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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Michoacan: In one year, PGJE opened 320 investigations against it's agents

Throw Away for Borderland Beat from Quadratin

Morelia, Mich.- The Attorney General of the State (PGJE) opened 320 investigations against its agents for complaints and complaints from citizens; of these, in 92 cases liability was found.

According to official figures from the Attorney General, from January 1, 2018 to January 25 of this year, the result of the investigations led to 40 officers being suspended for their actions and another 12 were dismissed from their jobs.

Officers of the Ministerial Police have also been identified by organized crime groups to engage in acts of corruption, among the most recent is the case of the ministerial command Felix Hernandez Hernandez, whose name appeared last year on two narcomantas in Morelia.


  1. If back in the days nothing was done. Now with the current president lol good luck. He is softer than well anything.

  2. What the latest on Tuta hahaha last time they reported on him he had hemorrhoids. Please give update so the little bastard.

    1. Man, hemorrhoids are nothing to fuck around with ūüėā.


  3. You got mail from tijuas

  4. Cops on Mexico are sr uper corrupt


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