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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

El Chapo Trial: "What is this--- the OJ Trial?"--asked a FBI agent on the witness stand

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Additional cross-examination of Vicente Zambada today, followed by law enforcement witnesses and another cooperator.

Monday was a low-key day in the courthouse.  It began with the defense continuing its cross examination of Vincente Zambada.  Followed by a FBI agent witness and another cooperative witness.


In the final leg of the cross, the focus was about that phone call VZN alluded to, between his father and himself, while he was in custody and after he began cooperating.

His claim was the attorneys arranged the call. Zambada says they chatted, mostly small talk, then he made a request for “information” on behalf of the DEA.

Chapo's defense suggested that the arranged phone call between Zambada and his father, gave way to the ensuing capture of Chapo.
Subsequent to his agreement to cooperate with the U.S., Zambada was allowed to telephone his father and send texts to him.

Zambada rejected that idea, saying Chapo knew he was cooperating.  He knew I was coming to testify, my compadre Chapo is not my enemy."

Chapo's lawyer responds: "You're testifying against him, you are his enemy."

Rounding out the cross exam, the defense asked about a long list of Mayo’s associates and operators who are dead or imprisoned.

The implied question is how, Mayo is free, never even arrested, but everyone around him, including, Chapo, were not so lucky, suggesting El Mayo set all of those people up for a fall.

FBI Agent Jose Moreno

Moreno a former FBI agent in Mexico. He testified about the near capture of Chapo in He testified about a March,  2012 raid at a luxury resort in Cabo San Lucas where Chapo was there for a “clandestine meeting” with a prostitute.. Chapo narrowly escaped but left behind a trove of evidence.

One of Guzmán’s men hired the prostitute for the billionaire drug lord. the prostitute was blindfolded and taken to a rented home in Los Cabos without being told who her client would be. And Cuitláhuac Salinas Martinez, told the paper that when El Chapo arrived the hooker couldn’t “perform the services she was hired for because she was menstruating.” El Chapo left the house with the intention of returning, and it was while he was away Mexican authorities raided the house.  
According to Univision, “Salinas Martinez suggested that had it not been for the postponed encounter, authorities might have finally arrested Guzmán.” This isn’t what Mexican security sources tell me. The operation, they say, was bungled from the start and the fault rests with the federal police.AP speculated in the original dispatch that El Chapo’s narrow escape raises the suspicion that he was alerted. He was, U.S. and Mexican security sources told me, but not by some corrupt official or paid off cop. The federal police alerted El Chapo inadvertently, to the fury of the Americans, by making two major mistakes.  
Mexican police chiefs bungled the opportunity handed them by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, who through cell phone monitoring by the National Security Agency provided the electronic intelligence that for the first time in years pinpointed El Chapo’s exact whereabouts — in this case Los Cabos." 
This was the first time that we knew exactly where Guzmán was,” says a senior Mexican security source. “All the other occasions when we have been close it was only after the fact that we realized we had come close to El Chapo,” he adds. “On those other occasions, we have raided a property but only knew in advance that there was a high-value Sinaloa cartel target but we didn’t know that it was El Chapo – we hoped it was, but weren’t sure. This time we knew it was him and this was our best chance in years to get him.” El Chapo is as careful as Osama bin Laden was in using cell phones, knowing full well that the U.S. has tremendous capability to pinpoint targets through voice recognition and honing in on particular phone numbers. Like other cartels, the Sinaloa Federation uses pre-paid cell phones and cartel members change their phones several times a day to evade the American eavesdroppers.  
On this occasion one of El Chapo’s lieutenants held on to a phone for too long and security sources tell me that Guzmán phoned him. As a result the NSA’s voice-recognition systems that had been eavesdropping on that mobile phone identified El Chapo’s voice and traced the phone the drug lord was using. “He called one of his lieutenants, whose phone was being monitored,” says a U.S. source. 
“That guy presumably was being lazy and keeping a cell phone for way too long.”“A number of things went wrong right from the being,” says a U.S. source. “First off, they were too obvious on the ground.”  
But the biggest blunder came when the Mexican police inadvertently called both the subordinate’s phone and the one El Chapo was using to get a final confirmation of their exact whereabouts just hours before the raid was scheduled to unfold. “This was enough to tip off El Chapo that something was amiss,” says the U.S. source. “He fled shortly before the operation was launched.”  
The botched operation ignited a firestorm of recriminations behind the scenes between the Americans and Mexicans with formal protests being lodged by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and his Obama Cabinet colleague, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Mexican and U.S. sources say.“Those guys were shouting at each other,” says a Mexican source. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials stationed at the U.S. embassy in Mexico City met shortly after the failed operation with President Calderón to complain.  
They expressed their frustration at the poor planning and questionable oversight that led to El Chapo’s flight before federal police could nab him at the mansion in the exclusive Punta Ballena district overlooking the Gulf of California. The failure to nab El Chapo has undermined the trust that was being built up between U.S. and Mexican law-enforcement and has seriously undermined capturing Guzmán in the near future, say the sources. “This near miss is just going to make him even more cautious,” says a DEA source. “It turns out that recently he has been less in Durango and Sinaloa, where we assumed he was mainly hiding, and has been moving in a triangle between Tijuana, Baja California and Mexicali. Now he will change everything.” ***end of extract
Personal items found in the Cabo San Lucas home:

