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Sunday, December 16, 2018

VIDEO ADDED: Guerrero Gov't Agrees to Truce w Self Defense Groups

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso

Truce includes withdrawal of self-defense group in Petatlán, but they will maintain check points / revisions etc.            NOTE: Update since my post on Dec 15th/ Meeting soon followed.

Thanks Sol Prendido for VIDEO ADDITION !
By: Ezequiel Flores Contreras
Chilpancingo, Gro.  The government of Hector Astudillo Flores agreed to a truce with the self-defense groups that disarmed the Petatlán police and assumed control of security in the municipality.

On Friday night, a meeting was held at the Petatlán City Hall in which the PRD mayor, Esteban Cárdenas Santana, the representative of the state government, Martín Maldonado Moral, and members of the self-styled Civic Police of the Sierra, participated and the Costa Grande, headed by Crescencio "El Chano" Arreola.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of residents of Petatlán, who demand the removal of the community guard, which they consider a criminal group.
At the meeting a "non-aggression" pact was agreed between the Citizen Police, state agents and residents of Petatlán, as well as the withdrawal starting next Wednesday, in exchange for allowing them to install roadblocks on the route that connects the coastal strip with the Sierra, according to a statement issued by the state government.

Public security will be assumed by the State Police, while Municipal agents will continue to be disarmed as long as they carry out confidence control examinations.

The spokesman of the self-defense group, Víctor Espino, reported that the agreed truce includes being able to defend themselves and  their villages from  the group called "Guerrerense Guardia", headed by Oliver "El Ruso" Coria, successor of Edilberto "El Gavilán" Bravo.

During the meeting there was a confrontation between the PRD mayor, Esteban Cárdenas, and the PRI councilor, Maydoli Arreola Pérez who is  allegedly the daughter of the leader of the self-defense group, Crescencio Arreola. According to eyewitness accounts, she, the councilor even slapped the mayor.

Broken Alliances:

On Friday the 14th, Proceso published a note entitled: "The history of the armed conflict in Petatlán and the ex-lieutenants of Rogaciano Alba", ( KEEP READING) in which it was reported that four years ago, the leaders of the criminal groups of Técpan de Galeana and Petatlán, identified as Salvador "El Chava" Granados, Edilberto "El Gavilán" Bravo Barragán and Crescenciano "El Chano" Arreola Salto agreed to a truce to expel the Knights Templar of the Costa Grande region with the support of the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación (CJNG), and the intervention of a person presumably linked to the policy identified only as "El Señor Guerrero .

Now, the alliance endorsed by the CJNG in the Costa Grande de Guerrero in 2014 is fractured and the criminal leaders fully identified by the government maintain a brutal confrontation for the control of Petatlán, continue to operate with impunity.

Official reports confirm that the Costa Grande de Guerrero strip is used as an arrival zone for cocaine shipments from South America, despite the military presence in the municipalities of Técpan, Petatlán, Zihuatanejo and La Unión, where the expansion is being built from the port of Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, gateway of chemical precursors from Asia that are used by criminal groups to make synthetic drugs.

The History of the Armed Conflict in Petatlán and the ex-lieutenants of Rogaciano Alba: from Proceso

Chilpancingo, Gruerrero:  Four years ago, the leaders of the criminal groups of Tecpan and Petatlán, identified as Salvador "El Chava" Granados, Edilberto "El Gavilán" Bravo Barragán and Crescenciano "El Chano" Arreola Salto agreed to a truce to expel the Knights Templar from the region of the Costa Grande with the support of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), and the intervention of a person presumably linked to the policy identified only as "El Señor Guerrero".

This criminal alliance broke last year after the arrest in 2016 of El Gavilán , leader of the criminal group called Guerrero Guard  and the armed clashes led by ex-Rogaciano ex-Lieutenants Alba Álvarez - ex-PRI mayor of Petatlán, compadre of former governor Rubén Figueroa Alcocer and prisoner drug trafficking since 2010- intensified in the mountains, as well as requests for help from people displaced by violence.

In November, the Navy seized a boat loaded with 800 kilos of cocaine in front of El Calvario beach, located in the municipality of Petatlán, epicenter of the violence that has been unleashed in recent days.

"El Chano" Arreola is publicly accused of leading the self-defense calling itself Citizen Police of the Sierra and the Costa Grande of the Union of Peoples and Organizations of the State of Guerrero (UPOEG) to assume control of the transfer of cocaine and drug production synthetic in the mountains of Petatlán, as well as displacing the successor of El Gavilán,  identified as Oliver El Ruso Coria Sánchez and settled in the head of that municipality.

While in the neighboring municipality of Tecpan, the stronghold of "El  Chava" Granados, this week an armed civilian guard linked to the drug traffic reappeared after six years during the mandate of ex-governor Ángel Aguirre Rivero. Its leaders warned that they will not allow the expansion of the self-defense of "El Chano" Arreola because it negotiated an alliance with Johny "El Pescado" or "El Pez" Hurtado Olascoaga, leader of the criminal group La Familia and settled in Arcelia where it controls the mining exploitation that has gone abroad from the port of Lázaro Cárdenas.

