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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

"They're going to kill us": Displaced Guerrero residents, including 32 children, refuse to return to their town

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from SinEmbargo


Starting December 5, many families in the municipality of Zitlala have escaped violence in their village controlled by armed civilians linked to the criminal group Los Ardillos. This group  has been publicly identified as responsible for several murders and disappearances in that area. The displaced people declared that conditions for them to return to their homes are still unsafe, though state officials proposed otherwise.  

Meanwhile, yesterday, also in the mountains of Guerrero, in the municipality of Chilapa, community police clashed with members of the criminal group Los Ardillos on a road from El Paraíso de Tepila, Chilapa, with a preliminary count of 10 criminal deaths and several community police officers injured. After the confrontation, Roberto Álvarez Heredia reported that helicopters, soldiers, and state police are monitoring the area to discourage more acts of violence and protect the population.

-With information from Zacarías Cervantes, from El Sur

Chilpancingo, Guerrero, January 28 (El Sur / SinEmbargo)- Those displaced from Tlaltepanapa, municipality of Zitlala, yesterday demanded their relocation within the municipality of Copalillo, where they are now, and reiterated that they will not return to their town as the state government proposed, because they said they were sure that they would return only to be killed or disappeared by the armed group that kept them subdued during the last five years.

The 62 displaced, including 32 children of school age, left Tlaltempanapa on December 3, and for two nights and three days walked through hills and ravines, until December 5 when they arrived in Copalillo, where they were settled as refugees on a covered sports field.
At a press conference yesterday, at the facilities of the Guerrerense Network of Civil Rights Organizations (Rerdgro), members of a commission of displaced families declared that there are no safe conditions for them to return to Tlaltempanapa, as the secretary and the sub-secretary proposed on January 8 and 17.
The families fled the violence in their village controlled by armed civilians linked to the criminal group Los Ardillos, who have been publicly identified as responsible for several murders and disappearances in that area.

One of the members of the commission, Víctor Ojeda Hernández, recalled that on December 3 they left their town after the armed men entered the homes of his father Pedro Ojeda and his brother Javier Ojeda Hernández, as well as his uncle Victoriano Hernandez Tomatzin. "They took them by force, then beat them, bound their hands and feet and kidnapped them. We still do not know if they are alive or dead, they are still missing," he said.

While those armed civilians maintain checkpoints at the entrance and exit of Tlaltempanapa continue to cause violence and control the town, the State Government, through the Secretariat of Government, proposed to the displaced people to return to their community.
Yesterday, in the press conference, the displaced commission reported that in the last five years, when the majority of the population began to suffer violence, repression and robberies by the armed group, people been leaving the town and that of approximately 800 thousand inhabitants, currently only some 30 remained, the people who carry weapons and who control the area.
The members of the commission reported that they will not return to their town until the authorities arrest the members of the armed group, and present the three disappeared on December 3.

The displaced people denounced the authorities' failure of the three orders of government. The displaced do not believe that the authorities will permanently give them security if they return to Tlaltempanapa:

"The government just wants us to leave, but the Army or the police will not be with us all the time. I do not think that they will take care of us when we go to cut wood or the palm with which we weave, or that they takes care of us all night in our houses. We know that if we return we will be killed, it will not take more than three or four days," said another affected.


Yesterday, community police of the Regional Coordination of Community Authorities of the Founding Peoples (CRAC-PF) clashed with members of the criminal group Los Ardillos on a road from El Paraíso de Tepila, Chilapa, with a preliminary balance of 10 deaths on the side of the criminal group and several community police officers injured.
The confrontation began at 2:45 yesterday afternoon, when about 180 members of Los Ardillos tried to enter the communities of Rincón de Chautla and Zacapexco, but were fought off by some 600 community members, according to Jesús Plácido,  coordinator of the CRAC-PF.
The confrontation was extended to the nearby hills where several bodies and wounded people were scattered, as described by Jesús Plácido, who reported that the exchange of gunfire lasted more than an hour and a half until the strength of Los Ardillos dwindled, and they ended up retreating.
At night the spokesman for the State Coordination for the Construction of Peace, Roberto Álvarez confirmed the death of 10 people and two injured, but said that the clash occurred between two groups of community police.


After the confrontation, Roberto Álvarez Heredia reported that helicopters, soldiers and state police are monitoring the area to discourage new acts of violence and protect the population.

In a communiqué it was reported that helicopters from the National Defense Secretariat and the State Public Security Secretariat were sent to patrol the area while soldiers and police conducted patrols.

He added that ministerial agents "verify the probable existence of new acts of violence and conduct research in the area," and that the injured are treated in hospitals in the health sector.


Another group of people displaced by the violence of the communities of Leonardo Bravo (Chichihualco) are refugees in the auditorium of the municipal capital, who insisted on their request to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that the armed forces kick out the so-called Community policemen who have taken Filo de Caballos, so that they can return to their homes from which they fled last November.

On Saturday, they delivered a letter to the person who served as commissioner for the pacification process in the states of Guerrero, Morelos and Oaxaca, Álvaro Urreta Fernández, to be sent to López Obrador and the Undersecretary of the Interior, Alejandro Encinas.
In the document they ask for the withdrawal of the armed people who broke into Filo de Caballos on November 11th and from there extended to 8 more towns.
They demand the government get rid of those on the corridor that goes from Casa Verde to Corralitos, and that a perimeter of security to be installed in the limits of the municipalities of Leonardo Bravo and Heliodoro Castillo (Tlacotepec).

