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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Juarez: In the wee hours of Saturday 10 executions, 5 killed in Alamos bar, and 5 other killings

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat information from El Diario

Today between midnight and dawn Ciudad Juárez was the scene of 10 executions related to organized crime, according to reports from the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM).

The first of the events began at 00:30 with a multiple homicide.

This happened in the Alamos bar, on Bernardo Norzagaray Boulevard, on the corner of Amapolas Street.   This business has been the scene of two additional violent incidents, one of them also with several victims.

Armed men, at least three, entered the business at 00:30, and fired at those present, leaving five of them dead and several others injured, according to police.

 The victims have not yet been identified, and are between 25 and 45 years old.

Then, two men were executed inside a house of the Aztec colony,   shortly before one o'clock in the morning when neighbors said shots rang out and two vehicles sped off.   The victims were about 25 years old and had bullets in the head and chest, said a Ministerial Police agent.

In another incident, men were shot and killed in a house on the streets of República del Salvador and Tepeyac, in Colonia Hidalgo.

Lastly, after a chase through several streets, a man was shot dead in the La Cuesta neighborhood.  The crime was shortly before two o'clock in the morning in the streets of Sierra de las Cruces and Montes Himalaya.


  1. Uneccesary killings because of pride. Had fuckin Liena not split with Aztecas none of this shit would still be happening! Linea had 60 percent or more of the city under control up until that split and Juares had about 75 percent fewer murders at least whic are around 1200 in about 6 to 8 months time. These fuckers are reall asses to say the least for causing more bloodshed than neccesary.
    Pinche culeros desmadrando todo!

  2. Thank goodness I live in the other side of Juarez. El Paso TX is the total opposite. Usually ranks top 3 annually for safest cities in the US. As much as I love Juarez and being from Juarez it's so sad reading about the daily violence. Can't even have beer at a bar in
    Juarez because you don't know who is sitting next to you.

    El Ranchero de Juarez

    1. Use to be I could go into Club Vertigo and drink all the alcohol I wanted for $8 in a styrofoam cup. After they burned the place down for extortion it just moved us all elsewhere. - Sol Prendido

    2. Yes. Those were the good ole days.

      El Ranchero de Juarez

  3. @7:11 do you hear yourself? This is a problem when normal ppl become desensitized to the insanity and mayhem. Let psychopaths who sell drugs that destroy families run your city because they are so caring and keep ppl safe? Get off the pipe dude thats like askin Satan to watch over a nursery

    1. 5:29 Juarez is a mess as it is pal. I, live right across from it and there ain't no use crying over spilled milk.
      Dealers continue to be killed and yet drugs continue to cross into the U.S. at unprecedented rates for the past ten years there. Yeah no cartel is going to "save" anyone but at least with two cartels out of around five in the area not fighting between each other uneccesarily there could be a sense of normality there which was the point of the rant.

    2. Honestly after awhile
      Its hard to get mad
      Mentally they piss off
      Must be kept internally

      I ask the same thing
      So far gone

      When it started
      Just eh summer of outrage
      Life goes on
      Next summer noticable
      Crime went up
      It continues
      Just eh another summer
      Until it was too late
      Years n years past leads to this.
      I wonder whats this plaza? Like eh galleria

      Eh vicinity control
      For distribution
      Groups controlling citizens,govt pay too low.

      Wealth and population
      Over growth must be address mexico
      That lil miquel
      And sister becky
      Thats eh joke

      Future 23 years from now
      Picking will be less
      With automated world
      I only can
      Hope it turns around.
      Its 9 am i
      Im sitting in
      Richest area in vcity
      I can count how many kids ten block radius
      20 no more
      Population overload
      Leads to break down within
      Is must be address from religious order
      Preventive parenthood
      Violence must be reckon
      With,i wonder late thru cul de sac
      Without once thinking
      Ill be accosted by anyone or be killed in place of intoxicating

      We can pray
      I'm not religious
      Only service we can do

      Mexico better be ready

  4. Guess they didn't here it was a no liquor weekend by almo.

  5. If you go to Juarez to have a good time, there is a 99% chance you won't come back alive.

    1. WRONG! I stayed in Juarez for about a month, a block away from US Consulate! I worked at a maquilla in the Campestre neighborhood! I went out to have a “good time” every night on Gomez Morin! More like a 99% chance that you will come back alive! Got nothing but nice things to say about Juarez! Delicious food filled with culinary culture! Excellent service and hospitality! Nice well mannered people and beautiful señoritas!

    2. Fkn number ridiculous
      What blew me away
      Juarez 2008-2010
      In one month
      I wont even bother to give number.
      This place guerrero
      Why it so
      All i hear
      Peope are strange
      Do they get up
      Crank out

    3. Yes if you go there for plastic surgery like a boob job or a fake ass or something like that Dallas real estate agent did recently, then in that case there is a 99% chance of not coming back alive!

  6. Almo cleaning house for the big BLO takeover

  7. Sheesh, man, as much as I love Mexico Lindo y Querido and think Juarez has had a lot of nice things but any town that has the stuff that has happened there in the past 10 years is NOT my town. Some of this stuff happened in the past, I just don't know how it would compare to say then and now.


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