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Monday, December 17, 2018

Bloody Findings in Chilpancingo, Gro: Dismemberments, Gunshots, and Beheadings

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Sin Embargo
                     Plastic bags with dismembered bodies are found in Chilpancingo, Guerrero

According to sources from the State Attorney General's Office, the bodies of the three victims were dismembered and wrapped in seven plastic bags.

Guerrero / Mexico City, December 17 (El Sur / SinEmbargo). - Neighbors of the Universal colony, in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, reported this morning the discovery of several dismembered bodies which correspond to a woman and two men .

According to sources from the State Attorney General's Office, the bodies of the three victims were dismembered and wrapped in seven plastic bags .

Personnel of the Office of the Prosecutor initiated the corresponding investigations to determine the sex, age and identity of the victims. So far the motive of the mobile is unknown.

In a Separate Incident: 
Minutes before 8 o'clock in the morning, the Office of the Prosecutor received the report of the discovery of bags with human remains in the Camino La Unión .

Chilpancingo, Guerrero, December 17, 2018. On the morning of Monday, human remains were found wrapped in SEVEN plastic bags in the Universal colony, located near the Soriana store.

An hour later, soldiers and state police kept the area cordoned off and experts continue the proceedings. It is expected that the number of victims and their gender will be determined until the necropsy is completed.
Meanwhile in Acapulco:
Acapulco, Guerrero, December 16, 2018. Two decapitated men were found inside an abandoned van on the busy Vicente Guerrero boulevard, in the suburban area.

The finding was reported at 11:30 on Saturday night on the boulevard, near Plaza Caracol, according to the police report.

The agents by means of an emergency call located the abandoned truck and the corpses in the back. In the hood of the truck there was a narcomensaje, whose content is unknown.

From: El Sur

Chilpancingo, Iguala and Tlapa, Guerrero, December 10, 2018: 

On Saturday night, gunmen attacked a family in an evening of the Virgin of Juquila, one woman died and four others were injured, while another woman died. A couple was shot to death in Iguala and  found in a house in Chilpancingo, , and yesterday a man in Ayutla was shot and killed.

The spokesman of the State Coordination for the Reconstruction of Peace, Roberto Álvarez Heredia released a statement yesterday morning in which he reports that on Saturday night, armed men attacked a family inside their house in an evening celebration to the Virgin of Juquila , in the town of El Tejocote, municipality of Chilpancingo, where a woman died.

He said that the events took place at 10:40 on Saturday night inside a house that was hit by assassins and attacked with bullets  those who were there,  murdered was a woman named Lorena, 33 years old.

According to witnesses in the religious celebration was in the courtyard of a house where armed men stormed. The injured were identified as María, 18, Benito, Anastasio and Dionisio, 39, 49 and 44 who were taken to the Raymundo Abarca Alarcón hospital in the capital and recovered.

After the attack, state police and soldiers of the Military Police went to the community to protect the villagers and "conduct an operation to search for the aggressors, while the Prosecutor's Office sent ministerial agents for the proceedings and opened an investigation folder."

In the particular where the events occurred there were .223 mm caliber and .12 mm caliber shotgun shells.

Experts from the General Prosecutor's Office made the proceedings and the body of the woman was handed over to her relatives.

So far this year in the municipality of Chilpancingo there are 190 homicides in which allegedly organized crime was involved, according to a count of the notes published in  El Sur .

The corpse of a woman found :

On Saturday morning, the body of a woman was found in a house on Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez Street in the Progreso neighborhood, behind the central cemetery in Chilpancingo.

The victim was identified by family members as 24-year-old Kenya Sinai, who disappeared on Monday when she left her home in Iguala and was heading to Chilpancingo.

According to the first police report at 10:30 in the morning by an anonymous call to 911, it was reported that a person was without life inside a house in that settlement.

Army soldiers and state policemen came to the place and found the body. The area was cordoned off for the legal proceedings.

In Iguala: 

On the federal highway Iguala-Chilpancingo in the vicinity of the community of Santa Teresa, near Iguala, were found the bodies of a man and a woman executed from several bullet wounds, were aboard a Taxco public service type taxi Nissan white color, with number 022 and 7857FFM circulation plates.

The report indicates that around 8:30 on Saturday morning the report was received to the emergency number 911, about the homicide of the couple.

In the place the officers also found 18 casings percussed caliber .9 millimeters.

In the photographs it can be seen that the victims could have been killed from the outside of the car that presented several bullet impacts on the side plate.

The two victims were identified by their relatives as Rafael, 28, who was a taxi driver from the community of Apipilulco and a 17-year-old girl from Puente San Juan, Cocula.

Police sources indicate that yesterday the relatives of the teenager and the taxi driver presented separately to the facilities of the morgue of Iguala, to claim the bodies.

The 17-year-old girl was confirmed to be a student in the second semester of high school in the municipal seat of Cocula, and lived in Puente Río San Juan. The last time they saw the young woman alive was around 6 o'clock in the afternoon on Friday when she left her house to go to a jaripeo at the municipal seat of Cocula, to the town fair.

The body of the taxi driver was identified by his wife, who was reserved to file a complaint for the murder of her husband, reported that he was missing since Friday afternoon, the last time he saw him alive was that day at 2 when He went to eat at home and retired to work.

