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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Reynosa Tamps: Military Confrontation May Have Unleashed New Wave of Violence

Yaqui for Borderland Beat  from: Debate

                           Military repels attack of alleged assassins in Reynosa, Tamaulipas
            The balance of the crossfire was a detainee, a gunman shot and a high power arsenal

However today : Clashes in Reynosa unleash panic, a possible reprisal for yesterdays Military action.
A person without life and two students injured was the balance left by the violent day.

Alleged members of the CDN, the Cartel de Noreste, engaged in  a confrontation against elements of the Eighth Military Zone in the municipality of Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, with the balance of a gunman shot , one arrested and an arsenal of high-powered weapons secured in two vehicles that left abandoned when fleeing.

The state delegation of the PGR did not specify the day of the events, but according to residents of the neighboring border municipality could be derived from an intense shooting occurred last Saturday in the rural area of ​​the municipality. ( Don't forget the bloodbath at Bar Carpa, Sat/ Sunday)

The PGR explained in the communiqué that elements of the Ministry of National Defense maintained a confrontation with armed civilians in the vicinity of the town of Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, where a dejected aggressor, who wore a cap with the acronym "CDN" (Cartel from the Northeast) and a gunman was arrested.

According to the investigation file, the detainee was only identified as José Guadalupe "P", for which he was placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry of the Federation.

Vehicle where they found the powerful arsenal: Photo/Reforma

When carrying out the inspection of the events, two vehicles were secured inside which they found 27 loaders of different calibers and cartridges; six .223-inch caliber firearms, six 7.62-by-39-millimeter firearms, and a .50-caliber weapon.

They also secured a .45 caliber firearm, a magazine and nine cartridges of the same caliber, a .308 caliber firearm, a magazine and two cartridges of the same caliber, a 9-millimeter caliber firearm, a magazine and two cartridges of the same caliber. caliber. 

In addition, two pick-up vehicles and 10 plastic bags containing one kilogram 787 grams with 4 milligrams of marijuana were confiscated.

The detainee was placed at the disposal of the Social Representative of the Federation, attached to the Investigation and Litigation Unit who after integrating the corresponding investigation folder, turned the case to the Control Judge.

Yesterday, the PGR obtained from the judge the right to trial and justified detention against the arrested man, attributing to him the crime of collecting firearms, possession of loaders, possession of cartridges, carrying a firearm without a license for exclusive use and against health in the mode of simple possession.

The CDN, ie , Cartel de Noreste has waged a narco-war against the Metros of the Gulf Cartel in struggle to seize the plaza recognized as "The Cradle of Drug Trafficking" because it is a vast desolate area that covers the border of five municipalities: Nueva Guerrero City, Mier, Miguel Alemán, Camargo and Díaz Ordaz.

A day of persecutions and confrontations with bullets in Reynosa carried out  between rival groups of the organized crime and of these against state police left like balance a person without life and two wounded students.

The violent events occurred minutes before 11:00 am today, when social networks and complaints to the C4 reported a checkpoint of armed individuals stripping drivers of their vehicles in the Cumbres neighborhood, threatening them with long weapons.

Elements of the State Police frustrated the dispossession of a van at gunpoint in Colonia Las Cumbres by surprising several individuals with long weapons that threatened drivers to seize their vehicles.

One dead and two injured was the balance left by the violent day in Reynosa. Illustrative photo / File 

Police intervention sparked a series of persecutions and confrontations  that began in Zaragoza Street, in Cumbres, and extended to other neighborhoods such as San José, Los Muros, Valle Alto and Jardines Coloniales, among others.

The situation was complicated due to the fact that the armed individuals threw artifacts known as ponchallantas ( tire punchers ) in order to stop the displacement of the state agents that followed them, as well as preventing the passage to other corporations that came in support.

The uniformed pursued a blue Tahoe unit.

      The shootings in Reynosa provoked panic among the population. Illustrative photo / Reforma

Until 1:30 p.m., there were still reports of persecutions and confrontations in that sector of the city and the population was being asked to take extreme care. 

The Forensic Medical Service went to Libramiento Sur Uno to take the body of a subject shot to death around 12:30 hours.

Almost at the same time, two wounded students entered the General Hospital when they were hit by bullets in their arms when they traveled in a public transport truck after leaving ITACE classes in Las Cumbres.

The bullets were apparently fired by armed individuals who passed at full speed fleeing from State Police patrols for Libramiento Sur Uno, Matamoros-Reynosa-Monterrey route.


  1. great story since tamaulipas doesn't publish anything having to do with organized crime. thanks.
    (for non Spanish speakers a cartridge/ cartucho is an ammunition round and loaders are magazines)

    1. Thank you professor de Tamaulipas. Always get it confused with clips.

  2. Marshall law already in those serious crime areas. Let's see how much money the cartels really loose!
    Probably the best solution till the new president gets a grip on things.

  3. Replies
    1. A charger is a car. In spanish or to be more accurate in mexico a clip is called cargador. Cargador is the spanish word for charger so in this case charger= gun clip

  4. Interesting to see CDN in Reynosa. Is this a recent development?

    Or are the remaining Metros not affiliated with Panilo being assaulted by Escorpiones/Ciclones linking up with CDN in an effort to maintain their lives?

    I suppose it would make sense if the Vieja Escuela Zetas are linked to the Matamoros CDG.

  5. Wearing CDN cap in Reynosa is same as carrying cross in raqqah or mosul

  6. Ok so first off in reynosa violence hasnt stopped at all from the day they killed el toro. Number two the cdn doest come all the way into reynosa they probe whats called la frontera chica which is between nuevo laredo and reynosa. That territory belongs to el primito and his cdg faction. He also is trying to control or in fact controls the metros faction after the arrest of el flaco sierra.The matamoros faction and any leftovers from panilo are fighting los metros and el primito for control of reynosa. The cdn sends their shooters to el primitos turf and always gets their asses kicked back to nuevo laredo. So any shootouts in reynosa are cdg factions vs another faction or cdg vs mexical law enforcement. Never cdn.As far as the comment above of tamaulipas the cdg keeps news from leaking out pretty good but valor por tamaulipas reynosa codigo rojo and a few other places news do get out and you can put together whats going on if you look.

  7. I live on the US side of the Rio Grande River somewhere between Rio Grande City and Roma. I've heard several shootouts this week and plenty of grenade blasts from my home.

  8. Headline should read:"Criminals Get Upset After Goverment Employees Do There Job"

  9. That recent gunring takedown in San Antonio was good for reducing weapons headed to Nuevo Laredo.


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