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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Continued Confrontations in Guerrero Leave Dead, Wounded and Missing

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso
     Armed Groups take over in Los Morros and Tres Cruces, in Guerrero; clashes Reported

By: Ezequial Flores Contreras, Dec 17, 2018

Chilpancingo , Gro. An undetermined number of deaths and injuries, as well as a family allegedly missing is the preliminary result of an armed confrontation that lasted 48 hours over the weekend in the mountains of the state.

In this regard, the leaders of the armed group of Tlacotepec issued a statement confirming that this Saturday and Sunday they decided to take by force the towns of Los Morros and Tres Cruces, both from the municipality of Leonardo Bravo and El Mirabal, and in the municipality of Eduardo Neri where they found armed resistance.

The spokesman for the self-defense group called the Community Police Front of the State of Guerrero, Salvador Alanís, affirmed that they dismantled narco laboratories allegedly located in the homes of the PRI mayor of Leonardo Bravo, Ismael Cástulo Guzmán, and the former coordinator of the Union of Commissioners of the Sierra, Crescencio Pacheco González.

In this way, the group of Tlacotepec that the government of Astudillo links as the armed wing of Onésimo "El Necho" Marquina Chapa, announced that it already has control of the corridor that  was controlled by the antagonistic group called Cartel del Sur directed by Isaac "The Lord of I", Navarrete and that connects the Central region with the Sierra from Mezcala and Xochipala to Filo de Caballos, towns located in the municipalities of Leonardo Bravo and Eduardo Neri.

Less than a Week Ago:
Members of the criminal gang led by Onesimo "El Necho" Marquina Chapa took over the town of Filo de Caballos to displace the armed group called the South Cartel, led by Isaac "The Lord of the I"
Navarrete Celis, in the context of the dispute over the control of the poppy growing zone of the Sierra of the state.

Official reports indicate that since the morning, about 400 armed civilians from Teloloapan and Apaxtla - the ring of the Guerreros Unidos criminal group - have been concentrated in Tlacotepec to reinforce what they call the "general community guard Heliodoro Castillo" of this emblematic place in the geography of the narcos in Guerrero that  Humberto Moreno directs , cousin of the current Secretary of Social Development of the state government, Mario Moreno Arcos.

The armed group, which defines itself as "self-defenses", linked by the government of Astudillo as the armed wing of "El Necho", began to descend towards the municipality of Chichihualco, in a caravan of trucks on the interstate highway that connects the Sierra with the region Center of the entity.

The objective of the armed caravan was the capture of the town of Filo de Caballos, where there was a confrontation that lasted several hours and the number of victims is unknown up to now, according to official reports.

However, images disseminated by the armed group in social networks show burning houses and say that in this way they took over Filo de Caballos, one of the strongholds of the South Cartel.

Photos: Special

So far, the situation in the mountains is tense in the face of the battle waged by the criminal gangs fighting for control of the poppy corridor in the Central region, a situation that has led to the closure of schools, health centers, as well as the suspension of public transport and the forced displacement of dozens of sierreños by violence.

Last October, Proceso published the report "Sierra de Guerrero: the poppy growing to the downside, violence upward," where it was reported that the collection of opium gum was an "industry" that boomed in the eighties and nineties of the last century in the Guerrero region of La Sierra.

Now, although that heroin precursor is on the downside, the area continues to be a territory that organized crime groups are fighting over, since in addition to the drugs they control mining production and logging. This criminal war has been turning  pueblos into ghost towns, where there are no longer public services of education, health or transport. Only those who have not been able to leave are left there.


  1. The so-called self-defense groups need to document the destruction of narco labs they claim to have destroyed. Seizure and remanding to the army barrels of prohibited chemicals, then the burning of the few remaining heroin and mota fields, destruction of pumps, and field tender sheds. Otherwise we wary Mexicanos are going to believe all this violence is nothing more than a mascarada for a mere "shift change" in narco control.

    1. So what if it is as long as they stop the killings

  2. Very confusing. More blurred lines between criminals, citizens and government

  3. Autodefensas are needed, as it is said they discovered a lab, at the Mayor's about government officials, bring in collusion with the criminals.

    Luna Apaghta

    1. Auto defensas is just another cartel in the making which as of today help a cartel eliminate another cartel then they will become yet a new cartel which in few years will b killing innocents extortioning kidnapping etc then a new group of auto defensas will rise with the help of a cartel to fight that former AD that eventually became a cartel n goes on n on

  4. ... the town of Filo de Caballos ... If I try to gringo translate, that becomes english as the town called "Horse Cliff"? Just remember, the stories like this that make 'news' are a small fraction of the mierda that goes down in that part of the world. Why do AD abandon their posts on the edges of towns at the same time as a big kidnapping (an entire mini-bus) goes down in another pueblito about 15 km away?

  5. These Hatfield & McCoy grade feuds serve only to sully the work of a true hero, Dr. Mireles. Responsible journalism in la Republica should label these stories for what they are.

    And may I point out to the foolish people who keep using the word "Revolution" to understand that a breakdown in civil law would leave dozens if not hundreds of regional vendettas in it's wake. That and poverty and misery.


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