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Monday, December 10, 2018

50 Armed Huachicoleros Steal Fuel in Chihuahua; Police Arrested

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: La Jornada

Ciudad Juarez, Chih: Some 50 armed men, members of organized crime, recovered in the morning three pipes loaded with gasoline that they had stolen  in the municipality of Rosales, in the south central zone of the state of Chihuahua after they had extracted the fuel from a clandestine outlet.

Through a special operation and with the participation of elements of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), Federal Police, state and municipal implemented an operation to locate the units.

The first investigations indicate a confrontation between rival gangs of organized crime, allegedly related to the theft and transfer of fuel.

Information from a source from the State Attorney General's Office confirms the theft of gasoline and mentions that "one of the pipes was recovered on the short road that runs from the city of Chihuahua to the municipality of Parral."

The three pipes with the stolen fuel were retrieved from last Wednesday night by huachicoleros in an area where they extracted the fuel.

When moving these units to the city of Chihuahua is when they were intercepted and attacked by a large armed group, in a gap near the highway Satevó-Delicias, at kilometer 46, by Ejido San Lucas, Municipality of Rosales.

Witnesses to the events said that from the road they saw Pemex personnel being subjected by heavily armed men who had their faces covered with balaclavas and traveling in at least 15 vans.

In the operation to search for the huachicoleros  elements of the State Attorney General, Sedena and Federal Police participated, with about 130 elements of the corporations who are patrolling from the town of Satevó, to Valle de Zaragoza, in order to avoid vehicle thefts and detect clandestine fuel "takes", as well as the transportation of it.

During the afternoon of yesterday, inhabitants of Satevó, observed how dozens of elements of the FGE, military and Federal Police, entered the community, causing astonishment and uncertainty, and the contingent of assets.
SUNDAY, Municipal Police Arrested:
The State Investigation Agency, in coordination with the Federal Police and the Mexican Army, arrested policemen from the municipality of Zaragoza who apparently are part of a group of fuel theft lines of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex).

In the joint operation they secured a truck carrying 20 thousand liters of stolen gasoline and located in the town of Valle de Zaragoza a warehouse in which the fuel extracted clandestinely from Pemex pipelines was stored.

The police actions began in response to a report in which they reported that on the way from San Pedro municipality of Rosales to Satevó, armed individuals had threatened security elements of Pemex, and that the criminals had a red truck tract coupled to a white tank type semi-trailer loaded with gasoline.

In the search operation and location of armed persons and the aforementioned truck tract, the officers of the AEI secured a Chevrolet truck, line Tahoe, without license plates, model 2016, at the kilometer 85 of the highway. Theft in Paso Texas, United States, October 13, 2017.

Later, personnel of the Sedena requested support, since it had secured near the municipality of Parral, the truck with the characteristics of the one that had taken from the breach of San Pedro to Satevó, loaded with 20 thousand liters of fuel, being under the shelter of the Federal Police.

As part of the search, in the Los Muéganos neighborhood, Valle de Zaragoza municipality, AEI police located a warehouse where stolen fuel is stored by a criminal group, a clandestine place whose gate was open and inside, finding 32 empty tanks with the capacity to thousand liters each, as well as a hose of 10 meters.

In response to an anonymous report that the local police protected a criminal group, they went to the facilities of that corporation, whose person who showed up as director, did not carry a credential or document that accredited him as such and neither He had a weapon.

Also, two municipal police that were there, showed identifications with irregularities, so that personnel of the Sedena and CES were asked to carry out the magazine of weapons and analyze the identifications to have the legal legality and be able to secure the weapons and proceed in against the supposed municipal police of El Valle de Zaragoza.

Last July, 2018, the General State Prosecutor's Office (FGE) in Chihuahua was murdered by five men dedicated to stealing gasoline in the highway sections Satevó-Delicias and Chihuahua-Parral.


  1. This confirms the Jalisco / Juarez alliance.

  2. I hope this helps



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  3. El Senor never allowed Huachicoleros in Sinaloa.

    1. That’s a lie. Sinaloa has had fuel theft for ages

    2. Alot of people dont know this SINALOA is one of the states in México were they steal most fuel its a real money maker look into it and im not one of the haters im from SINALOA

    3. And these boys also need a lot of petrol to patrol the Sierra all day long and we know that it's a no brainer that when scum like this can steal something they sure as hell wont be paying for it

  4. ke mendigos e inteligentes y webones salieron ezaz lakras, gruas para no perder tiempo en bajarlos, ,,, ave maria purizima 🌹

  5. This sounds like work from "El H2"

  6. Another fine example read... municipal Police were inbedded, with the criminals in stealing fuel. Shows you police work together with cartels.

    1. A very important observation sir!

    2. And with organized criminals here in the US too. Do we need to remind you of plea agreements from US prosecutors and certain criminals?
      Enough with the criticism of Mexican corruption when your home is not so squeaky clean.

      No one is immune!

    3. 252 if thier was no everyday rampant crime and curruption in Mexico, along with government, we would not be here reading what is going on, have a pear, not a meltdown.

  7. Easy solution. Track the trucks...shoot at the containers full of fuel...huge more huachicoleros!

  8. "takes," in English for "tomas" should be pipeline "taps."

  9. El señas is the one that started all this mess

  10. Rosales is gn territory

  11. My wifes grandfather that is a Freemason in Mexico. He owns several gas stations in Nuevo León and Sinaloa. Dude has like 2 bodyguards at all times.
    Shit is serious in Mexico folks!!

    1. He must have some palanca to own such.
      Kickbacks and often shady associations are required to obtain such.
      My partner's uncle has a few so I am aware of the dealings to acquire.

      He who says otherwise is full of it. Trust me.


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