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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Mayor Of Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca Assassinated

Throw-Away for Borderland Beat from Vanguardia

The Mayor of Tlaxiaco, Alejandro Aparicio, died after being attacked on Tuesday following his swearing-in as Mayor.

This was confirmed by the Senator for Morena, Salomón Jara Cruz, through his Twitter account."I mourn the death of our colleague and friend Mayor Alejandro Aparicio, I demand that the mastermind or masterminds of this cowardly murder be investigated and brought immediately to justice as well as the perpetrator. #Tlaxiaco," he said.

According to the first reports, it was two individuals who assaulted members of the town council while they were going to the offices of the Drinking Water and Sewerage System of Tlaxiaco (SAPAT), an hour and a half after the swearing-in of Aparicio in this municipality of the Mixteca.

The attack occurred at the height of the Oriente bypass, in Tlaxiaco. Preliminary reports say that Mayor Aparicio, the Administrator Perfecto Hernández and the council member Cleotilde Santos, as well as three other unidentified persons, were injured. Authorities of the General Secretariat of Government (Segego) said that the Mayor was transferred to the IMSS hospital in the City of Oaxaca. An individual was arrested to investigate his alleged role in the attack.


  1. He did not want to be with, the dark forces of curruption, therefore he was executed.

  2. Administrator Perfecto Hernández has also died.

  3. Again I ask
    Why do Mexico have such weird acronyms
    Assault:charge with
    Intent to cause arm
    Within mental capacity
    Of a child. Why not
    Water and and heavy deposit?
    Water filtration plant?
    Drinking water and sewage plant..ahhhhhh
    This story made news here
    Plus 2700 murder Tijuana..2019 will be better
    Criminal will find love
    Spiritual awakening coming.

  4. Would not be surprised if this was a attack from a political party!

    1. I think the Morena party should start building their own security "secret service" protection detail for their party members that need it.


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