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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Cuahtemoc, Chihuas: Director Of Police Detained along with 11 Officers

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: PeriodicoElMexicano

By: Edna Martínez

Cuauhtémoc, Chih:  The administrative head of the Directorate of Public Safety, Efrén Peñaflores Rodríguez and eleven elements of this corporation, were put under arrest by the State Security Commission for various irregularities, mainly concerning the carrying of weapons, in facts registered the morning of Wed, Nov 28.

A strong mobilization was presented around eleven o'clock in the morning outside the building of Public Security, located on Primero de Mayo Avenue and Nicolás Bravo, where it was closed to traffic by elements of the CES.

The agents entered the DSPM where they tried to open the door of the director's office, according to the detainee's own father, Efrén Peñaflores, who stressed that his son refused to open up and therefore they entered the force to arrest him.

Like the official, eleven agents, mainly his personal guard, were detained for various reasons that are not yet known by the ETUC, which ensured that he will issue a statement about these events shortly.

For his part, Secretary Hector Barraza, stressed that these actions come to further complicate the relationship between the municipal police and the state, when they must work in peace due to the unique command prevailing in Cuauhtémoc.

Personnel from La Sedena came to the location and  met with the operational command of the CES.

                                               Intense Police Operation in Cuauhtémoc

IN ADDITION: For their own safety, 10 Municipal Policemen suspended: The Northwest Herald

Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua: At least 10 elements of the Municipal Police were put on indefinite suspension, a measure taken by the security of the troops, because their names appear in a video related to the killing of agent Jesús Andrade Chagoya, reported the municipal president, Carlos Tena Nevárez, who said that in this case the welfare of the police is very important.

After the killing of policeman Jesus Andrade, the mayor said there is fear among the elements, but especially in their families, particularly the troops mentioned in a video that circulates on social networks. "You do not have to give as much importance to the sayings of an anonymous video, but you have to take care of the agents," said the mayor.

In view of this, he reported that 10 of the agents mentioned in the audiovisual material circulating on social networks were put on suspension and made the videos available to the Internal Affairs dept.

"Obviously for the mere safety of themselves," the president stressed, adding that it is also about giving peace to their families who are worried about recent events.

Carlos Tena said that this does not include the Director of Public Safety, Efrén Peñaflores, and said that this suspension is also a decision of each one of the agents; Instead of being suspended along with them the Director was arrested, see above.

Thanks Sol !
MORE: from Omni

A manta appeared which gives blame to "La Linea, "Los Aztecas" and Los Mexicles" for the ongoing violence and asked the Mayor Cabada to fire police chiefs.

Thanks to Sol ! for the Manta Translation:

This message is for all the citizenry. We are here to control the chaos that the fucking government cannot control. We are fed up with the people of La Linea, Aztecas, and Mexicles, and their bullshit. We also demand for the resignation of Paulin Daniel Barraza Ortiz, Manuel Ramos Perez, and the secretary of public security Ricardo Realivazquez Dominguez. Mr. Cabada if you want to control the violence start by cleaning your own pigs, that work for you.

The placement of a blanket with threatening messages directed against the Municipal Public Security Secretariat and its commanders, caused astonishment among motorists who circulate daily in the commercial corridor of the Gómez Morín.

The tarp was placed in a truck stop at the intersection of Pond Road during this morning and it's output Secretary of Municipal Public Security, Ricardo Realivázquez Dominguez and the controls Paulin Daniel Barraza and Manuel Ramos requested Pérez

However, it is unknown what criminal group is responsible for these warnings, which also points to a criminal cell that for decades has operated on this border and throughout the state of Chihuahua.

Given this, the Secretary of Public Security, Ricardo Realivázquez, clarified that this blanket is nothing more than the desperation of criminals to be overcome by the actions implemented by the corporation, with which they have achieved important insurance of drugs and weapons, as well as the arrest of criminal leaders.

"We will continue working, it is not something that scares us, it is the way of criminals at work, but I believe that the results of the Public Security Secretariat have been evident, we will continue working," Realivázquez stressed.

The Secretary indicated that the assurances made by the Municipal Police are historical and had not been registered in other administrations, which has affected the criminal groups.

When asked if the troops will be on alert for any possible attack, he said that the entire corporation will be on the lookout for extreme precautions, but pointed out that they will not reverse the actions against crime.

The narcomanta was withdrawn by the same SSPM and secured for investigation, as disclosed.


  1. This time. Those corrupted scums wont go out that easily even paying their fine to set free. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that letting people out for corruption is over now. They wont go free even if they want to pay.

    1. most if not all are already released

    2. Yea thanks for stealing me post.

    3. Yes I heard about that. Maybe its not in effect yet. I dont know whats going to happen. But he did changed the pgr to a different name and los pinos is now a museum. He's also thinking of creating a national guards. He'll probably disband la policia federal. The army and marines are going to be in the streets still.

    4. 633 the cartel paid a bribe...those currupted police are out. And seek revenge on those tattle tailers.

