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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Mexico City: Four Ex-Policeman killed

Throw-Away from Vanguardia

Four ex-policemen were killed in a direct attack early this week at the intersection of the Agrarian Reform and Alfredo Carrasco, Santa Cecilia colony, confirmed the head of the capital's police, Jesús Orta Martínez.

Interviewed after the meeting with the security cabinet, Orta Martínez said that the four were drinking alcoholic beverages. The events took place around 12:30 AM, witness accounts detailed that armed individuals rampaged them directly from a moving vehicle. Before the arrival of emergency services, the attackers escaped from the scene.

The Attorney General's Office (PGJ) of Mexico City will investigate the murder of the four victims. It was reported that when arriving at the scene the investigators found the deceased: one inside a Honda Civic vehicle, two on one side of a Dodge Stratus and another on the highway.


  1. Nadie sabe para quien trabaja. Mexico es un desastre. El pais mas rico del mundo y no ayudan a los ciudadanos. Todo es corrupciob

  2. More cowards with guns

  3. Cops were currupted.

    1. Most likely, si

    2. They were not killing 10 persons a day, therefore the Cartel got thier sacarios to finish them off.


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