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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Tijuana, BC: More than 100 Murders in 17 Days

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: AFN TJ

TIJUANA BC DECEMBER 17, 2018 (AFN) .- In the 17 days that the month of December has been, a total of 132 homicides have been registered in the municipality of Tijuana, according to data obtained from the Attorney General's Office of the State (PGJE ) in Baja California; 2 thousand 417 in total in the year, until today.

The most recent case was reported today, about the channeling of the Tijuana River, in the eastern part of the city, where a human head and a decapitated body were located; the deceased today has not been identified.

Yesterday night, on Benito Juárez Street (Second Street) and Madero Street, in the Center, a dead man  was found with wounds caused by bullets; Among the most famous cases during the past week, was the finding of two bodies of women inside plastic bags in a neighborhood road, passing the Pantheon of Olives, ie near the cemetery.
Decapitated Body in the Tijuana River Canal:

This morning a human head was found, and minutes later the rest of the corpse, of a man lying in the Tijuana River channel, at the height of the Alamar vehicular bridge.

The finding was reported to the police headquarters at 08:20 hours, on the street via Oriente fast track lane, in front of the Guadalupe Victoria neighborhood.

The interior of the canalization, in all its areas and in its two branches from the indicated bridge, has been used as a "dump" of corpses in an increasingly constant manner, since in the last five months, from August 2018 to the date, 15 bodies have been found there, of men and women.

The discovery this morning of the remains of the man not yet identified, caused long vehicular rows to restrict a lane of the fast track.

5 Dead in 4 Hours:

Between the afternoon and evening of this Friday, December 14, in a lapse of four hours and in different parts of the city, five murders were committed, two women and three men, where most of the executions were with gunshots; In one case they killed a driver who was driving and who ended up overturned.

None of the victims has been officially identified, nor is there any knowledge of the detention of the alleged perpetrators.

The first case was in the afternoon at approximately five o'clock, where the body of a man with bullet wounds was found inside an address of the Divina Providencia neighborhood, in the Playas de Tijuana delegation.

At approximately 7:45 p.m., it was learned that on Calle 12 of the Cerro Colorado Colony, Second Section, on the street there was a man with a bullet wound in his face, where Red Cross paramedics reported that he had died ; where the attackers escaped in a black vehicle with tinted windows and in a free taxi.

Another attack was reported minutes after 8:00 pm on a hill in the neighborhood of Ejido Ojo de Agua, where the authorities found a dead woman  with a bullet in her head, who was estimated to have approximately 28 year old.

Minutes later, in the Obrera neighborhood, another woman was found on Calle Donato Guerra, with signs of violence on her head.

In another case of death with violence reported at 20:45, unknown persons attacked the driver of a vehicle with bullets, which ended up overturning on Palma Real Street, in the Palma Real subdivision. The perpetrators, according to witnesses, repeatedly shot the vehicle in motion and then fled the scene in a compact gray car.

* Eleven crimes in 26 hours; zero detainees
* Homicide record from Friday to Saturday

In the violence that has not stopped during the current year, with an average of seven victims a day, this weekend began with the discovery of corpses wrapped in carpets, sheets and canvas and tarps.

According to the case records of the Attorney General's Office of the State (PGJE), from 07:00 hours on Friday at 09:00 hours on Saturday, December 15, there were eleven dead, men and women; while there is no report of people detained on these homicides.

The most recent was this morning around nine o'clock, when residents found a corpse wrapped in a blue tarpaulin on public roads, in the Santiago del Nilo alley of the Colonia Anexa Buena Vista; to whom the responsible party placed a card with a written message. (manta; no photo)

Previously, at 07:30 hours, on the street Colorines de Colonia Jardines de la Mesa was found on public roads the body of a man wrapped in a white sheet, and an hour earlier on the street Xicoténcatl Leyva of the Camino Verde colony, On one hill they found another wrapped in a carpet.

In these eleven violent homicides, where there were two women among the victims, was the balance of the last 26 hours in Tijuana, according to the PGJE; and it was confirmed that the feminicides were all committed by gunfire.

According to the institution's registry, 2,387 violent homicides have been registered in Tijuana; 102 were committed in the first 15 days of December.
Two human arms in a black suitcase:

Two arms were left on public roads in a black suitcase this morning at Las Delicias second section; In addition, in a period of 24 hours from Thursday to Friday, eight people were murdered in different parts of the city, most of them with gunshots.

