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Friday, December 14, 2018

USCG Brings in Lots of Weed and Traffickers

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: USCG 

Photo by: Petty Officer 1st Class Patrick Kelley , U.S. Coast Guard District 11 PADET, San Diego

Fireman Patrick Saragoza ties off a fender aboard a Coast Guard Station San Diego 45-foot Response Boat-Medium during a joint patrol with the Coast Guard Cutter Forrest Rednour off the coast of Southern California Nov. 27, 2018. The crew of the Rednour made the ship's first drug bust during the patrol.

San Pedro, Calif: The crew of a San Pedro-based Coast Guard cutter returned to their homeport Saturday following a two-week patrol that included the ship’s first drug bust.

The crew of the recently commissioned Coast Guard Cutter Forrest Rednour interdicted approximately 1,000 pounds of marijuana from a suspected smuggling vessel on Nov. 28 in international waters, approximately 30 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico maritime border.

A Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations Multi Enforcement Aircraft spotted a northbound 25-foot cuddy cabin boat with three people aboard just before midnight, Nov. 27. The Forrest Rednour crew arrived on scene, deployed their interceptor boat and stopped the suspect boat. 

The Coast Guard Cutter Forrest Rednour patrols off the coast of Southern California Nov. 27, 2018. The crew of the Rednour made the ship's first drug bust during the patrol. (Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Patrick Kelley/released)

The ship’s law enforcement team initiated a boarding of the U.S. registered boat and discovered more than 40 bales of marijuana. The Forrest Rednour crew transferred the marijuana and suspects to Customs and Border Protection agents at Ballast Point.

“These cutters are designed to seamlessly integrate with multiple agency partners to successfully execute an array of missions, so it was great to see it play out flawlessly so early in the ship’s time in service,” said Lt. Graham Sherman, the commanding officer of the Forrest Rednour. “All members of the Regional Coordinating Mechanism worked well together, and it led to a successful outcome.”

The Regional Coordinating Mechanism (ReCoM) is an evolution of joint operations among interagency partners. Located in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the ReCoM partnership includes the U.S. Coast Guard, CBP’s Air and Marine Operations, Office of Field Operations, U.S. Border Patrol and ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations in cooperation with state and local law enforcement partners operating along the California coast.

The Forrest Rednour was commissioned in San Pedro Nov. 8, and it is one of two new Fast Response Cutters to be homeported in San Pedro. Two additional FRCs are scheduled to be homeported in San Pedro by summer 2019.

FRC’s are 154-foot multi-mission ships designed to conduct: drug and migrant interdictions; ports, waterways and coastal security operations; fisheries and environmental protection patrols; national defense missions; and search and rescue.


  1. Cartels like M-13 and drug lords like “El Chapo” Guzman are the direct product of the failed “War on Drugs”. Just more fruit of the poisoned tree called cannabis prohibition!

    Alcohol prohibition in the US was responsible for an increase in alcohol consumption and a massive expansion of organized crime in our nation. In the wake of alcohol prohibition, murder, mayhem, lawlessness and destruction. Once the damage was done we were smart enough to repeal the idiocy of alcohol prohibition. Our government was stupid enough however to go forward and repeat the exact same mistake regarding other vices like cannabis, further strengthening the crime lords we were trying to rid ourselves of.

    The "War on Drugs" that was launched in the US is still being forced on other nations and has been a complete global disaster. Shooting ourselves in the foot wasn't bad enough, we then held a fiscal gun on other nations like Costa Rica, Colombia, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica etc. and forced them to repeat the exact same mistake. This total debacle has resulted in the creation of huge powerful global crime cartels and a crime wave of epic proportions destroying the lives of people it was supposed to protect.

    Time to end the failed war on cannabis and legalize nationwide!

    1. I fear we will never see a end to the war on drugs. Your words are common sense. Most people understands that the war has failed. However a powerful few that totally controls the USA gov't has been and are continuing to make billions off this waste of taxpayers dollars. As long as money is paid by the way of campaign contributions to those that make the rules, rules will only be made that benefit the few with money.

    2. They should turn back and sell the weedin colorado etc

    3. Which cartel is the M-13??? care to elaborate on that one Ben lmao

    4. I agree. However I think the govt policymakers are starting to change their minds with cannabis. More states are starting to realize the enormous revenue legal states are achieving and following suit. They will ignore the smell of weed if it smells like money

    5. Cartels will find other means of $ to fill whatavwh gape the loss in Marijuana legalization brings. Very short sited to believe otherwise

  2. Ohh yeah this will have a real impact ... NOT!

    After 30 years of WoD we got more, cheaper and stronger drugs than ever in our streets, schools, parks and homes.

  3. We have more child abuse, child mass murderers, and 5 year olds stoned on cristal showing up at school. Of course legalization will make all that go away. We need a whole different tack with regards to drugs. Starting with draconian sentences for parents who poison their children. Like mandatory blood testing for people who addict themselves to addictive drugs then demand free health care and no sentencing when they maim or kill the innocent. Field trips for children to hospital ER services to witness for themselves what an addict does when withdrawing. When children stop borrowing their father's unsecured firearm and then slaughtering classmates is when the argument for decriminalization will have the slightest impact on me. The pandemic of stoned 12-17 year olds showing up for school is a disgrace.

    1. If Heroin is legalized tomorrow, would you shoot up?... didn't think so...

  4. Oh my how weird. I am Canadian and I can buy weed online through the mail now. Legalize. What a waste of resources go after those sending in crystal/ice the worst problem in society these days

  5. It was Charles Bowden, the great writer, RIP, who first noted: "The war on drugs is over. The drugs won."

    1. That Man, Bowden is/ was right and a fabulous writer.
      BTW, I agree, of course about the W on D, but just an aside, probably these Coast Guard busts have no idea WHAT they will find when they board a vessel, could have been a ton of coke. At least they got the traffickers who risked their lives for what? A jail sentence.......should discourage a few; Ojalá

  6. I say this with respect, but the firearms aren’t borrowed, they’re stolen. Borrowing them would mean the parent willfully gave them to their child. To my knowledge, not one parent has loaned firearms for mass murder. Adam Lanza is an example of secured weapons of his mother that he stole to commit mass murder.

    Decriminalization of drugs should have an impact on you because it shouldn’t be a crime for a body to have a chemical dependency on a substance, regardless if it’s controlled or not. 09:13 up top couldn’t be more right, but 11:46 is right as well. Progress is progress and we should seek it at any level we can attain it, no matter how small or big, it all contributes to where we ultimately want to be.

  7. Can't have that Mexican weed competing with our national smoke and be untaxed.


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