Nike shoes size 9
32x30 Levi’s,
Polo shirts-size medium
Eternity men’s cologne

Chapo’s Things to Do list!
Entered into evidence were images of Chapo’s notebooks. Entries such as a reference to “3 tons of weed” purchasing of weapons, and payments to be made.

What is this the OJ trial?

During the testimony of the FBI agent, there was a back and forth between him and Chapo defense attorney Eduardo Balarezo.

Balarezo: Makes note to the FBI agent about shoes found at the Cabo house, that they were not in evidence, thereby Chapo is unable to try them on.

Balarezo: "The jury has no way of knowing. If they don't fit---"

FBI agent: "What is this the OJ trial?"

Balarezo asked the agent about the total lack of evidence of Chapo at the house in Cabo. No fingerprints, no hair samples, no DNA.

FBI agent responded: "Sir, I wasn't in charge of the scene." Says it was responsibility of Mexican police to collect evidence.

The agent says that Mexican authorities were two hours late, “forgot” to cover the back door.  The FBI found footprints leading out the back.

Edgar Iván Galvan is the next cooperative witness to testify

Edgar Ivan Galvan testimony on Monday, just an hour into cross before the court shut down for the day.

He was a Sinaloa cartel enforcer/operative in El Paso and Ciudad Juarez. His testimony covers the Chapo-Juarez Cartel conflict. He worked under the direction of Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo.

Galvan, currently serving 24 years, after pleading guilty to cocaine and weapons conspiracy charges. He grew up in Juarez.

Top image is Jaguar--bottom is his cache of weapons in Juarez

He testified that it was Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo “Jaguar” who recruited him to work with the Sinaloa Cartel,  and that Chapo appointed Jaguar as Jefe de plaza of Juarez.

Stating further that Chapo needed someone strong to protect the plaza and eliminate La Linea in effort to take over Juarez

Galvan told the jury that he supplied the Sinaloa cartel with weapons during that time, including a .50 caliber rifle. The guns were stored at safe houses in El Paso.

He said Jaguar once took him to a Juarez murder house. The setup he describes appears to be what is discovered in those places, tile floors, with at least one drain.

“In that house, no noise is heard, if someone were to scream. That is where Jaguar sent people to be killed."

The witness insists he was merely a messenger—that he never ordered anyone killed.

Galvan says there was peace talks but they fell apart when Jaguar became incensed at the Linea Leader.

This cooperative witness is low level, and who I am unfamiliar with.  Seems like a huge waste of time.  

Below indictment of Jaguar, Chapo, Mayo and others [El Paso]

The indictment details the cell structure of the Sinaloa Cartel in Chihuahua and names their top lieutenants and several of their alleged assassins.

El Jaguar coordinated cocaine and marijuana shipments through Juarez to the U.S., according to the indictment. In September 2009, he ordered a team to kidnap someone in Horizon City, Texas, who had lost a 670-pound load of marijuana to law enforcement in Sierra Blanca. The person was taken to Juarez, tortured and killed. His mutilated body was found later in Juarez.

