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Monday, February 18, 2019

Sonora: Journalist killed another injured in Hermosillo -3rd in Mexico in 2019

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from CNN Espanol and Animal Political

Journalist Reynaldo López was killed by armed men while driving his car in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, in northern Mexico. Lopez was traveling with reporter Carlos Cota, who was also injured. The authorities ruled out that the incident is related to the journalistic activity of the victims. Authorities are actually saying it was probably related to illegal activities by “someone close” to the two men.

The Committee to Protect Journalists to classify Mexico as the most dangerous country in the Western Hemisphere for media workers, and second for the most dangerous in the world. 

 Presidential spokesman Jesús Ramírez also lamented the attacks, saying “all aggression against the freedom of speech constitutes a condemnable act.  We anxiously await action from the corresponding authorities to investigate these acts.”

Cota was a popular sports reporter for Televisa Sonora for many years.

Reynaldo López is the third journalist to be murdered in Mexico this year, following the killing of radio host Jesús Ramos Rodríguez in Tabasco a little over a week ago and the assassination of community radio director Rafael Murúa in Baja California in January.


  1. "All aggressions of freedom of speech constitutes a condemnable act"?
    These killings towards journalists and politicians have been going on for many decades without justice.
    Good speech for those who know better than to see any resolution from politicos.

  2. Mexico needs to do something about this. They won't, but to have any chance of improving their culture, they must end this persecution. JMO

    1. Mexico will never do anything about it, why? Because there are people connected in every wich way and form, primos,primas,tios,tias,on and on and on and $$$$$ so go think about it

    2. Wont happen sorry

  3. This year is going to be the most bloody in Sonora, beltranez, cjng and la linea are going in on cds weak structure.


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