each his huachicol,
      But this load will make it to it home, on time, as usual.

  4. 15 people on a custom Panga? What so many? They do not trust each other?

    The photo shows three outboard motors, not four.

    That super Panga would be cramped with fifteen people on board. Wrong photo of boat?


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