In May 2010, Jaguar had a groom kidnapped from his wedding in Juarez along with his brother and uncle, according to the indictment. The three were tortured and killed. Police found their bodies days later in the bed of a pickup in Juarez. A fourth person was killed in the kidnapping.


  1. After the death of el M1 el Ondeado there was a banner stating that he was betrayed by El Mayo. El Macho Prieto was also betrayed. there was also an article years ago about a letter which stated who would betray who in the CDS organization.

    1. El Ondeado era el mas cabron de todos. Mario Aguirre tambien ers cabron.

    2. Nacho Coronel was betrayed too

    3. I remember that and I feel it could be true cds does that to get rid of some heat

    4. That thing was right!

    5. I remember that article it said that damaso was going to be the new head of cds.

    6. I always wondered were that letter came from I wonder if that letter is here on BB any were

    7. In the mafia there is no betrayal only survival. La mafia no perdona

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    9. That's the sad truth. M1 was totally betrayed by Mayo, the million dollar question is why?!!

    10. M1 letter accused mayo of not sending Manuel reinforcements to help him against the military. Mayos the boss it's not his job to send reinforcements, that was Manuel's job he knew what he signed up for. As for MP he was going against the grain killing people without permission, plus he stopped showing up to the meetings when bosses called for him. So they had the military try to whack him. I say try because they failed in their attempt. Anyone in the game that knows that particular line will tell you hes not dead.

  2. Wonder if that prosti was la gaviota or any other televisa "actress". Any way the u.s goverment has to be the most hipócrita of them all, not bashing but damm. Am pretty sure alot of federal agents are paid with chapos money yet they try to bite the hand.

    1. I wonder if they’ll let Chapo talk about all the u.s. agents he had on his payroll?

    2. How else would he have become so powerful. Bribery on all sides.

      Nevertheless, don't expect a presidential clemency like Oliver North and all those ect.
      Its never been a perfect world.

    3. I can guarantee that Chapo will not take the stand. If he did, he would get nailed by the prosecutors. They would literally ask him questions for a week on the stand. His chances of a positive outcome would decrease dramatically.


  3. Look at what's going on nobody likes him nobody respects him

  4. The US government had put in trust, with the federal Mexico police, that Capo is in Cabo, and nevertheless, they tipped off Chapo, thereby he got away, bet you that night he could not sleep at all.

    Luna Apaghta

  5. I have this thought that chapos son Ivan is the main confidential informant who kept trying to get his dad captured so he can take the reigns after all he arranged the meeting with Sean and Kate

    1. From what I hear Alf is way more business savvy than ivan

    2. I can see that if there was some behind the scenes Ovidio favoritism. Not sure.

  6. Thank you BB, please keep it coming!

  7. Yea and you're comment is useless. Man all these pointless comments with one sentence... At least learn how to elaborate. Why is he a joke? Why is he a legend in the world of narco trafficking? How have his methods shaped the way law enforcement goes after these criminals. The real joke is how we all can try and insult or bash these ppl from a far. And now I'm no better for going on about this pointless comment, when I should reference the lack of comparison between this trial and the o.j. trial which was a cultural phenomenon at the time

  8. This reminds me of the corrido La llamada de Vicente

  9. Vz- My compadre this and that, his not my enemy.
    Chapos lawyer-your testifying against Chapo, your his Enemy.. classic
    Cds are all hype and mencho knows it

  10. A compadre is the godfather of your child right?

    The FBI agent sounded annoyed 🤭 it’s a damn shame that we can’t watch this on tv. Can you imagine??

  11. How will this affect the relationship between chapos kids and the Zambadas? This can potentially lead to the break up and loss of power of the Cartel?

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    1. Youre taking things for face value. El chapo is doing life with or w/o VZ testifying. If he can save a friend on his way out why not? Wouldn’t you? It’ll earn respect for Him & his family to have kept it business.

    2. Thanks that made me bust out laughing

  13. Emma needs to pay her millions in back taxes and a 10 years in a cement box!

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  16. A joke that was way higher than you on the drug food chain.