The most recent case was recorded this morning, minutes after midnight, in the Las Delicias II subdivision, when it was reported that on the Boulevard Azul, found on the sidewalk was a black suitcase in which they were two human arms cut off, along with other remains.

In other homicide reports, from 07:00 hours on Thursday 13 at 07:00 on Friday, December 14, the corpse of a man encaged on a neighborhood road of the Paraíso Azteca colony was reported.

In addition, in the afternoon the body of a man shot dead was found at kilometer 16 of the Tijuana Ensenada highway, under the bridge at Punta Bandera, Playas de Tijuana delegation; and at night they found another executed by shots in the colony Tres de Octubre, another at midnight in a parking lot of the Colony Infonavit Lomas Verdes.

Two Dead Women Found inside Bags:

2 dead women were found inside bags near the Monte de los Olivos pantheon,  to whom they left a "narcomensaje"; along with a severely wounded man , possibly the gunman, who was taken to the General Hospital of Tijuana where he lost his life. The bodies of two women were found on Thursday morning on a dirt road, located on the side of the Rapid West, meters after the Pantheon Mount of Olives.

According to official reports, the finding was made at approximately 09:30, in the direction of El Florido, before connecting to El Refugio Boulevard and the deviation to Insurgentes Boulevard.

Until this noon, the age and identity of the two victims was not disclosed.

The area in which the bodies were located, directs the passers-by to a vehicle junkyard; the authorities transferred the deceased to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo), where the causes of death can be determined.

Police Officer Assaulted:
Three men were detained in possession of firearms, one of them tried to assault with the weapon an officer of the Municipal Police, who injured him with a gunshot.

According to the police report, the events occurred at the intersection of Francisco Zarco and Centenario Canyon streets of the Centenario neighborhood, in the Sanchez Taboada delegation, where the municipal officials marked the stop to the driver of a red Dodge Attitude vehicle.

"One of the crew members of the car descended to try to flee on land, at the time he tried to assault with a firearm one of the officers, who repelled the attack, injured the suspect," it was reported.

This was identified as Juan Angel "N", alias "El Pollo", 21 years old, originally from Guerrero, from whom was confiscated a caliber firearm .45 millimeters.

According to the police report, another said to be called Brayan Alexis "N", aged 19, who was assured a .40 caliber pistol, and 24 wrappings of methamphetamine.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Álvaro Gabriel "N", 21, who said he was a driver of the Uber platform.

The three subjects were turned over to the corresponding authorities to determine responsibilities.


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  2. Cds losing bad they better of going back to Sinaloa

  3. I know that widespread poverty means that the cartels don't usually have problems finding more foot soldiers, but with homicide rates so high I admit that I'm sometimes still surprised that they can recruit more cannon fodder.

    1. Poverty makes one take that risk for many unfortunately.

  4. It's ok Chivis take one day at a time, that ansthesia, take a few days to wear out.
    El Perin de Tamp.

  5. This keeps happening, there will be no tourist in Tijuana. Wonder if the bars on Coahulia still in business?

    1. Ask someone that lives in Tijuana, I sure would not want to walk into a bar, it might be owned by a cartel, and chances of coming out are slim, possibly get robbed and kidnapped.

  6. Rumors are that a lot of the female victims are prostitutes whose handlers are robbing them of the cash these workers earn and then forcing their disappearance. Its a cruel cold heartless world in TJ.

    1. Why should they kill their cash cows??? I would say they got killed by rivals cause they can’t get their hands on the pimps these girls are working for.

    2. Don't expect logical decisions in TJ. Trying to figure out why TJ people make bad (shortsighted) decisions will drive you mad.

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  8. Why is Tijuana so hot right now? Who is in control now?

    1. Jalisco is fighting the sinaloa cartel there

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  11. If this murder was related to drugs and the drug cartel then all of the American people who use drugs, including and not limited to Marijuana took part in the Murder of this Mayors. Furthermore, all murders in Mexico connected to the drug cartel has a direct correlation with the demand of narcotics being consumed in the #USA.

    No wall, no matter how tall it may be narcotics is going to keep flowing into the USA because the demand there.

    Supply will always satisfy the demand.

    1. Not true Bahir, There is a difference between drug dealers and drug traffickers. Most of the murders that we see now in TJ are between local drug dealers vs rival dealers/dealers vs clients/dealers vs cops (the cops are criminals too here), kidnappers vs dealers, extortionist vs dealers etc. TJ has not suffered from the Traffickers vs. Traffickers violence that Drug users in the US are somewhat responsible for.


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