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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Arsenal seized in Tecámac EDM

Posted on Forum by Stevectpa from VXT

Investigative Agents of the Special Affairs Prosecutor's Office FAE of the Edoméx [Estado de Mexico] Prosecutor's Office conducted a search of a building in Tecámac, where 26 firearms and more than 7,000 useful cartridges of various calibers were located.

As a result of the complaint, the Agent of the Public Prosecutor's Office requested that a search warrant be issued for that property. At the site they located:

14 caliber 22 rifles of various brands,
 .9 mm caliber rifle,
2 16 caliber shotguns,
1 48 caliber shotgun,
2 7 mm caliber rifles,
1 double barreled shotgun, caliber 28,
1 caliber firearm 44 semi-automatic,
1 caliber 50 pistol,
1 caliber 32 pistol,
1 caliber 22 caliber revolver,
1 special caliber 38 revolver,
5,400 useful caliber 5.56 rounds used for AR15 weapon,
1,889 caliber .223 useful rounds,
160 caliber 7.62 useful rounds.

The property was secured, while the investigations continue in order to locate people related to these events.


  1. Arsenal to hunt pigeons...not ideal to use .22 or shotguns if u wanna go to war against a cartel..must b a collectionist

    1. I was about to say the same thing. Except for the amount of AR rounds! That's a bit excessive for a weekend of can plinking. I get bored after a cpl hundred

    2. Im from texas and thats like some shite u see in a wanna be hunters gun case in his kitchen or some shit

  2. Trash guns. This was for the news, this is not a serious artillery for gun battles in Mexico.

  3. Not all are for your cartel buddies. Punk wanna bees with starter guns for the kids.

  4. Really odd collection of guns

  5. Hardly an arsenal. These are Appalachian hillbilly type collections.

    1. Ther a lot of Mexican hill billy bad asses

  6. They will be back on the streets

  7. Cjng got new arsenal and gave those to cops to act like they are doing their job. Wouldn't be surprised if the crooked cops found better guns but didn't report them

  8. For the record, I’m seeing one 410 shotgun’s one of them I’m seeing a 12 or 16 gauge semi auto -2 and double barreled 12 gauge..Also where are the real weapons that they seized… The ones you could get in a firefight with. If you attempted to engage in an armed conflict with this weapons cache it would be suicide -there’s not a decent weapon in the group


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