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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Murder in Isla Mujeres heavy weapons and ammunition seized

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On the tourist Island of Isla Mujeres near the vacation resort of Cancun, a shooting occurred in the tourist-packed Melacon.
In the shops packed with tourist buying souvenirs, a man was chased and shot in broad daylight. One person was executed and one more injured.

The event occurred at 4:00 PM, when several gun shots lit up the busy Hidalgo Avenue.

According to witnesses, 4 armed men dressed in black arrived for an evident adjustment that ended with a chase on the street leading to the heavily populated shopping area.

One subject was killed inside a craft store and another more injured with a shot to the leg. The execution weapon was thrown into the street and an immediate alert that triggered an operation in several streets and beach areas, until achieving the arrest of 3 subjects as likely suspects.

The public safety management agreed that one person was killed and another man was found wounded inside a construction site next to the municipal palace.


BULLETIN 001/2019-ZN

FGE searches a home and finds prohibited substances, heavy weapons and ammunition
* Derived from events occurred last Sunday where one person lost his life and another one was injured.

* The property was insured and the domain extinction procedure will be initiated.

Women Island. - In investigative work of the State Attorney General's Office on the murder of a person and another one that was wounded by a firearm projectile on the afternoon of Sunday, December 30, a search warrant was obtained in an address of the Colonia Centro, where he seized drugs, heavy weapons and cartridges. The Public Ministry ordered the insurance of the property and will initiate the procedure of domain extinction.

Investigators managed to locate the home on Miguel Hidalgo Avenue between Lopez Mateos and Matamoros, where they secured a shotgun, a 9mm caliber handgun, 5 caliber 13 cartridges, a 9mm caliber blazer cartridge, two 9 × 19 cartridges, 22 cartridges 380 car, 30 useful cartridges caliber 30 SPL, 20 cartridges 28 auto, 11 cartridges caliber A, 20 useful cartridges 32 7.55, 20 useful cartridges 28 auto, 14 useful cartridges caliber U.

In addition to 39 bags containing a  dry green grass substance having characteristics similar to marijuana, two bags with airtight closure with white powder with characteristics similar to cocaine, two bags with a couple of bags with the same substances.

The search was carried out by means of judicial instruction derived from the events that occurred last Sunday with a balance of one deceased and one injured, facts investigated in the research folder 47/2018.

The Attorney General's Office confirms its commitment to fight head-on the crimes that lacerate Quintana Roo society.

... Bulletin issued by Social Communication of the FGE.

TV Isla Mujeres reports: "One executed and one injured this afternoon in Isla Mujeres". The events occurred shortly after 4pm (Sunday), when reports were made to the Emergency number about gunshots at a souvenir shop on Hidalgo Avenue, and the Red Code was activated. According to witnesses, armed men arrived in black for an apparent execution attempt, which resulted in a chase in the downtown streets, ending with one person killed inside a souvenir store and another injured in the leg. The weapon used in the crime was thrown into the street and an alert was immediately issued which triggered an operation in the streets and beach areas, which resulted in the arrest of three possible suspects. Police officials confirmed that one person died and another young man was found wounded inside a construction site next to the Town Hall.

Isla Mujeres al Dia reports: Due to the rapid intervention of officers with the municipal police force in response to events that occurred in downtown Isla Mujeres, three suspects have been arrested, plus an injured person, in addition to impounding a white vehicle which was allegedly involved in the criminal acts at a souvenir shop on Hidalgo avenue. After his capture, the injured suspect was transferred to a Cancun hospital, while the others will be placed at the disposal of the State Attorney General's office (FGE), who will be responsible for the investigation


  1. During the day in the tourist shopping area?? S**t man

  2. Hijos de puta! En Isla mujeres??? Para que quemen vivos a todos los imbeciles que estan protagonisando estos crimenes!

  3. That's a very laid back little tiny place with practically no crime. It's obvious these so called cartels are really run by a bunch of idiotic morons. They will destroy the entire economy. At least they apprehended them. Mexico needs to take a good look in the mirror and make some decisions....time to bring in kill forces and outsourced intel gathering.

  4. Those weapons in the suitcase, are straight up only for killing people. Gangster af

  5. Those weapons look funny.
    The shotgun looks very cheap but modified, but that sub machine gun looks like the world’s worst cared for Uzi.
    I’d think cartel hitmen would have better care of their tools of the trade.

  6. I went there 30 years ago when it was heaven, sad its turned into a cesspool. The whole Yucatan penisula

    1. They saw Holbox is the closest thing to Isla 30 years ago. I have yet to go.

  7. Beautiful little community. Sad to see the violence is now corrupting there as well. Mexico has so much to offer and its all dwarfed by news of cartel street urchins killing each other or innocent people.


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