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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

El Chapo Trial: Sanchez meets Chapo--Months later her estranged husband is gunned down

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Former mistress of Chapo, Lucero Guzman took the stand today to continue her testimony as a cooperative witness.

Sanchez, reportedly the mother of Chapo’s youngest child, was once a congressional ‘deputy’ representing the city of Cosalá, Sinaloa.

Although Sanchez was barely in her twenties when meeting Chapo, She was already married and a mother of a son.

Sanchez met Chapo at a party after the  separation from her husband.

After she and Chapo became involved, her estranged husband, Rubén Chávez Chaidez, who was 27 years old, was murdered.

Chávez Chaidez was executed by a commando of hitmen using AK47s as he exited his home.

'La Diputada’

During the trial it is her testimony that Sanchez felt conflicted about Chapo---both in love, yet fearful.  She explains how she began “breaking away” from the capo by going into politics.

The reality is that she decided to become the president of the small town of Cosala with a population of 6550, a city  president in Mexico is much like a mayor.

Without a drop of political experience, a platform, education,  Sanchez attempted to register as a candidate.  She was rebuffed as officials pointed out to her she did not meet the 25 or older requirement.   

It was the age requirement to run as "presidente", that directed Sanchez towards the office of deputy/congresswoman.  She then needed a political party.  PRI was a no, as the woman congresswoman [incumbent] was PRI.  She turned to PAN.  It was not difficult getting their support. As the town was insignificant to the party,  there was no vetting.  And not much campaigning..

Residents even today admit to two things, that to them Sanchez “was a stranger”, and that organized crime  controls and affects citizens. 

Within the four walls of privacy, they began to talk among themselves.  In Cosalá, the subject Sanchez and “Chapo" began playing out. 

In Mexico it is much too risky to speak of such things in public. If one dares to speak in public—he is asked to “callate la boca.”

And so it went as people tried to figured out who and what Sanchez was.

"Beware, that woman smells of danger, do not go near her, I know what I'm telling you," warned a politician in Northwest when asked how Sanchez came to be a candidate.

The truth is Sanchez never even lived in Cosala.  Her mother did.  Residents never saw her before or after her political tenure.

Ask any resident what they most remember of her and they will tell you, “When in October 2015 the Marina came for Chapo”-nearly capturing him while chasing him through the mountains."

Terrified the residents abandoned their homes and fled to the wilderness of the Sierras.  With little food and no shelter, entire families fled, as Marina bullets  penetrated their homes.

As for the election.  Sanchez’ opponent was previously undefeated, yet this woman, a complete stranger managed to capture over 4000 votes, a historical record.  In a town of 6550.

Sanchez may say she pulled away from Chapo, but she became pregnant with his child, falsified documents and identifications to visit him in prison, and continued to engage in criminality in collusion with him. 

She became ensnarled in a criminal mess.  She was investigated by PGR. In stead of keeping quiet, she was very vocal, brushed it off as vile lies, attacking journalists as well when they attempted to investigate. 

Then she took to the floor of congress to resign in high drama.  Adamantly declaring her innocence.  

And now—the veil has dropped when she took the stand, confessed to her crimes and malfeasance, while still going for the role of an innocent. 

About that PGR investigation: congress voted to give her immunity, by over 400 votes, with only 37 abstaining.

Had she not attempted to cross into the U.S. she would still be living a good life in Mexico—free of prosecution.

Somethings never, ever, change.

Dámaso López Núñez, alias “Licenciado", has just taken the stand


  1. She was more than likely scared for her life..that’s why she wanted to go to USA

  2. Damaso is a traitor. The blood of my brother in arms "El Bravo" rest in your hands. You will always have to look back because New People and Los Talibanes will find you.

    El Six

    1. Your one dilusional clown,keep day dreaming though😁😂

    2. Your still standing on thin ice don’t make any threats to any body or anything or I’m still going to report it to the fbi chivis please post my comment for the clown can see my warning ⚠️

    3. Ese vato es el H6 de Denver co, es un vato peligroso....I just barely figured it out

    4. 6:38 el 6 is a nobody, never posts any real info or names. He posts fantasies from corridos. Deelucky, Parrandero, Chapodamaso, Chema, those guys are the real deal around here.

  3. She was a snake.. With fake votes. No one knew her in the city, she represented. A lying snake, that now wants her sentence reduced if he testifies of Champ.

    El Perin de Tampa.

    1. Que significa Perin... if I may ask lol

    2. Yo pienso que es Perrin como perro pero mas mejor.
      Puro durangero pariente ajua

    3. Goes to show that anyone with little education nor political knowledge can be elected with corrupt backing in Mexico.
      Mexico's political landscape has become a death sentence for most honorable candidates. Leaving only candidates with vested interests groups to continue their reign of illegal activities.


  4. Seee how fucken wicked women are. She had her own baby daddy killed.

    1. Some women yes, but men can be wicked too.

    2. Women in power can be worse than men. They become the opposite of life bearers and tend to be cruel. This ugly Puta only cared about $ and now all she cares about is not having to wrot In prison.


