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Monday, February 25, 2019

Guerrero: Crime silences newspaper in Zihuatanejo

Throw Away for Borderland Beat from BajoPalabra

Acapulco, Guerrero.- Due to violence that has affected several areas in Zihuatanejo, the regional newspaper "Despertar de la Costa" confirmed the suspension of it's activities.

Last Thursday night guns were fired outside the offices of the newspaper Despertar de la Costa, and some of the shots hit the offices.

The newspaper confirmed it's fears and detailed that due to the situation the workers abandoned the property and are currently living in uncertainty

"There have been hours of uncertainty, of concern, but also of many people who have extended their hands, authorities, organizations to protect journalists, as well as media of state and national circulation," the newspaper said.

They also denied that the newspaper was going to completely close its activities, however they did discreetly mention the need for some censorship for their security.


  1. Several years ago I was rather shocked to pass by a new shiny black suburban with big wheels. Four men got out of the SUV as I approached and I could see automatic weapons in the back seat. One of the passengers wore a heavily pockmarked face. I continued on with friends toward a palapa restaurant on Playa Ropa. I did not appreciate the staredown one of the group gave my friend Eduardo So I walked right up to the two goons standing by the Suburban. I complimented what appeared to be the head goon about the gold (?) plated wheels and airbrush styling on the sides. He gave me a cold smile. I joined friends at a table.

    "Rayas!" whispered Eduardo. "You know who that is?"
    "Don't care" I replied. "The man was obviously confused when an anciano complimented him for his carro"

    About two months later our local newspaper announced the arrest -- a top jefe de sicarios in Acapulco.

    Eduardo told me Zihuatanejo was sort of a neutral ground for several gangs. I guess the newspaper crossed the line. I have listened to ex-pats rant about Zihuatanejo being a narco-free zone. Oh how little they know. They should put more enthusiasm into how to survive living with narcos. I live in tierra caliente and there are strict do's and dont's, like not hanging out in macho bars late at night. Parlores de billares, etc. I hope the no-fire-zone endures.

    1. Fucking story tellers, y la chiva posts this bull shit

    2. Not true, you would have been put in a cooler, for bothering them.

    3. It is not BS, honey, son pinones, aka pine nuts,
      made exclusiverly for you by a real Chiva...

  2. Body guards were promised in the last regime. What makes the newspaper co. think they will be protected? Nope the government is in cahoots with the criminals.

  3. Hard to believe an area with a Marina and Army base could let the punks with guns kill shopkeepers, their employees and innocents.Pathetic

  4. Sounds like many neighborhoods in the US where gang violence and crime rate is high.
    Children forbidden to play outside and away from windows.

    Don't blame these people for not risking their lives until it is suppressed.

  5. They got to go in hiding, and publish by Internet only.


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