In Ayutla:

The morning of yesterday a man of 40 years was shot to death in the colony Vicente Guerrero of the municipal seat of Ayutla.

Police sources reported that at 4:30 in the morning they received a report that there was a person shot to death in Santo Domingo street of that settlement.

According to witnesses, the victim was heading home and was shot and killed by armed civilians.

The man identified as 40-year-old Marco Antonio neighbor of the colony Vicente Guerrero was transferred by relatives to a hospital where his death was reported, and the body was taken to a funeral home for necropsy law.

An indigenous man was beaten to death in Cochoapa el Grande:

On Wednesday, an indigenous Na'savi from the community of Tierra Blanca, municipality of Cochoapa El Grande, was beaten to death.

The man's name was Juan Hipólito Pérez, aged approximately 53, and his relatives were the ones who found his body that was lying in a ravine with traces of blows, according to official sources.

His relatives informed the authorities that the man left his house on Tuesday and was going to his son's school and his grandson to a meeting of parents but he did not return.

The relatives looked for him and saw some bloodstains on the street which served as a clue to find him lying in a ravine, his face beaten and bleeding.

The commissar of the community warned the agents of the Public Prosecutor's Office, but his family refused to be transferred to Chilpancingo for the necropsy.

One injured in Iguala: 

A 60-year-old taxi driver was wounded by a gunshot wound by three men who stole his vehicle from public transport in the Linda Vista neighborhood north of Iguala.

Police sources indicated that at 12:33 AM yesterday, residents of that settlement reported that there was a man lying in the street Juan Muñoz Caballero, who was screaming for help because he had been shot and his vehicle was stolen.

State police, Army soldiers and Red Cross paramedics arrived at about 1 am, who confirmed that there was a man with a bullet in the ribs on the right side.

He identified himself as Roberto and announced that he is a driver of a Nissan Tsuru taxi with the number 1069, which was stolen by three armed men who intercepted him there.

The taxi driver was taken to a hospital in the city to receive medical attention and later it was announced that he was stable and out of danger.

It was also reported that at 2:30 in the morning after the implementation of a search unit for the assailants, the taxi was located abandoned on the federal highway at the exit to Taxco, near the central supply, and was placed disposition of the Public Ministry agency.

Confiscations in Petatlán and Ometepec:

State and military police seized on Saturday a vehicle, chargers, useful cartridges for exclusive use by the Army and tactical equipment in Petatlán.

The State Secretary of Public Safety released a statement yesterday morning in which he said that the uniformed soldiers during an operation on René Juárez street Cisneros corner with the federal highway Acapulco-Zihuatanejo in the colony El Olivo, observed four men in a gray van that circulated in the opposite direction, "he ignored the stop and accelerated the march".

When they reached a kilometer and a half the driver of the vehicle lost control and hit a tree, the armed men fled the place leaving abandoned the Chevrolet brand truck Equinox type.

The state policemen found in the back seat of the vehicle six AR-15 metal rifle chargers, 160 .223 millimeter useful cartridges, 40 useful 7.62 × 39 millimeter cartridges, two tactical vests and three ballistic plates.

In another incident, the State Police arrested a man who carried 8 kilograms of marijuana in Ometepec.

The state Secretary of Public Safety released a press release yesterday afternoon saying that the corporation received an anonymous call on Saturday afternoon that told them that in a blue Ford Ranger vehicle marijuana was transported from Xochistlahuaca to San Juan de los Plains

The agents when traveling on the Ometepec-San Juan de los Llanos road in the place known as El Aguacatillo, "observed a vehicle parked on the side of the road with the characteristics indicated in the report."

The driver of the truck identified himself as a 24-year-old Gerardo from the community of Cozoyoapan, in Xochistlahuaca, "who told the uniformed people that his vehicle had a mechanical failure and he got out to open the hood."

The uniformed ones visualized in the truck two packages half wrapped with cinnamon tape, "Gerardo when noticing that the policemen saw the packages tried to flee but it was stopped, and in the back part of the truck they were located two black bags and each one had three ready-made packages with cinnamon tape, making a total of eight packages with marijuana weighing one kilogram each ".

The detainee, the van and the drug were placed at the disposal of the authorities for the investigations and demarcation of responsibilities.

Taxco, Guerrero December 7:  The body of a person  was found dismembered  and in plastic bags next to a cardboard with a message inside a taxi in the community of Tehuilotepec, municipality of Taxco, Guerrero .

Another Separate Incident:

Police reports indicate that yesterday at 16:00 hours, after receiving an anonymous report, the finding of the Volkswagen Sedan taxi number 34 was confirmed, near the cruise with the federal highway Mexico-Acapulco, on the paved road that leads to Juliantla. Inside there were two black plastic bags and two cards with a message.

Text: Luis Blancas, Lourdes Chávez, Alejandro Guerrero and Antonia Ramírez / Photo: Jesús Guerrero


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  3. I’m in Acapulco now. It’s a little eerie but also very normal as well. Families on the beach. The people seem worn out. It’s a whole different mexico here. Someone was killed in a bar in tourist zone last week

  4. Crime and more crime, no wonder the morges are overwhelmed with bodies all over the place.


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