    5. Is obrador everywhere, watching over at who is being a bad boy.

  2. They were already released yesterday. Now they need to find a place to run and hide. Because they were a helping hand to Tiger and Gente nueva. But línea has made some very bold and strong moves. They want Cuauhtémoc back. Cuauhtémoc belongs to la linea again. Now most of Tigre’s guys will disappear or be arrested if lucky. They will most likely. Attempt to go to Los Mochis and regroup attempt to sneak back in. But that won’t happen. Línea won this battle and city. And it’s a huge los for GN or CDS.
    I just want peace in Chiwas.

    1. Chapitos out there chasing their uncle and Linea out here pushing and taking territory

    2. You won’t have peace as long as linieros are still around .. la linia is scum just as bad as the zetas .. if you were from chihuas you would know .. only ppl from Juarez support la linia the rest of chihuas speciallly in the Sierra would rather see CDS take over

      - Facts

    3. Chapitos will soon be dumped off. Chapós friends are thinning out. Especially with this presidential turn over. No one left.

    4. 2:11 PM NOT FACTS, just more cds cheerleader wishful thinking, the corridos are not the truth OR reality kid, stop listening to that b.s

    5. 2:11. Well guess you can’t read between the lines. The obvious reason I want peace in chiwas is obviously because I’m from here. And also your incorrect. CDS is being pushed out from all of Chiwas. So obviously is not just Juarez. This happened in Cuauhtémoc. Again not Juarez. Matter of fact if you knew what you were talking about Cuauhtémoc is the mouth to la Sierra. Also La Linea has sent messages to many plazas and towns not to worry this is between them and them. That there will be no extortion or ransom and where I’m from. It’s hasn’t been happening. This war is between them. And for locals that’s all we want. So get of Chapós nuts already. The hometown cartel always looks out for the townspeople. Because somehow they are probably family or family of your organization.
      Your facts are lies. Plain and simple.

    6. 2:11
      There was peace when it was only Linea there. The ones who broke the peace and started a huge ass war was CDS. Actually all over Mexico. They made everyone choose sides. And with this trial seems like he started it over a handshake 🤝 that didn’t take place.

    7. 4:47 do you have a source of línea sending mantas to various plazas? If not which plazas have they been hanging messages? I heard similar

    8. Happened through what’sup app is what was being said. Like many other messages sent to the public. It was not through Mantas. Probably because it’s less risky and more effective for everyone to read. Plus stops the other group from dropping off an innocent persons body in front of that manta. To blame on the manya hangers.

    9. @4:52 .. it was never just La Linea in chihuas .. CDS used to work in Chihuahua as a partner of Juárez since back when you were still shitting green my boy

    10. Thats where your wrong. Before this big ass war started. Nobody really claimed anything. Everyone was part of a smaller group that had connections to both Sinaloa or Juarez. No body claimed Juarez Cartel or Sinaloa Cartel. Everyone was kinda the same. Everyone worked more independently. Everyone hung out at clubs. We were friends with everyone. Sinaloa decided to make people choose sides and then that’s when shit hit the fan. Wrong person to try to tell something about that life. I lived it.

  3. These cops where said to provide protection to Cartel del Tigre. It was all part of the plan for Linea. These arrests along with comandante Thiesens are bringing down the mentioned cartel and making room for La Linea to move in.
    FYI no innocent civilian/s would hang a narcomanta either accusing any crime group of wrong doing. This banner found in Juarez and mentioned here seems more like propaganda from CDS and or its allies to try and topple La Linea.
    The worlds most powerful cartel CDS has still not managed to do that after a decade and with two governments helping it and appears to be resorting to propaganda like it does all over Mexico.

  4. Ah currupted police caught be clean federales. Mexico is not clean, any way you size it, murders continues.

  5. And let's not forget teh old Director Gabriel Ramos Chacon who left his Director position and join La Linea and hasn't been heard from in over a year.

  6. Horita mismo se están dando en la madre aquí en Cuauhtémoc. Se hoyen las Balaceras por todos lados. Nimodo así es la vida. Chinge su madre yo también voy a tirar unos cuantos chingasos. Ya que.

    1. Mejor tira tu colchon al piso y duermete tranquilo.

  7. A few years ago I stayed at a hot spring balneario near Camargo Chihuahua. There was a group of Mennonites vacationing there from Cd Cuauhtemoc. An elder and I began to chat. He told me the group had to make peace with the local criminals by using an abogato as a go between. He did not go into the details. I gave the man a costal of manzanas fujis from the EUA. The next day he handed me a towel. Inside was a huge trozo of cheese. Perhaps five Kg. Beautiful people. The children were eating the apples after swimming in the big heated pool.

    1. Menonitas make great dairy. Here In Cuauhtémoc they are known as hard workers. They have the best cheese. ICe cream and milk. They have there own area as well los Campos. And you can go eat a big ass burger from them. Life was good before chapo ruined Mexico

  8. Cuauhtémoc is on fire since last night. Shootings everywhere. Stay indoors. Because both groups are here. And both groups have been given orders not to retreat. Word around town is that there is a boss here in town that got stuck and can’t get out. Federal police will be here in 2-3 hours. But who knows who they are coming for.


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