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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Tijuana closes 2018 with more than 2,500 homicide victims

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Zeta Tijuana thank you Neal in Nevada

Tijuana Police will "double their efforts" to reduce homicides in 2019;
Ines Garcia/ Secretary of Municipal Public Security in Tijuana, Marco Antonio Sotomayor

Translation by "Cruz"

The Secretary of Municipal Public Security in Tijuana, Marco Antonio Sotomayor addressed the problem of premeditated homicides that the city registers, where up until noon on Monday the 31st of December there have been 2,502 committed.

"The situation is unfortunate for us being Tijuana Policemen. We know that we are reaching a number that is really difficult to accept, we have done everything within our grasp to try and reverse this situation. We have had operative results like never before but we understand that they have not been enough to give the results that all the Tijuanenses are looking for and we want to tell them that this coming year we are doubling our efforts. We are going to execute different operational strategies in coordination with other government entities in order to try and accomplish a decrease in homicides", was what he stated in a press conference.

The municipal official indicated that, there will be new compartmentalization among other strategies and that the 120 new Police elements that will graduate from the academy in January will be assigned to Tijuana's East Zone, where the most number of homicides are reported.

The Secretary of Municipal Public Security (SSPM) also informed that they seized more weapons this year than in the past, reaching 988 firearms, 789 small arms, 188 rifles.

Sotomayor Amezcua mentioned that the Municipal Police has basically worked/used 2 strategies in order to reduce premeditated homicides: combat street-level drug dealing and seize firearms.

"We know that the homicides situation is due to conflicts between criminal groups for different reasons, such as street-level drug dealing. Another strategy is to seize more drugs. If we are able to get these drug dealers off of the street not only are we are going to prevent them from being able to poison our youths but also from killing each other. We are not going to sit idle", stated Sotomayor.

He assured that Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum's administration's main goal is a decrease in the number of homicides for 2019, responsibility that the secretary said: "is not only of the Tijuana Police force but that we will continue doing our part to accomplish that decrease".

He also expressed satisfaction with the actions and results of the Police, whom he affirmed "they have taken the caste, they have been brave", but he stated he was unsatisfied because "we have not been able to bring down the main scourge of this city, which is the homicides".

Among other results that the SSPM obtained in 2018, are the arrest of 140 murders, 3,406 people for burglary, the completion of 487 arrest warrants, the arrest of 91 non-national fugitives (the majority being from the US), also the confiscation of more than 5 tons of marijuana and the recovery of more than 2,000 stolen vehicles.


  1. Tj law enforcement should focus their efforts on one cartel. Having a dominant cartel controlling all plazas will reduce murders. If back channel discussions are needed so be it. Some sort of agreement is needed where kidnappings and extortions are off limits.

  2. How can the police "double their efforts" to stop all this when they are involved by bribery and infiltration from drug money. As a resident of Tijuana I always wondered how the police lived in the best neighborhoods and drove new cars all the time. Do I really need that answer?

    1. Do they REALLY have an option?
      Its all plata-or-plomo, right?
      If you wont take the plata dont become a police officer. It is that easy isnt it???

      You would have to be really stupid/suicidal trying to be an honest cop in TJ (Mexico?). My experience is it was like that already 30 years ago, so it aint new.

    2. 7:37pm as long as they are involved they should not pretend that they care about the issues if drug trafficking. That is the point moron. It seems people on BB are dumber than a bag of rocks these days

    3. 737 you did not get what he 1137 was saying, he says how can they double thier efforts, when they themselves are in collusion with the criminals and cartels. 2500 homicides and the police can't stop it. Perhaps 2019
      will be another record breaker.

      Luna Apaghta

  3. CJNG taking out the trash

    1. CJNG is the trash.

      El Cabrón De Tamaulipas

    2. I must admit, you guys bickering like school girls about which cartel is/isnt "taking out the trash" is quite entertaining

    3. @ R Kelly

      All cartels are trash, if that isn’t clear.

      El Cabrón De Tamaulipas

  4. The problema with Tijuana right now is Crystal meth. Most of those homicides are related to meth consumption. Those killed in the mini-war between CJNG,CDS and CAF are just a few. The vast majority of víctims are dealers and consummers in debt killed for a few hundred pesos owed, no cartel hitmen or traffickers.

  5. Crystal meth the end of all humanity

  6. CDS will eventually lose ground not all of it but they’ll lose ground. they don’t have the military there backing them like they did in Juarez. Facts

  7. The police in TJ waste their time and resources driving around the Zona and picking up everyone walking and throwing them in the "kidnap" van and taking them imto the holding station where family has to come and pay for their release. The homicide rate is at an all-time high (AGAIN) and cops are wasting time filling up the jail with people that (fell asleep on park benchs). Also, a majority of the bodies that are found on Blvd 2000 were caught and killed by cops. The cops are the most vicious cartel in TJ. My bad runins have been with the Municipal police, but the locals seem to say the State police are more corrupt..

  8. CAF kicking ass and droppin the payasos


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