In January 2014, Proceso published the report entitled: La Lucha Extends to Guerrero,  where the truce agreed between the Rogaciano Alba lieutenants was reported:  "El Gavilán" Bravo and "El Chano" Arreola with the leader of the criminal group Los Granados , Salvador "El Chava" Granados .

This after a brutal confrontation that starred since 2008, Rogaciano Alba and Rubén "El Nene"  Granados, who ordered the murders of their own relatives, friends and compadres in the context of the reconfiguration of the Sinaloa cartel by the division between Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán and Arturo ''El Barbie" Beltrán Leyva.

In this text, still in force because of the violence in Petatlán, it is explained that the criminal alliance was endorsed at that time by the CJNG during a meeting in Guadalajara, where Rogaciano Alba was arrested, and encouraged by a mysterious character identified as "El Señor Guerrero",  indicated by official sources as "a prominent politician".

In this way, the criminal group known as Fuerza Guerrerense emerged to expel the Servando "La Tuta's" Gómez Knights Templar from Guerrero's Costa Grande , who at that time were waging a battle in Michoacán with the self-defense groups.

At that time, a video was broadcast on social networks where "La Tuta" accused the brothers Carlos and Crescencio Reyes Torres, both local ex-deputies, the first former governor of the PRD and the second current mayor of La Unión de Isidoro Montes de Oca, linked to drug trafficking.

In the video titled "La Tuta" threatening and giving ultimatum to Los Viagras", the leader of Los Templarios talks with a man identified as "El Carlos" , whom he demanded to be defined in the confrontation between the CJNG and the self-defense groups of Michoacán.

The Viagras, refers to the video four years ago, is a criminal group based in Pinzándaro, in the Michoacán municipality of Huetamo, which is dedicated to making crystal meth in clandestine laboratories in the Sierra de Guerrero.

According to Servando Gómez, groups opposed to his cartel in Tierra Caliente and the Costa Grande de Guerrero went to Guadalajara to ask for support from the leaders of the CJNG. And he directly accused that both Carlos and Crescencio Reyes Torres are in collusion with the Los Granados group and the CJNG to surround him in Guerrero.

Now the alliance endorsed by the CJNG in the Costa Grande de Guerrero in 2014 is fractured and the criminal leaders fully identified by the government maintain a brutal confrontation for the control of Petatlán, continue to operate with impunity while Governor Hector Astudillo assures all  that the armed conflict in the Costa Grande will be resolved through dialogue.

Meanwhile the brothers Reyes Torres are active doing politics in this emblematic area in the geography of the narco in the state.

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  1. We seen this in michoacan already, the autodefenza will get disarmed and the government will help the local cartel advance

    1. 4:43 PM We seen this in Michoacan already, the autodefenzas were never legitimite they were just another cartel cell themselves being supported by the state in order to take out the larger cartel the government didn't want. A few people were hailed as heroes but as soon as the objective was complete they disappeared or stopped speaking out.

      In Michaocan the Templarios are back well to tell you the truth they never left they were in the south and south east part of the state buying their time waiting to make their move. The Viagras as of today are getting their ass handed to them by the Templarios as of today Agillila, Apatzingan, Urupan and Buenavista are having shoot outs that last 5 to 6 hours. The State under AMLO is going to let things play out and whoever wins will have to follow the rules the Feds give them.

    2. Why disarm law abiding citizens, when the government can't protect it's people. I am for Autodefensas!

  2. What ever happened to La Tuta?

  3. Talk about blurred lines! Self defense, law enforcement, politicians and drug cartels indistinguishable from each other!

  4. According to La Familia Michoacana Hector Astudillo Flores supports the Guerreros Undios.
    - Sol Prendido

  5. To be correct when they split templarios they lost that war the templarios won the region back thanks to the people from la union but then with the templarios autofense going on tuta morza switches to cjng and back stabbed the regional boss of that area . Muchos gallos an nacido del municipio de la unión puro gallaso

  6. This region is cursed no one lasts more then 3 years. Just so you know señor Guerrero is piece of shit Rogaciano Alba he made the pact in jail and supposedly controls what’s left of his organization but I think los cuernudos are the real leaders now without Rogaciano señor Guerrero lol neta the ones from la union you don’t see names on here were the real deal staying low and out of site not like these pieces of shits that only because of the selfdenfense grupos in Michoacán and tuta back stabbing Nazario was the only reason they stayed alive. Also cjng broke the alianza with Petatlán a while back I don’t know the reason tho rumor has because of stealing from someone

  7. Yes sianild old linus and bacon berry broth who would of kicked chuck wagon stew boy over planetary tater tot mountain kipper had chance of yancy

  8. Cjn GB valeays 8nnthe mix lately

  9. SOL,thats what im talking about,thanks man...

  10. Community policing is needed, to keep the criminals from killing defenseless families.


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