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Friday, February 15, 2019

Playa del Carmen Bar Video released where 7 were killed

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat- Thank you BB follower- from noticaribe

Playa del Carmen.- One day after José N. was linked to the kidnapping, where  seven deaths that took place at the "Las Virginias" bar, located in the Villas del Sol in this city, today a video is released from surveillance cameras, showing how armed individuals enter the place where the multihomicide occurred.

In the video, of little more than 30 seconds of duration, it is possible to observe two armed persons entering the bar, and those who threaten the patrons,  some of these people even throw themselves on the floor.

In addition to the seven deaths, he is linked to express kidnapping and aggravated kidnapping, because he is accused of plagiarizing several people, from whom he reserves his identity, in the town of Caobas, in November 2018.
The Special Prosecutor's Office in Kidnapping Investigation reports that there are three people linked to process for these events, who are in the state capital


  1. Lol fool ducked down got learnt!!! Bill kahan

  2. Can you imagine this just across the border? BUILD THAT WALL!

    1. Wall, personnel, technology, we need it all.

    2. 5:45 dummie it is happening north of the border innocents kids at schools church goers are dying at the hands of sicko ex marines,if u didn't have ur head up ur ass u wouldnt post stupid comments like this one...

    3. Lol what would thst wall do pendejo? Drugs and cartels will still cross the border with help from US agencies.. racist people are blind to see it though, the new president washed their brain pretty good lol

    4. Walls will not deter the drugs flowing into any country. Only migration!
      Better technology and security measures are needed to inspect what crosses into legal ports of entry. Trump dismisses his own agency's reports of where and how the drugs flow into this country.

      Nothing more than appeasing the people who voted for him. Knowledge is not his strong suit. Just a matter of time when the public will see his decisiveness of his generated wealth.

    5. Biggest problem america has is that they dont wanna see that this country is killing itself from within,no need for foreigner people to come destroy it.americans killing americans saddest thing is lil kids die at schools.all good usa always tries to fix the world...

    6. It’s funny how he compares daily
      Cartel killings.
      To false flags


    8. Wrong.. they are doing better technology and security measures as well. The wall will work. And it is needed in some places ( some places not ) walls arent racist either pendejo.

    9. 8 21..
      There is zero comparison to the US.. the US is far and away safer than Mexico. Mexico is a warzone with cartels running the country like a 3rd world hell hole. Trying to say they're both the same is intelectually dishonest at best and just straight up stupid at worst. Im assuming your the latter...

    10. tell me atleast one Marine that killed children or churchgoers in any of these modernday shootings! shootings happen everywhere but get your head out of your ass aswell to see who the shooters are, the info inside your ass is not accurate

    11. Pendejo (3:36am) this happens every minute in the Good ole USA

    12. Charles Whitman killed several women and children from UT tower in Austin, TX.

    13. 5:32 its not even close to the same murder rate in America as in Mexico. Mexico has almost 3 time more, with over 29,000 in 2017 compared to under 11,000 in America for the same time period. When you compare the population differences that rate become even more pronounced. Plus more then half of Mexico murders are of innocent people with no criminal affiliation..Random people killed for being in the wrong place, wrong time. only around 1/3 of the murders in America are innocent/no criminal affiliation. FBI Crime stats 2017/Mexican crime stats crossed with American stats about the Mexican stats are just the ones we know about.
      but no wall is going to stop drugs from coming here, we/BBreaders all know that.

    14. who called racism
      America have more important issue
      what about this
      all country must have rules
      they dont climb walls
      theu must apply
      why cant people disagree how to tackle.problem
      yes u have illegals
      wall you know be
      billion dollar scam
      never finish
      modern tech works
      detections systems
      to say wall to keep out sex crime syndicate
      rapist can apply or walk.over like the 200 000 that do everyday
      mister trump
      employ illegals
      for yrs
      suddenly son rum down to fire them all
      they did not know green card felon
      thats the problem
      the poor buy
      what the rich selling

      eh i own stocks
      in surveillance company
      palantir sub company
      q-tel cia sub company

      persistent surveillance

      dont get caught up
      in the game
      Blind leading the naked.patriots fight
      we invest

    15. Bb stop posting his grocery list comments

  3. Why do they blur the perps faces??

  4. And they block out the face of the shooters why????

  5. What the fuck is a wall gonna do? There are worse shootings in america on the regular. What an idiot lol

  6. These are cowards...Mexico needs Death penalty....Gun rights

  7. That is true building the wall, will not detour drugs, as they pass some it through customs. Might detour a little migration, people will file for asylum, and some will get in.

  8. ok folks
    since January first
    one sec ...42 homicide

    feburary til last nite
    the shooting per day with blow you
    not kill,maimed
    best crime ever
    gives min
    per day
    per week
    trending to break record
    area on.body
    dont know if i can post death run
    borderland the best
    american death gore
    worse than mexico

    dull knifes not


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