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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Report: 29 Women Raped and Murdered by the PGR

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Riodoce

Agents of the PGR participated or covered up rape and torture of 29 women: Centro Prodh Report
NOTE: Link to Report at bottom

The Miguel Agustín , Pro Juárez Human Rights Center (Centro Prodh) documented 29 cases in which it detected concealment or direct participation of agents of the Attorney General's Office ie, the PGR in cases of sexual violations and torture against women, which are in total impunity.

"Women with their heads held high; A Report on sexual torture in Mexico and the response of the State ": According to El Universal, the organization presented the Report on Wednesday  in which the report presents an overview of this problem in the country. He indicated that over the past four years they have learned of more than 110 cases of women subjected to criminal proceedings who said they had survived various forms of sexual torture.
For the report they took up the story of 29 women, two of whom are from Sinaloa, who were "deprived of their liberty when accused of having committed crimes" and that generates a high social rejection. Based on his testimonies, he confirmed that sexual torture is perpetrated too frequently by civilian and military security forces.

"Academic bodies and civil society organizations have shown that the recurrence of sexual torture in women is up to four times higher than in men; that occurs especially in cases of women detained and that is likely to be committed by the civilian or military security forces of the different levels of government throughout the country, " the Prodh Center warned.

According to the investigation, in 27 of the crimes the flagrante figures were used to justify the arrest, without a probative support. The women were not immediately placed at the disposal of the authority, "the withholdings  have been held between six and 72 hours."
"In all cases we document concealment or direct participation of agents of the Public Ministry of the PGR, mainly of SEIDO, regarding the acts of arbitrary detention, prolonged and unjustified detention and sexual torture," said the Prodh Center in the report.

He denounced that in no case are there any indications that an immediate investigation was initiated into the crime of torture, even though the authorities were aware of the facts.

In addition, he warned that these crimes remain unpunished, because none of the perpetrators has been held responsible.

In the text of 365 pages it is shown that in 16 of the cases there was rape, 12 of these were violent; while in another 11 the victim was threatened with that act. Two of the women were raped in front of their relatives and those who were pregnant were also threatened with deliberately interrupting the pregnancy.

In 28 of 29 cases, women were sexually abused, touched or forced to strip naked in front of their assailants, and several were photographed or recorded.

Also, there were 10 acts of violence directed to sexualized areas, in one there was genital mutilation, while the other victims the aggressors applied electric shocks in the vulva, vagina or breasts burns, electric shocks in other parts of the body, sensory deprivation or of movement, threats of disappearance and death, "there were mock executions and they were forced to witness the torture or execution of someone else".

"I would like our testimonies to show how the authorities work, since there are many women who have been victims of torture, through which the authorities use accusations and it is important to know," he emphasized. Diana Lizeth Nery Aguilar, who is one of the victims who shared her personal story in the report.



  1. Despite exposure of atrocities committed by officials, abuses of women worldwide remains an issue.
    Unfortunately,this unacceptable behavior towards women has been placed within the mentality of many.
    Its much easier to subject a woman to unspeakable violence especially if it's officially deemed.
    Men are often abused by such but far less likely as women.

    Rights of individuals remains an issue for many. An issue which can be credited to civilization itself.

    1. Abuse of men is far more common than that of women though

    2. far more men are dying world wide or do their lives not matter?

  2. Even though PGR is currupted, can't trust no agency in Mexico.

  3. Headline is wrong- none of the 29 women were mirdered

    1. 607 Mr. Know it all, then tell us how many were murdered.

      Pancho de Tamp.

  4. Abusing women mentally
    Is abusin your mom
    Your bloody mom
    Protect the women
    Only ONES who can save Mexico
    We come from her womb
    She will always be more


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