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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Terror Continues it’s Reign in Reynosa

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Vanguardia

Terror continues in Reynosa, Tamaulipas: armed group attacks bar, kills four and leaves 10 wounded

In the club was one dead man , another person in the parking lot, and two other people died in nearby hospitals. Four dead and 10 wounded were the result of an attack that armed men perpetrated in the La Carpa bar in this city. At around 4:30 am, two bursts of detonations were heard from  the armed convoy that arrived aboard a BMW car , with which they then fled at high speed.

There were approximately 250 people still there at dawn, when armed men arrived in a black BMW car and went to the entrance of the site. When they arrived, they opened fire and, according to the witnesses, before the first shots the young people who were there looked for a way to escape, which caused chaos.

According to local media, one man was left without a life, another person was in the parking lot, and two others died in nearby hospitals , one of them being a minor, aged 17. At least 10 bullet wounded patrons were also treated by public and private medical services.

   La Carpa Bar located behind a Pemex gas station where police and military arrived at the scene

In social networks circulates a version of a woman who was present. She  said that "they started to shoot at everything, inside was  dark, there is no way they could have located someone, you could not see anything" . She said there were two bursts of gunfire, while people shouted at the attackers and begged not to be killed. Apparently, according to some reports a few of the patrons attempted to return fire.

"Those of us who were there felt that it was an attack, that they went in to shoot us all," says the version spread by Facebook groups about security in Tamaulipas.

At least one more person has died from wounds in the hospital, family members gather to identify the dead and await news on their wounded loved ones on Sunday morning at the hospital. Total 5 dead.

The area was guarded by personnel of the Attorney General's Office of the state, as well as the Expert Services Unit , although no one has been informed of any detentions.

The national average of Municipal Violence is of 23.40, but Reynosa exceeds it with 33.87 points. I am assuming this is per 100,000 inhabitants.


  1. Video translation is as follows:
    An armed attack was recorded early today at a bar located on Boulevard Hidalgo. Where at least 2 people died. And another 7 were injured. The preliminary report indicates that a man died at the scene where armed men descended from a black sports car. And they fired on those present in the place. A few moments ago, the death of a 17-year-old boy was revealed. Who was also shot in a bar named La Carpa. The death of a third person also transpired. Who was also being treated at the general hospital. It has not yet been confirmed. Informs El Mañana televisión.

    - Sol Prendido

  2. War is expensive. Pay the piso on time! Sad but may God save Mexico.

  3. A message sent via Gunfire.
    Wondering if the owner of the bar or individual target changed positions on partnership?

    1. They whacked a son in law of Metro 28. Per mennytimes

    2. How many daughters does m28 have?
      Didn’t 1 get killed with Beto?

  4. "one man was left, without a life" lololol... Did I just read that??

  5. Late payment fee for the bar...

  6. 0430 in the middle of the week...
    That establishment caters to clientele I would never wish to know...
    Eduardo and I were parked across the street from El Freway, a Disco in Lazaro Cardenas, Mich when three 4 door pickups arrived at 9 at night. My friend did not waste a second starting up his ranger. As he pulled onto el bule he said Habrá un balacero y no deseo estar cerca de él. Sure enough later the place was swarming with cops and a day or so later El Freway was no more. Bad juju el piso

  7. Quota was probably not paid on time?
    Different comadantes beefing ?

    Any word what comadantes own what in Reynosa as far as clubs, stores; money laundering fronts?

  8. Nothing good happens after midnight.

  9. This was a hit on el pelochas or m28 son in law. His daughters husband or boyfriend. Who done it is not known if it was el primitos people or the matamoros people. Bar was open at 5am. Who i their right mind wld be in a bar at 5am in a city like reynosa or nuevo laredo or many others is beyond me

    1. Alas 3 de la mañana empiaza lo weno

    2. Primito is one of his guys most likely the matamoros faction did it..

  10. Will the terror of Reynosa ever end!?

    1. Nope even with the new president, crime will continue. Sorry to inform you, unfortunately, Mexico is topping off, to be the homicide capital of the world. Brazil is no longer 1st place.
      El Perin de Tamp.


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