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Monday, December 17, 2018

#1 Tied Position for Murdered Journalists: Mexico and Afghanistan

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso
   Mexico, Afghanistan and Syria, the most lethal countries for journalists in 2018: PEC REPORT

GENEVA:  The Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) announced that since the beginning of the year, 113 journalists were murdered in 30 countries, with Mexico and Afghanistan the most dangerous places to practice journalism, each one with a total of 17 communicators killed.

"In three countries, journalists paid an unacceptable price: Mexico with 17 dead, Afghanistan also with 17 dead and Syria with 11", the annual report of the PEC emphasizes.

After these countries, the most dangerous were Yemen and India, with eight journalists killed respectively. These five countries represent more than half of the dead (61).

Blaise Lempen @Blaisepec
 PEC annual report: 113 #journalists killed in 2018 an increase of 14 percent most dangerous countries: #Afghanistan 17 #Mexico 17 #Syria 11 #Yemen 8 #India 8  #JournoSafe #PressFreedom

In Afghanistan, terrorist groups, and in Mexico, criminal groups, "are mainly responsible for the high price paid by media workers." In Yemen and Syria, journalists were killed in fighting or attacked by armed groups while covering ongoing conflicts.

In the sixth place are the United States with six dead due to the tragedy in Capital Gazette last June and Pakistan follows with five dead.

In Brazil and the Philippines, four journalists were murdered in each of these countries. And three journalists were murdered in the Central African Republic (three Russian journalists), Colombia, Ecuador, Russia and Somalia. Two more journalists were killed in Guatemala and two by Israel in Gaza.

A media worker was killed in the following countries: Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Germany, Haiti, Indonesia, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia (at the Istanbul consulate), Slovakia and Ukraine.

In terms of gender, last year the number of women journalists killed increased considerably, from five in 2016 to 16 in 2017. This year, seven journalists were killed.

The most important decrease in deaths in the media was in Iraq (nine journalists killed last year against only one this year). The largest increase occurred in Afghanistan, where numbers have doubled (from eight in 2017 to 17).

"Two thirds of the victims died in conflict zones (including Mexico, a country that is not at war) and one third in countries that are at peace," observes the NGO.

By region, Asia represents the most affected with 36 dead, followed by Latin America with 32 dead, the Middle East 24 dead, Africa eight dead, Europe seven and North America six.

"During the last five years (2014 to 2018), the most dangerous countries for communicators were Syria (with 64 deaths), Mexico (61), Afghanistan (48), Iraq (46), Pakistan (36), India (30 ), Yemen (29), the Philippines (24), Brazil (22) and Somalia (22) ", details PEC.

Far from the goal:

The PEC strongly condemns all these attacks and asks the authorities to bring those responsible to justice, since impunity is one of the factors that promotes the continuation of these murders.

The brutal assassination at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi stands out, a case that "is unprecedented," and calls for an irrefutable and transparent clarification of the circumstances of this atrocious crime.

In brief statements to Proceso, PEC general secretary Blaise Lempen points out that the reduction of victims in 2017, which for the first time yielded a figure of less than 100 journalists worldwide, "brought us hope".

"However, by the end of 2018 we are very far from achieving the goal," deplored Lempen, who points out that at least it is necessary to reduce the number of journalists killed by half, an objective that should also be proposed by UNESCO and the Council of Europe. .

Finally, the PEC, a non-governmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, is pleased to see that the idea of ​​an International Convention that strengthens the protection of journalists is gaining ground.

"If a new Convention is not reached, there will be no legal checks or balances," said PEC president Hedayat Abdel Nabi.


  1. In Case You Missed it:
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    Sending good Ju Ju to #1 Chivis @BB !!

    1. That is yanqui doodle dandy, that Chivis is out of surgery.

  2. Hmmmmm...both countries under heavy US influence...both are suppliers of oil, and drugs....Yet, while under such heavy influence of the US, journalists and Women are disproportionately targeted. They are slaughtered and worse for exercising their rights that we hold sacred in the US. Just shows you how corrupt our gov really is. Sad.

  3. Lol. I been saying it.

  4. Two troubled drug producing U.S invaded countries. What a coincidence (sarcasm)

    1. Dont blame the blood bath going on in mexico on the usa. Usa dont make mexicans find ever new and exiting ways to butcher their own. Mexico is a shit hole and is the mexicans fault.

  5. Have seen this topic on tv this morning but they never mentioned Mexico, it’s always just Jemen or Syria or Afghanistan.
    It’s a shame that Mexicans are less worth than any muslime.

    1. Correct.
      And why is that? Rather, why our American news press censors Mexico's pending violence issues?
      Instead focusing on war torn countries in the middle east. Added with the political theatrics of finger pointing and insults.

    2. Amazing , Isn't it ? That is why WE are HERE.

  6. Which is our next door neighbour?
    Which receives hours and hours of main stream media (aka government controlling media) attention?

    Makes me suspect that for some unknown reason we are being lied to by our government about our policy towards both countries.

  7. Way to mexico be proud of it. Mexico got no conscience.

  8. Unfortunately, this trend upward will continue until order is made. Where government agencies are not in cahoots with criminals. Moreover, whee (govermnent) is not running a criminal enterprise. Added with respect towards all journalists for their hard work and effort to make difference.
    Think of the number of government /municipalities of employees in Mexico which needs to cleansed? A tedious and stressful process to keep government moving.

    Trustworthy exams for all officials is necessary. No one should be excepted.

    1. Correction @8,27
      No one should be exempted.

  9. Chivisssss
    good luck I hope everything goes well greetings

    Gallo N

  10. But in a failed states these things are part of the job.

  11. This is how fucking stupid the usa goverment is. They pledge 10b dollars to central america. How the fuck are we going to give this crooked ass 3rd world countries 10 billion and our own goverment is about to shut down. Fuck giving money to mexico or colombia or guatemala or el salvador or any of this countries. We need to stop giving them help or training or equipment and especially money. Fucking crooked ass mexican goverment will pocket that shit. We shld sanction their goverments for how fucked up their countries are.


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