  5. Did this lady speak about "their" son on text messages or at court?

  6. She possibly had one BD killed and is testifying against another but it has NOTHING to do with her gender knucklehead..

  7. Pero ay andaba de caliente la gordis

  8. Her husband Ruben was El X1 he was the plaza boss for El chapo in cosala.they killed him for being a traitor letting Beltranes and Carrillos grow stuff in the mountains he controlled.

  9. The minute they told me she was dating Chapo i would have got into the wind. Man, you can have this bitch!

  10. Doesn’t anybody else see the facts Cosalá is the location supposedly where the Guzmán-DelCastillo/Penn interview happened. Obviously 🙄 the Sinaloa Cartel at the time headed by Guzmán-Zambada basically controls every aspect of human life in that area sadly but true the Government itself has been penetrated by the criminal element at all levels including the common day to day Municipal Governent to the Federal Government AMLO should do a full cleaning at all levels with a liaison from the United Nations 🇺🇳 or a third party well respected non Governmental agency or foundation to monitor the sweep and new voting 🗳 but that to me is sadly a pipe dream as I constantly see more of the youth and my friends die daily from OD’s or living that “FA$T LIFE”! I love the Mexican culture and people deeply. The mother of my son is 100% Mexicana! I grew up around the La Raza in California! From San Francisco to San Diego we’ve been always tapped in. Now we’re just tapped into doing better then flooding the streets with the death that made some of US on both sides WEALTHY for generations. Very few truly were able to get out that LIFE! I am one of my the few!! My jefe or OG/Mentor did 28 years in Prison and was eventually granted Clemency by then President Barack Obama!!! We’re now giving back instead of easily taking from our respective communities but until the Criminal Element of 🇲🇽 Mexico doesn’t come to the same conclusion as we have and decides to change their modus operandi then will have the same insane cycle of violence as we have witnessed in the past decades before US! HUMANITY needs to want to change to for the better! We need transparent and truthful leaders, do WE the United States 🇺🇸 & Mexico 🇲🇽 have that now with Trump or AMLO?! It starts with a stand and I see that as coming from the People. The public needs to take a stand from Chicago to Culiacán. WE must sometimes take the tougher route. What that route is will never be perfectly be planned out. That journey to come for BOTH Sides of the Border will be a ugly battle of The Greater Good vs Evil in all ways of Life! WE Must Change for our children and our children’s children. You may be Mexicano or like myself not at ALL. I am a bi racism ex hustler from the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area to the West Texas border town where I first handily watched the battle of a plaza happen feet away from 🇺🇸 soil. A battle of Greed and Power that has cost and will cost us continuously more lives if we don’t make this stand against addiction, the way we teach the youth what is cool from the glorification of Rappers or Narcos from California to Chiapas we must used the truly reformed to their full potential to get through to our youth at the true 👁 to 👁 level where they can see that this life that is glorified in a Rap or Corridos is not the way to a better life but only a way to a cage and or a graveyard! What will you do to make a change for the Better?! At the end of the day no matter our racial heritage we ALL bleed the same! Rojo or Red!!! I know LIFE isn’t easy and there’s days when I want to self medicate but I know that at the end of the day that those pesos or dollars 💵 would be going to fuel this drug war on both sides of the border. Cut off the profits and the industry will have to change it adapt. Rid it from corruption then you and I can life a truly beautiful life “Buena Vida” my people! I urge you to live a better life everyday and to be yourself and not be a follower but. Leader for Good! Paz or ✌🏼 PEACE ☮️ THANK YOU BB for giving to people the REAL! From Buggs to Chivis and Yaqui to every contributor to every truthful journalist professional or amateur that is fighting for truth & transparency in this state of WAR; we call LIFE!!!

    1. Keep dreaming, that will never happen.

    2. I can dream MLK, JFK and Javier Valdez gave their LIFE for their Dreams! WE must turn our Dreams into a reality then just giving up so easily!! Thats whats wrong with these Younger Generations; most are bunch of quitters who lack loyalty and common sense!!!

    3. Deep input.
      This change u speak of will not be acceptable to many. Since all sides of the border have vested interests in criminal activity. Moreover, with drug sales. Feeding economies globally. From big banks of wall street to the corner neighborhood store. The judiciary system relies on convictions to employ all employment sectors in America. Enriching those pockets of corporate sectors instead of alternative cost effective solutions with treatment to addiction.
      60 minutes, frontline and news outlets have reported the financial burden to tax payers. Along with pharmaceuticals hiking rates for prescription drugs.
      Nevertheless, I do agree with the erosion of strong moral values in society. An issue strongly opposed by lobbyists for freedom of speech from what we watch on TV or listen on the radio.
      Unfortunately, an age of freedom has compromised many aspects of living. Privacy rights / advocates have been locked in legal disputes for decades.
      Often resulting with a favorable outcome for those with money.

      This man made epidemic is clearly visible for many to continue to consume rather than say no.
      Mankind is destructive in nature and living.


  11. confessed to her crimes and malfeasance, while still going for the role of an innocent. Typical female behaviour.

  12. Todo por andar de caliente.
    Que pendeja.


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