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Monday, January 28, 2019

El Chapo Trial: Defense on deck to begin calling their witnesses, as gov ready to wrap up

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Memin finishes cross and at least one more agent called by the government.  Then defense calls their first witness maybe tomorrow...

The government has been working diligently to avoid any impeachment of cooperative witnesses by defense.

There is one potential witness that is incarcerated in U.S. prison. Hmmmm, could it be Alfredo El Mochomo Beltran Leyva?  His former cellie and good friend, who I will call “J”, told me that Mochomo does not believe that Chapo sold him out and caused his arrest.  If Mochomo were to testify, it would seem appropriate to this circus of a trial.  Defense attorney Balarezo was Mochomo’s attorney.  Stranger things have happened, I just don’t know what he would testify to that would help Chapo.

Speaking of Mochomo, I asked about him and “J” says “Fredo is going great.” I need to get clarification if he meant in general or in appeals court.  For you haters and doubters, I verified with the defense that “J” was who he said he is.

The defense also has a handwriting witness they plan to call.  Problem is, we have heard for years that Chapo is a low level literate who famously had other write his letters.  In fact his texts were so bad in grammar and spelling that U.S. agents could easily identify his texts base on the poor syntax.

Speaking of "A circus"

Adding to the circus today; Alejandro_Edda, who plays Chapo on Narcos is in attendance today in the courtroom.  He shook hands with Balarezo.  Keegan is reporting Balarezo said he thinks  Clooney should play him in a movie, Pupura went with Pacino.  Trust me, Balarezo is totally joking.

Apparently when Chapo was told the actor was in the courtroom he had a grin from ear to ear.  Edda apparently borrowed binoculars and studied Chapo intently.  That in of itself it weird.  And should the distraction even be allowed?

Chapo smiles at the actor.

Edda didn’t know what to make of it, and claims he became nervous. [of what?] "Is that a good thing?"  "I feel like I'm inside a movie," he said.

The Cifuentes Villa brothers are targets

Jorge testified before Alex.  He was a confusing witness all over the place with his testimony.

There are several points of contention that demonstrate both brothers being sketchy with the truth.

The defense wants to call at least one agent to the stand to support the fact that the testimony given to them in interviews of the brothers was plagues by inconsistencies.

The U.S. attorneys are not having any of that line of questioning and moved to preclude the questioning of agents with respect to this matter.

Another line of questioning is the fact that Alex Cifuentes telling agents, is the fact he said Chapo was in debt to the tune of 20M dollars, in a six year span.

Damaso Lopez Nunez

When on cross the defense tried to go all in during the cross regarding the murder of Javier Valdez journalist and one of the founders of the highly respected RioDoce.

Damaso denied he or his son had anything to do with the murder, and he put the blame on Chapos sons. 

When the questioning line began the government objected.  Lead defense attorney Eduardo, insisted he had information that is evidence that the murder was conducted by members of Damaso’s cell.  One said his payment was a silver handgun with Mini and El Lic engraved on the weapon. He showed the weapon to multiple persons including his cousin. His cousin is one of the protected witnesses for Mexico, he was not involved in the murder. 

Both killers directly involved were arrested and have recently exhausted their amparos applications
which all were denied.  The trial will be upcoming.

It has been reported by U.S. press,  that AMLO [president of Mexico] says he will he further investigate the murder.  How that happens is a huge mystery.  The case is ready for trial.  He is saying PGR and Marina did an inefficient investigation?  Since when does a president override a case ready for trial?  I could not find anything last week in the Mexican press about his interjecting himself into the case.  But who knows?

After the objection, Judge Cogan misspoke when he declared Damaso said that Chapo told him that his sons ordered the murder, which would have been impossible for Chapo to tell Damaso, as he was already incarcerated in the U.S. and under strict SAMs security measures.

Damaso was not a great witness.  Had the defense been able to question him deeply on the Javier Valdez murder, that may have impeached him.  And there is evidence.  But that window of opportunity was slammed shut by the court.

DEA Corruption and CW1

There is a motion to block any questioning about DEA corruption.

Also,  the prosecution is requesting that the Court bar examination of CWl's lies to his family members and criminal co-conspirators, regarding his girlfriend’s abortion, the bribe paid to a DEA agent by CW1, and his brother Francisco  and CWl's belief that Francisco cooperated with the CIA which led to his brothers murder.  Read more in document below

The big question---Will El Chapo take the stand and testify on his behalf.  I say he should, regret is a horrible thing to live with the remainder of ones life while sitting in solitary.  


