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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Morelos: Samir Flores, activist against thermoelectric plant, murdered

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Animal Politico

                      Asesinan a balazos a Samir Flores, activista que se oponía a la termoeléctrica de Morelos

Samir Flores Soberanes, opposition leader to the La Huexca thermoelectric plant in the municipality of Cuautla, Morelos, was shot dead on the morning of Wednesday the 20th.
According to the news agency Quadratín, Flores Soberanes was attacked around 5:30 in the morning outside his home, located in the town of Amilcingo, in Temoac, Morelos.
After the attack, Samir, 32, was transferred still alive to the Community Hospital of Jonacatepec but half an hour later he died as a result of the injuries. Witnesses to the events reported that Samir's assailants fled in two cars after firing at him.
The Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala Peoples Front in Defense of Land and Water (FPDTA), reported that Samir was shot twice in the head.
Samir Flores was a native Nahuatl from Amilcingo. In addition to being the main promoter of the organization against the Comprehensive Morelos Project (PIM), he was the founder of the Community Radio Amiltzinko 100.7 fm, in which he hosted a program. He was also part of the Committee of Parents and Family at the school in downtown Amilcingo.
The Integral Morelos Project (PIM), promoted by the government of Mexico, is considering operation of a gas pipeline, an aqueduct, and the opening of a thermoelectric plant in Morelos.
Just this Tuesday, Samir and other companions of Amilcingo attended the information forum that the delegate of Morelos, Hugo Erik Flores, spoke at in Jonacatepec. In this event he was questioned about some assertions made by the government concerning the thermoelectric plant in Huexca and the Integral Morelos Project.

In a statement, the Peoples' Front in Defense of Land and Water highlights that since last February 11, they warned, through a letter, to the president of Mexico that, "his statements in support of the thermoelectric plant and his insulting  and hateful speech made in Cuautla towards the defenders of land and water (...) could generate more violence," so they asked him to reconsider his position and invited him to a dialogue in order to understand the climate of hostility that the PIM has generated.
"We blame the Federal Government for this murder because Samir had no more enemies (...) this was a political crime for the defense of human rights that Samir and the FPDTA has against the Morelos Comprehensive Project and for the autonomy and self-determination of the peoples ( ...) this murder is the result of the omission of this and the previous governments to resolve through dialogue the conflict that the unfeasible Comprehensive Morelos Project generates," says the FPDTA.
According to the People's Front in Defense of Land and Water, Samir had been threatened on several occasions since 2012, "as well as defamed and even pointed out of in leaflets and memes on the internet, all signs of loss of prestige and criminalization of human rights defenders and popular communicators." 

In his morning conference on Wednesday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador condemned the killing of Samir and described the event as "unfortunate", however he said that this is not an argument to cancel the planned consultation on the 23rd and 24th of February in Tlaxcala, Puebla and Morelos, in order to know the opinion of the people around the thermoelectric of Huexca.
Meanwhile, Uriel Carmona, attorney general of Morelos said that one of the lines of investigation of the crime is related to "organized crime, by the way in which the murder was carried out."
In an interview for Radio Fórmula, the prosecutor explained that a message was found at the site of the attack, without giving details of it. So far, "we do not have any evidence that relates to the thermoelectric plant," he said.
During the last weeks, residents of Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala have demanded that the president cancel the Morelos Integral Project.
With information from Quadratín Morelos and Radio Fórmula.


  1. Organized Crime had no beef with Mr Samir Flores Soberanes, unless you count the thermoelectric plant businessmen and associates as The Organized Crime, but no prostiturer worth his Kickback would say that, therefore they can't see their crimes

  2. Estaba buscando esta reportaje hace mucho años en internet y no la encontraba.
    Estoy de contrato con lo que indicas. Gracias es un gran aporte.


  3. amlo and the environment?????? Qustionable

    1. 5:25 AMLO and cuauhtemoc Blanco did not get hydroelectric plant plans ready in 3 months in power, former governor Graco Ramirez and Co. had six years to put in it, and they also murdered more lenses with reckless abandon during their six years of friendship and collaboration with EPN.
      Stop blaming AMLO for your every fart and hiccup, boy, that is anti-communist propaganda by the communist newly rich turned businessmen like "PRD" Graco Ramirez.

  4. Sad but no surprise there, most people who speak up against corruption in Mexico end up dead or in prison. Hope amlo is not next, he's attacking corruption on ALL levels like nobody I've seen before

  5. AMLO has already started liquidating dissenters, I see.

  6. Por un pinche dollar te matan en mexico.

  7. ALMO has not done nothing to curtail the high homicide rate. He has put some miltary to watch over, some pipeline. Offered speeches. But that's about it.

    1. He's put in place some measures to fight corruption and improve the living conditions of some of the most vulnerable population groups, which isn't directly related to homicide and crime rates but it does touch their causes. I didn't and still don't have high hopes in him (I still have to see if more work is done or it's just a bit of a show to start his term with something and later he goes to do what all Mexican presidents do), but so far at least he seems to be aiming in the right direction.

  8. 6:04 more Russian styled propaganda comunista coming from the "neo-oligarchs" from the extreme rightist elites that never had a bad thing to say about former "presidentes" through their 100 years of PRIISMO allied with the PAN , internatiinal mafias of drug traffickers and foreign and domestic spy rings,
    now blaming El peje for everything?
    No pinchis mamen.


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