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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Morelos: 8 Killed During Violent Weekend, Four Minors

Throw-Away for Borderland Beat from Proceso

CUERNAVACA, Mor.- Violence claimed the lives of four minors, as well as four adults in the state during Friday and Saturday this weekend.

The events occurred in the municipalities of Yautepec, Temixco and Jojutla.

Three minors and one adult were murdered at a Patron Saint's Festival in the community of Ixtlahuacan, in the municipality of Yautepec. An unknown assailant on a motorcycle fired at the crowd gathered outside the local church.

Two minors and an adult died at the scene, while another 14-year-old boy died in the general hospital of Cuautla. Seven other people were also injured.

According to reports, three of the dead were related to PRD Mayor Agustín Alonso. So far the motive of this unknown and the identities of the people who unfortunately lost their lives have not been disclosed.
Meanwhile, in Temixco, south of Cuernavaca, a man and his four-year-old son were shot dead by attackers who fled in a white vehicle. Both lost their lives. The boy named Sait died on the spot, while his father who was a taxi driver, Marcelo, managed to reach the hospital alive, but minutes later died.

A man was found lifeless with blows to the head in the Buena Vista neighborhood, also in Yautepec; and in separate events, in Temixco and Jojutla, two men were found who were shot to death.


  1. Looking like AMLO will not fulfill his political agenda swiftly. Some of these killings seem to have political consequences.

  2. They are even targeting kids, what a disgrace. ALMO is doing nothing.

    1. Yep ALMO eats popcorn, while people including kids are being murdered.

  3. Shame ! Not in your game correct? Karma is the best to put it to you!

  4. Mexico went to shit right after el Jefe de Jefes was killed,they captured or killed the top dogs from the AFO CDJ Z CDG CDS Mexico hasn’t accomplished shit more and more drugs have been shipped plus the violence created due to loss of power and splinter of cartels have increased greatly I wonder if people realize there’s no difference in Capturing or killing a drug lord just bringing more violence to the country but no they thought extraditing Chapo would be a win and in the end it didn’t change shit.The Mexican government should stop being the pawns of the Yankees and just stop the extradition and stop extraditing people.

    1. Pawns to the Yankees?!.. How about Mexicans stop being sheep to these Mexican cartels!.. Ever thought of that one?..

    2. Drug shipment actually lessers the violence level, which makes them to earn way more Money and less concecrate on earning profit through extortion rackeeting or kidnappings that follows the violence

  5. Who owns the teloloapan Guerrero plaza?


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