The director of the Regional Center for Human Rights José María Morelos y Pavón, Manuel Olivares Hernández, stated that the authorities have ignored the basic solution to the problem of displaced people in Chichihualco.
He denounced that the authorities of the state and federal governments "only make media statements to pretend that the problem is being solved, but they do not take concrete actions to resolve it."

He said that, for example, the government secretary Florencio Salazar Adame promised that there would be conditions made for the displaced people to return to their communities, but the displaced are seeing that there are still no such conditions as the armed people who displaced them are still in their villages after two weeks.
He recalled that the secretary told them at a meeting that their return to their communities would be analyzed at a meeting of the State Coordination for the Construction of Peace, that the agreements would not be made public but that they would try to put together a strategy of pacification so they could return to their villages in no later than one week.
However, two weeks have passed and it is still not known how conditions will be met for them to be able to return. 


  1. I know this comment has nothing to do with this post. But just read somewhere there's a new person in charge of zetas. They consider him a terrorist. Would a term such as "terrorist" give the USA the power to go into Mexico? I'm just asking a question. Don't get bent outta shape.

    1. Yeah saw this earlier.
      Some dude called TONTO aligned with Mencho's people.

    2. You forgot to say just my 2 cents.

    3. The kingpin act, gives de USA excellent powers.

      El Perin de Tamp.

    4. He may well be a terrorist but that does not give the US of A the right to attack him unless he directs acts of violence against the US, example 9/11, but the mexican govt can rub him out if they so desire, I believe he has less rights than a crimanal

    5. Sry. But from reading up on here with posts and others comments. The king pin act doesnt give the USA the right to go into a country and hunt down "king pins" but since the zetas new "king pin" is considered a "terrorist" will they now use that as a ok let's go get that guy. That way the USA has a reason to send army Navy into Mexico? I'm just asking a question. Don't get bent outta shape.

    6. Got my fingers crossed

  2. Relying on state police to reassure their safety is a farce. These communities need protection and assurances for their return.
    Until municipalities are not looking out for criminal gangs expect resistance from townspeople.

    Militarization and curfews should be taken into consideration.

  3. Ahhh now we have more of the story, so 10 dead of the bar hombres group, 2 injured of good guys.

  4. they need eyes in the sky to track them down and kill them all.

  5. Sad state of affairs that people are 'refugees' in their own country and have to flee with their lives!Sounds like some form of government is giving the displaced housing and want them out either to make room for 'other refugees' or no longer want to put these people up.Too bad the government is not 'proactive' and anticipate potiential problems but 'react' after the fact.In other words do nothing and let things fester until they are out of control but to be fair maybe they don't hear too much about these remote areas and there's way too many other problems in Mexico and resources($$) are either restrained or corrupted elsewhere.But 800,000 residents down to 30,000?Holy shit!You would think they would have 'cleaned house'#1 priority there since wasn't this area involved with the disappearance of the 43?

    1. The govt is complicit in this. It is the govt who allows these cartels to continue to turn mexico into warzone it is. It is the govt who doesnt allow its citzens the right to bear arms. It is the govt that spreads its socialist disease to the people. Sad thing is you keep ELECTING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Welcome to the house you built. Enjoy your stay.

    2. Yes I agree with 429, they are in collusion with the cartels, which bribes get made. Part of the money is blood 💰 money amassed from kidnappings, most get killed once the money is collected.

    3. Socialist disease rampant
      Collective soul train run its course progam better?
      Peronist idealogy
      Rules south n central
      Sides of elites
      Side of.progam
      Economic collective apparatus failed
      To birth at will
      Land ownership

      Canada to mexico
      Canadien own
      Compare to mexico
      You be shock

      Elites protected by wealth
      Past on to next in line
      Most will move cabinet
      To big haus
      Poor will stay poor no room to climb
      You think chapo
      As a child did not witness
      Don't have
      Mommy don't have
      Most mexican
      In.stalemate mind
      Farming hard labour
      The struggle
      Life expectancy average Mexican
      Canada 60
      Share of wealth
      Medical care

      VENEZUELA massive program
      Split wealth to poorer brings resentment
      Oil wealth spread to.poor
      It split
      Wanna keep red hats
      To wealth generators
      Piss off..Venezuelan done
      He be removed to panama
      Army fatigue
      Only long term.solution
      But you are so look into Catholicism
      Which won't allowed come catholic church dont have dominance here
      In reproduction

  6. Ah, los maleantes cagando el pinche palo por todos lados como siempre.
    - Sol Prendido

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  8. Is it safe to drive from Polanco to Iguala/Teloloapan area? Who even owns that plaza?

  9. Not sure why this is in the news. This is the normal in that part of the world. I believe the local term used was 'Re-ubification', the opposite of reunification, i.e. 'You are not going to go back.' When you hear sounds in the street like cows and other animals that you have not heard before, it is because some poor souls further out in 'La Selva' have been given 24 hours to leave, if they were that lucky. I wish I knew how to get weapons to genuine Rurales Defensas.

  10. Three day walkin thru hills N ravine
    Will the Mexican hard working village live peace

    No wisdom.from maurauding bloodlust vampires

    Kindly go away
    Let nirvana flow again

    1. It's you again!!!!!!! Vancuver Russian dude!!!!! Trying to write your comment in riddles only now with light spaghetti sauce


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