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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Organized crime messages against huachicoleros found in Pachuca

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from La Silla Rota

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Encuentran mensajes del crimen organizado contra huachicoleros en Pachuca
               Military and Police in a huachicolera zone of the state (Photo: Special)
The Ministry of Public Security confirmed the location of blankets containing messages intended for thieves, kidnappers and huachicoleros                          

On Friday, three blankets with messages allegedly coming from a criminal organization threatening thieves, kidnappers and huachicoleros were found in the metropolitan area of ​​Pachuca.

The Secretary of Public Security of Hidalgo (SSPH) noted the presence of blankets in Pachuca and Mineral de Reforma.
The messages were located on Calle Galeana, in the El Arbolito neighborhood and on Calle Julián Carrillo, in the Colonia Centro, both in Pachuca.
A third message was placed on Calle Minerales, community of Santa María La Calera, in the municipality of Mineral de la Reforma.

These messages appear in the context of violence in Hidalgo, due to confrontations between alleged huachicoleros.
The night of last Wednesday, a confrontation that occurred between armed civilians linked with groups of huachicoleros, left two agents of the Investigating Police injured, however, one died in the Hospital of Pachuca as a result of the shooting. The state of health of the other officer, so far, is reported as sensitive, as confirmed by the Attorney General's Office.
The attack occurred around 22:40 hours, on the federal highway Portezuelo-Huichapan near the town of Jonacapa.
In other events, two days before, municipal police of Chapantongo were attacked for attempting to stop eight vehicles that were allegedly transporting stolen gasoline.
In addition, another dispute occurred in the town of Santa Ana Ahuehuepan, in Tula, where the Army identified the main operation of groups dedicated to the drilling of Pemex pipelines, along with Cautepec and Apan. The attack left one dead and one injured.
The evening of this Friday, a leak in a pipeline of Pemex in Tlahuelilpan, Hidalgo, caused a strong explosion that left 21 dead and 71 injured [this number has since changed - El Profe]. 


  1. A criminal cartel wrote a narco Manta on kidnappers, killers, fuel thrives, nevertheless what are they themselves lol what gives.

  2. So is claiming to be the savior now?
    Message after message have been attributed to criminal organizations. Never a Robin hood who disperses the wealth among its people. Rather, those citizens who have no partake in criminal activity.

    Same shit, same tactics.

  3. Mantas signed “Vieja Escuela del Z3” in Lazca’s home turf

  4. All these activities will continue until the Mexican people decide to make a change. Until then they will continue to pull each other down. Sorry but its the awful truth.

  5. I saw a video where Mexicans (men and women) are stealing the merchandise from an emergency truck ramp after the truck lost its breaks. It was a free for all! Then another truck lost its breaks, and used the emergency ramp and accidentally made hamburger of some of the “ratas” stealing from the first truck.
    In a separate video, Mexicans are stealing cows from a truck involved in an accident and even skining the cow on the spot!
    But when a truck with books broke down, “Ni La Pelan!”


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