  1. What would make a jailed defense witness more credible than a jailed CW? They’re all narcos. There still won’t be “evidence” now I see everyone wants evidence (not just here but people following the trial in general). However every time there’s a mention of a President nobody needs it 😂 VZN testified that Fox didn’t help Chapo yet most people still riding that narrative. Even going as far as insulting Fox on twitter and YouTube asking him for explanations and to refund the $$ lol or saying how Fox EPN & Calderon should be the ones on trial lmao they don’t understand that Americans don’t give a fuck about what a Mexican president does to the Mexican people. If presidents steal from you, Americans don’t care. If they want these presidents extradited they should find drug collusion evidence. Otherwise they will be just fine 😐✋🏻

    This trial made me realize once more that people will believe whatever they wanna believe. 🤔🤭

    Dámaso sounded believable to me, I just don’t see why the murder of Javier would be relevant to the fate of Chapo.

  2. Motion to block any questioning about DEA corruption, say what. I thought nicolas maduro was in venezuela. Los gringos nunca la queman, la mayoría son macisos.

    1. 6:37 . Bet it wouldn't be blocked if there was solid evidence . One or 2 he said she said type deals means nothing . Besides that would be a different trial . Sue !! This he said she said stuff with Chapo goes with a mountain of evidence . You cant go around corners in a trial and expand on every little piece that may or may not happened . A corrupt DEA agent ? Don't we wish there were only a couple of corrupt cops out there ? We cant compare this case with other people and say he was worse or less . The comparisons can only be compared to "Land Mark Cases" . This case has to be decided on Chapo . Not on Mochomo or La Barbie . If they all got what they deserved , I doubt any of them would be breathing right now .

  3. @ chivis how much is left until the trial is over with.

    1. Chapo Guzman is very smart this trial went very well for him they did not make him forfeit his millions of dollars and billions in property or tons of cocaine he has hidden. He gets to be safe in a us prison were he will be well fed while he gets to see his daughters grow up and live the lavish life in the United States and they will keep most of all his money mansions and expensive agricultural land he gave them he has numerous established business here in the us Mexico and South America houses for sale and rent everywhere from Texas to Peru hundreds of millions invested in airplanes semi trucks heavy construction machinery he has mines everywhere silver metal u name it also his older daughters have business established in Europe so they are set for life.. his daughters will always know he was a badass capo that worked hard for them. Haters will hate .....

    2. 11:58, damn you riding Chapo’s stick harder than Emma! Ay wey!

  4. So he's cool with Chapo's lawyers? How does this exactly benefit the defendant--if that was the idea?

    Was the "totally joking" sarcasm? B/c I am totally sure Balarezo would LOVE to be featured in a movie or series. lol

    I actually do have hope on Litchmann he seems to be the most "aggressive" one. He might help Chapo avoid life sentence. Maybe. Everything is possible on this show.

    1. Sorry due to unforeseen events Chapo created in the past, and overwhelming evidence. He will be serving many year in the American prison system.

    2. I don't think he will avoid jail, but think about it 30 years is a life sentence at his age. What if his lawyers can get him 15-20 years? He'll still be old ass hell when he gets out.

    3. But Chapo is just a pheasant, he grows 🌽 corn, and sells it on a street corner, he would not hurt a fly. Por favor frre him..Chapo lives matter.

    4. 11:21 Hahaha. Yup pobrecito

    5. Pheasants eat corn that's fallen on the ground then fly away. Peasants are poor people making barely enough money to get by. I'm not trying poke fun at you. Just giving clarification. But I agree with you. Chapo said he is just a peasant illiterate farmer.

  5. Chapo is going down.

  6. It ends with reality

  7. El los ta lama cetos! El Chaaaaaaapppooooooooooooooo!

  8. El chapo no quema a ningun gringo y sale libre en 15 años. Esto es puro circo.
    El chubidoo

  9. poor chapo will never touch a girl again

  10. Chapo forever on jail thanks to Peña Nieto

  11. The defense's lame strategy has been to divert blame and focus attention elsewhere. They have nothing beyond "but these drugs that I bought, managed, and sold aren't my drugs they're actually El Mayo's drugs" and "nyah, nyah, nyah, I know you are but what am I?"

    The purpose of a court trial is to determine guilty or not guilty of the charges. Let's see what the defense comes up with to justify a not guilty verdict.

    Slightly less of a joke than the court system in Mexico. In Mexico, they pride themselves on being so "humanitarian" because they don't have a death penalty. That's because they prefer to make people suffer and get as much money out of them as possible. Would you rather get life in a Mexican prison or death? How about an American prison?

  12. Free Chapo he is just a pheasant.CLM Chapo Lives Matter

  13. He grinned when told the actor portraying him would be in attendance. Once again chapos weakness "vanity" makes an appearance. Hope it was worth shaking that junkie penns hand and possibly sleeping with that flea bag del castillo. Por eso rifa el Mes de las Madres.


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