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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veracruz: 5 arrested for the murder of congresswoman's daughter

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Reforma
CJNG blames state police
Leader is bottom middle image-Richy's tattoo upper right

Miguel Angel Yunes, Governor of Veracruz, said that there are already five people arrested for involvement in the murder of Valeria Cruz, daughter of the federal deputy Carmen Medel.

At the end of the meeting of the Veracruz Coordination Group on public safety, the state leader said that the detainees belong to a cell of a criminal group, who executed the girl in a gym in Ciudad Mendoza.

"So far we have arrested five people who could be linked to this crime," he said when presenting the identified subjects as Jesus del Carmen, Jose Enrique, Guillermo, Luis Angel and José Luis, "El Canek" or "El Caner. "
Yunes said that,  the accused all belong to the same organization that committed the crime.
The subject identified as "El Canek" was pointed out by authorities as the leader of the criminal cell that carried out the murder of Valeria, and who also would have participated in the intellectual authorship of the crime.

During the press conference, Governor Yunes disseminated the photograph of the tattoos of "El Richi", presumed material murderer of Valeria, whose body remains unclaimed, in the premises of the Forensic Medical Service of Cordoba.

Also, Yunes confirmed that, based on analysis and testimony of a witness with a protected identity, it was possible to confirm the participation of "El Richi" in the crime, who was found dead hours after the murder of Valeria in Ciudad Mendoza.

The Governor reiterated that the murder of the alleged criminal would have occurred after the hit man confused the victim with someone else. "It was the result of confusion, the girl (Valeria) had no connection with criminals," he reiterated.

On the other hand, in presumed narcomantas that appeared to the north of Veracruz, members of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) separated themselves from the homicide of Valeria Cruz Medel, daughter of the federal deputy Carmen Medel, and blamed the State Police.

Richy found murdered in his vehicle 
Valeria's fellow university students pay their respects


  1. Alright one solved case,10's of 1000's more to go.....oh never mind those are normal/regular people...cjng are pussies trying to wash their hands haha...

  2. Estos sicarios del CJNG son muy machos con las mujeres y los niños pero cuando ven los convoys de la gente de los Chapitos se esconden como cucarachas .

    SICARIO 006

  3. Don’t worry, these five killers will be out in a week to rape and kill someone else’s mother and daughters.

    1. All except the few that were found murdered right after the crime.

  4. Well well well! A congresswoman's daughter gets murdered and they find her killers in a few days! Too bad the average citizen can't get such swift justice. Different rules for different fools I guess. Or they plucked five random people off the street to make it look like they weren't entirely incompetent. It's sad she was murdered. Its just infuriating that there is no justice for so many others who are not high profile

  5. These dirballs never should have been arrested. They should have been found dead with multiple broken bones and gunshot wounds.

  6. Escandalizan todo por la hija de una disque diputada. Y sin tardar pronto encuentran a los culpables. Pero para los estudiantes desaparecidos hasta la fecha nada. En pleno día se ve la importancia que le ponen a la gente. Lo siento Valeria por lo de su hija. Pero vamos hacer realistas. Si no anduvieras de coda ya desde cuando le fueras tenido su guarura a su hija. Quizás las cosas se fueran dado de otra manera. Cuanto mendigo de la calle no está dispuesto trabajar por poco? Muchisimos! No vale la pena ser culos en este mundo. Tarde que temprano se tiene que gastar el dinero en lo necesario. Acuérdase cabrona LO NECESARIO. - Sol Prendido

  7. So they think he killed her, case of mistaken identity. Then he himself was killed for messing up? -Just a stoned marijuano trying to comprehend.

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  9. Ahí si se ponen las pilas cuando es un familiar de una política, pero cuando se muere una persona cualquiera they don’t even bother finding the killer. Smh. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the greatest blogs
    on the internet. I'm going to recommend this blog!

  11. Such bastards, will the.revolving door be the same, they let out soon to commit more crime.

  12. The shooter found dead and five others arrested. Reminds me one of those first 48 hours episodes except that the Mexican government and police force is way too corrupt to carry out & conclude the investigation this quick.

  13. So, who were the other ones found dead?

  14. There is alot of fishy shit that points to the state being the killer and not a criminal organization. Especially with the killer being killed right away and how they got the info so quickly. The killing looks politically motivated. Its designed to send a message to the new candidates that think they are going to just come in and make a diference. The old guard is saying play ball or we will kill your children. And frankly killing children and family members is the way the state governments always operate. Its not so much a criminal organization thing to do. This hit and the coverup smells badly of the state.

    1. You make an excellent point, don’t be surprised if the rest of the arrestees end up dead soon

    2. 11:26 u must not know that cartels operate just the same way,cartels also kill innocent people(specially cjng) when they cant get to their family members or just to send a message or when those politicians are working in any way for/with rival cartel.In this case cjng trying to wash their hands saying it was the police(B/C) but before they knew how big of a mistake this was they claimed to b the killers fkng pussies,another thing they found 4 decapitaded bodies with tongue cut off in the same area(thats fishy) they kill the shooter n arrest 4 or 5 cjng guys...pretty stupid move by mencho...

  15. Pathetic how these rats think they’re big and tough killing women, kids, innocents. Mexico needs the death penalty for all these vermin.

  16. The mother & Miguel Angel Yunes are from different political parties. The mother cursed Yunes the moment she was briefed about it. Anyone who believes the government is reporting the truth behind this poor girls death needs to pull their....... you know the rest. Remember it's easy to play the blame game.

  17. Pay the fianza and these thugs will be back in the streets. Impunity at it's worst.

    El Ranchero de Juarez


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