  17. el quitapuercos is the one who is testifying he is the one who started la limpia in ciudad Juarez la linea worse nightmare. Crazy I thought he died in a shootout with the marines.

  18. Very interesting trial. It lets me know that anyone that is involved in drug trafficking no matter how big has 2 choices: Work for the Government or go to jail for a long time . There is NO WAY!!! that any Cartel should be able to move any drugs after all the testimony in this trial. The government knows all Avenues of production and distribution of narcotics coming from South America not only into the United States, but all Nations of the World. Its a damn shame. And can someone tell me how El Mayo's son talks to his father on a phone and nobody knows where his father is?... It's BIG.

    1. He's always been free despite everyone around falling at some point. Despite what anyone says you have to be pretty damn powerful and have a lot of people in your pocket for that to happen.

  19. El chapo got cought for meeting with penn and that whore. In other words for being a stupid motherfucker. El gato got 75 yrs and he was busted for some keys imagine the sentence chapo going to get. El mayo is free because hes smarter than chapo

  20. I don't know who should feel more insulted OJ or chapo . Oj is a minor criminal compared to chapo . That's like comparing a child with a magnifying glass burning a ant to Jeffery Dolmer .

  21. 6:37 I think the bribe sometimes can only go so far.Can't cover every scenario without someone incriminating oneself.If they get the order to go after Chapo they have to then.You are too used to solving ALL problems with $$$!

  22. Facinating glimpses of the shadowy narco world and Mexico vs USA law enforcement.
    Thanks ...KIC!

  23. This trial is a joke

  24. Chapo don't look like a size 9, that short shit is Polly more like 7.5 or 8

    1. you are correct it came out yesterday he wears size 7. in a conversation transcript

  25. This trial about
    Eh kids
    You see no loyalty
    In the game.
    Chapo a public service announcement

    They preach brotherhood,
    But they are nothing but conniving
    Filth on society
    Make millions
    But yet
    Not satisfied
    Only care for themselves
    No investment portfolio
    They cant spend it
    Loyalty only in the fbi.
    Honestly when is enough
    How much do you need?
    Why not depart
    This system before u end up
    Crazy in Colorado supa supa max
    Longer chapo in NY
    Its freedom
    Colorado far far away

    Be lonely with boredom
    Him start talkin to self
    Chapo will take life
    Before he depart
    To the otherside
    No sense
    Live without words
    24 hour lock up
    No speak
    That place drive man crazy.
    He must wish he took off
    Salt spring isle
    Quiet life
    Of eh monk

  26. Im curious
    Not all drugs imported
    So Mexico
    Must have serious
    Drug problem?
    So cheap N pure
    Monthly death from fentanyl
    So high
    Fuckers seek it out
    For the high
    Most never come back
    Never understood
    Why why why
    Include fentanyl
    When u doin so well
    With product
    Its in everthing
    Why u tapping
    These products

  27. Yup, with Sean Penn playing the loveable house guest Kato kaelin and judge Ito playing himself as both an inept American AND Mexican judge.

  28. El Chapo was very upset that his beloved Alabama Crimson Tide were beaten badly by Clemson in the National Championship.

    1. As an Auburn fan i greatly appreciate the humor haha

  29. No news of the Chapitos. Are they dead ? Are they hiding ? Chapo's family have suddenly gone silent. (Please don't post bullshit comments from Sicario 006)

    1. No news is good news ese, viva la onda. Me entiendes mendez.
      El American Me

  30. Javier Torres is back in Mexico in jail of course he’s don’t his time here in US

  31. NONE of those guys are scheduled to testify. El Min is almost out anyway, and Mochomo refused to cooperate with the USA. Hence why he got a life sentence.

  32. Its funny how the government is trying to say chapo was at that safe house and those were his clothes and shoes. But dont provide the shoes when requested by chapos defense. I bet those shoes wont even fit chapo. This whole trial is a joke and how could thry even bring that up in trial without providing the actual evidence. Its like in the oj trial they never provided the famous gloves thst didnt fit oj hands and helped his defense. If the glove dony fit then aquit. But in chapos case it should be "if the shoe dont fit then aquit" lol



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